My book on the confusing gay thing

The nation is woefully confused over the gay everything. Not just marriage, but every single last jot and tittle of the gay puzzle is a conundrum. There are so many opinions on it all no blog post could help to sort them out. There are so few facts it’s a wonder no one admits it, but blathers on about what they know! For they believe! There are so many suppositions of what it all means that it’s a wonder few ever see this forest for the tree they’re hiding behind. Not a single article I’ve read in the past few days (the months previously) gets to the core reality: Heteros just can’t figure out why we’re here, why we refuse to change, and why we keep asking for 100% acceptance. Heteros are so flummoxed by our existence that it will take a book to sort it out, maybe two of them. Just to make each a reasonable length.

 I’ve been working on one. It should be out in a few days. Hopefully.

 Here’s a mock up of the cover:


  Other than, I don’t have anything to say on the matter today – nor on anything really important – like what affects 100% of us. Egad, 95% worried to no end about 5% of the population – it’s ridiculous. Go solve abortion or something.


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