Catholic Cardinals Slander Gay Men

Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York and Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco issued a statement on gay men. Only it’s not about marriage that they speak – they are slandering us by saying we are a threat to children and to society and to the American people – of which we seem not to be a part, by their statement. They said this (the full text is below, but it’s this I want to look at:) “Today is a tragic day for marriage and our nation. The Supreme Court has dealt a profound injustice to the American people The common good of all, especially our children, depends upon a society that strives to uphold the truth of marriage.”

Both gentlemen hail from cities with vibrant gay neighborhoods and tens of thousands of peaceful productive taxpaying citizens who have not added one iota of problems to heterosexual marriage. Nor could the Cardinals find anyone who thinks about gay marriage before they do anything good or bad in regards to their own marriages. I’m sure it’s safe to say that nearly all of these tens of thousands of gay men have nieces and nephews – who are not threatened by their existence. That is, someone like myself, Jim, who just went to my niece’s wedding, and knows most of my cousins kids – if I don’t threaten the common good of these children – which children might I be threatening? If no American person in my family thinks I am a profound injustice to them – which Americans are they talking about? How can I be both good and wonderful within my family, with children, with American people, and be an American, and in society and still be “tragic” to it? They must think I don’t belong.

They are attacking some construct of their mind: “the homosexual” and the “homosexual couple” and they are ignoring me, Jim. They are blind to my reality – while speaking of some abstract. They are blaming me for some actions, ill defined here to be sure, but still clear enough – I am a danger to the nation. How dare they? By what right do they have to proclaim me what could charitably be called “An enemy of the people”? What evidence to they have other than their belief?

That the Cardinal of Chicago, Mr. George, says he has a “fine man” in his gay nephew, and yet “homosexuals” are “intrinsically disordered” shows the mind bending Schrodinger like existence of gay men – and the audacity of people who blame us for some ill-defined but definite tragic and dangerous thing is amazing.

Not a thing that gay men do affects heterosexual marriage. No heterosexual will think a thing of gay men while they are ordering their lives. To believe so is preposterous. It’s nonsensical to think that 10 million or less gay men of all ages, from 0 to 100, will have any effect on 310 million fellow Americans. Our unions by any name simply have no bearing on what anyone does – except us. By our mere existence they accuse us of attacking people. By their statement, I live in Arizona but are a threat to a heterosexual couple in Maine. It is delusional.

Besides that – the church is sure that while it’s “Largely Unexplained,” as the Archbishop of the Armed Forces uttered with amazing surety – we have a predisposition and something our parents did or didn’t do is what made us gay. They are sure in their ambiguity. We were made gay by the church’s own admission – and now we’re the guilty parties for existing? It is absurd.

It is also slander – leaning towards libel. To blame us for any societal problems is slander. To blame us for divorce, abortion, shacking up, abandoning fathers and mothers, wife beating or adultery – or any other social ill of heterosexuals is slander. We are simply not guilty of this charge – and there’s zero evidence that can be produced to back it up. And yet the Cardinals, allegedly teaching Jesus – go around and malign gay men for existence alone and no other thing. They veritably believe we are the lynchpin of society – so long as we are trashed by their eminences, all is well. A nice word for us, by us, or about us is dangerous to society. It’s ridiculous.

If the church cared about marriage they would work with heterosexuals in making it better amongst yourselves. If they don’t want to minister to gay couples, that’s fine. They may pick and choose their congregations and blessings. If they proclaim us unable to be Catholics, not a problem. So we shall not join them – but don’t go and then blame us for Catholic or heterosexual problems.

They proclaim this right to disparage us, commit slander, to trash us, and even demand we agree with them and trash ourselves. They further say they are immune from our questioning. And, that we have no right to even defend ourselves from scurrilous baseless charges. Well, no, I’m sorry – but the Cardinals are wrong – and it is slander and nothing else. Frankly, it’s time to start to take these people to court – and there are many, not just these two – in a class action suit for slander and libel. Prove something beyond what we know you believe.

What proof do they have that we are a threat to society, to children, to the American people? They have their pronouncements and not one other thing. They are knowingly willfully making false charges against us as a class of people – while ignoring people they actually must know – in some abstract that exists in their mind. Frankly, I resent it. It’s ludicrous – and if they are so sure I have all the rights I require one of them is to tell them they’re out of their minds.

They have strongly held beliefs? Well, so do I. Welcome to America. They think the culture is adversary affected by my existence? I’m part of the culture, gentlemen – don’t dare to say I’m against it.

Here’s the rest of their attack upon decent American citizens, as if we are in Medieval times of old and some were declared heretics. The two of them are indecent. I’m appalled:

“Today is a tragic day for marriage and our nation. The Supreme Court has dealt a profound injustice to the American people by striking down in part the federal Defense of Marriage Act. The Court got it wrong. The federal government ought to respect the truth that marriage is the union of one man and one woman, even where states fail to do so. The preservation of liberty and justice requires that all laws, federal and state, respect the truth, including the truth about marriage. It is also unfortunate that the Court did not take the opportunity to uphold California’s Proposition 8 but instead decided not to rule on the matter. The common good of all, especially our children, depends upon a society that strives to uphold the truth of marriage. Now is the time to redouble our efforts in witness to this truth. These decisions are part of a public debate of great consequence. The future of marriage and the well-being of our society hang in the balance.

 “Marriage is the only institution that brings together a man and a woman for life, providing any child who comes from their union with the secure foundation of a mother and a father.

 “Our culture has taken for granted for far too long what human nature, experience, common sense, and God’s wise design all confirm: the difference between a man and a woman matters, and the difference between a mom and a dad matters. While the culture has failed in many ways to be marriage-strengthening, this is no reason to give up. Now is the time to strengthen marriage, not redefine it.

 “When Jesus taught about the meaning of marriage – the lifelong, exclusive union of husband and wife – he pointed back to “the beginning” of God’s creation of the human person as male and female (see Matthew 19). In the face of the customs and laws of his time, Jesus taught an unpopular truth that everyone could understand. The truth of marriage endures, and we will continue to boldly proclaim it with confidence and charity.

 “Now that the Supreme Court has issued its decisions, with renewed purpose we call upon all of our leaders and the people of this good nation to stand steadfastly together in promoting and defending the unique meaning of marriage: one man, one woman, for life. We also ask for prayers as the Court’s decisions are reviewed and their implications further clarified.”



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