Snowden, Snow Job & Blizzard

There’s three big stories this week, I suppose. One is the Snowden NSA is spying on everyone story, another is the global warming proposals from the president, and the third is the two gay cases. Of the latter, far more will be said. Far more will be written. It’ll be discussed to high heavens, and low hell to be sure. It’ll be celebration, and ho-hum, and teeth gnashing and more will be said my more people about so few that it’ll be laughable. And many are already saying “final word” – well, no. There is no final word on the gay debate until every single DOMA prohibition is gone. And every other law and societal prohibition against us is gone. Liberty, while mess, does include us. And heterosexuals will come to include us eventually. It’s been happening for 60 years, it’ll continue to happen – regardless of any other thing that happens.

Gay folks are simply on a different trajectory. In way, one can say all Americans are getting less liberty – while gay men (and the discussion is about us, who is anyone kidding?) are getting more. It’s weird to watch. Of course, few gay men, well, a good 60%-70% of us, are seeing that marriage isn’t going to make much of a difference if the economy tanks and the government is passing endless new laws that will screw things up more than they are.

Indeed, Snowden – is the man a hero or a traitor? Supposedly one should not divulge the secrets of the government – and yet, that’s exactly what people do all the time – for the ideal of America, this liberty based, constitutional law driven entity is more important than the government. If the press, or some reporter had gotten the story out he’d be protected a lot by the 1st Amendment. The Pentagon Papers case with the New York Times showed that. On the other hand, the government of late has seen fit to peek into the press’s inbox and outbox and see what they can’t find out about what is to be published. Indeed, there was some Hastings fellow, met an untimely death in a burning inferno of a car wreck in a car that had a superlative safety rating. It’s an odd thing, I’m sure. Just like Breitbart just being healthy one day and dead the next. Then there’s 2 FBI agents fell out of a helicopter, seems they knew stuff too. Then there’s the killing of Tsarnov’s (the Boston Marathon killer) cousin in Orlando – how convenient. Indeed, I hate to be a conspiratorialist, but there seems to be a spate of convenient deaths – if one is the government.

The president’s global warming proposals are just hot air and dangerous gasses. It was 58 degrees in June in NYC — i don’t want to hear about warming anything — it’s a farce. it snowed in Tucson. it snowed 3 feet in upstate NY on Memorial Day. It was relentless cold and snow in North America and Europe, and Mexico — stop the nonsense, and forget about the weather or changing it. His proposals will be so murky it’ll muck things up, of course. 

And they seem to find these people with relative ease, for sure, the NSA is a boon to that yes? Indeed, this whole keeping tabs on millions, if not everyone, is very disturbing – it reeks of Stassi in East Germany, it reeks of the preliminaries to some control fantasy by the elites. Why is the government stockpiling a billion or two rounds of ammunition? Why are the IRS getting gun training? Why is every police force in this nation arming themselves to the teeth, with ample federal money? Meanwhile, as a circus, the government is building sports stadiums galore for the people.


Then too there’s there’s the IRS setting up obstacles and investigating every grandma they can find, as well as the IRS about to get a big hand in running the health care systems. Meanwhile, there’s that confounded National Identity Card that keeps cropping up – even as court after court rules you can’t even ask illegal aliens for ID – as the president and attorney general are also saying about say, Alabama’s and Arizona’s immigration laws. The NIC – (nick, as is nick away at liberty) – is supposedly to help us find people who are nefarious, just as the NSA, Homeland Security (itself Orwellian in name,) and the IRS are trying to find the nefarious while keeping track of those “if you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear” – aka, we the people. Meanwhile, they can’t find any illegal immigrants whatsoever. Nor can they find many terrorists – because either there aren’t any, or they get through the fence and do something.

 While the terrorists are seemingly all Muslim, they are exempt, apparently, for political correctness, from any monitoring at all. You know, I don’t know if I believe the stories I see on yahoo, or many websites – it’s such a melange of bull that I can’t tell what is real anymore. But there’s too many pinpricks in the paper, and the light is beginning to show through.

 What we have is a nation that is dividing fast between a melange of groups that are very opposed to each other. It’s hard to sort them out sometimes. They overlap for sure. One is the elites, who think they are going to continue to run things, and they’re the ones, Republican & Democrat alike, who are passing massive new laws, hiring scads new security people, building up massive weapons, exempting themselves from everything, getting their spouses and siblings and college friends into every place they can in a near seamless aristocracy.

 The second is the vast bunch, upwards of 50% of the people, who are absolutely clueless about what is happening. Some are the non-voters, others are voters – it’s a mix. They are simply dazzled by the words, by the puff and promise, they are smitten with the president – or someone on the other side. For the clueless are in both political parties.

 A third are the socialists of this nation, oh, about 15% of the people, or less – they have been seizing the Democrat party for a number of decades now – and they think they will wind up running anything.

 Another, the fourth, are the fundamentalists – also 15% or less of the people, they have been busying taking over the Republican party. They are as crazed in their control freak fantasies as the Socialists.

 That’s one reason there’s so much bipartisanship in the maw of the system, and yet so much seeming opposition on the hustings. Well, of course, these two are very happy with the huge federal government and they are more than willing to aid and abet each other in growing it – but they each think they will be in the chair when the music stops.

 Then there’s a fifth group, or column, to be cute, who are the Tea Party liberty minded, but which also includes the Randians, and the Libertarians, and Gary Johnson, and even some anarchists – we all (I’m in this group) are just opposed to a lot of federal government.

 These five political forces – elites, socialists, fundamentalists, liberty minded and clueless are somehow battling out what will happen to everyone. Many of the elites don’t think of themselves as socialists and fundamentalists, and in a way they are not. They think of themselves more as royalty, even if without the ermine. They might be said to be Warren Buffet and the Koch brothers – left and right, of course, as these things go. The first three are working on control. They’re just incrementalizing it, one little bit at a time.

 The Liberty Minded and Clueless are on the same side, more or less, but the LM’s, (for ease,) are doing something, and the Clueless are not. But this last group, the clueless, they are the likely key to getting rid of the E, S(d) & F(r) – oh, it’s like math already, may as well make it into a formula. The LM’s I contend should all join the libertarians in that party, with it’s 50 state ballot access and go after the Clueless. Almost abandon the E, S(d) & F(r) as hopelessly gone from reality. It might well come to that be default after the whole place collapses, because the Clueless are really for liberty, but are so fed up with the E, S(d) & F(r) that they don’t bother to get involved because “what difference does it make.”

 Elections now are won by less than 50% of the people – 50% don’t bother. The 50% that vote are divided among the groups – with the LM and F(r) in an uneasy dance, while the S(d) are more alike in their thoughts.

 And stuck in the middle of this are the gay guys – who might belong to any one of these above groups, but aren’t really considered so – we are a thing apart. And there will be a blizzard of words about us in the next week that will have nothing to do with anything else under the sun or Son. It will be all about what gayness will mean to heterosexuals. Which is, nothing. It means nothing – you heterosexuals are unaffected – except for your desire to endless debate us in such a blizzard of mush I’m writing a book about it – out in the next few days.

 And that’s the situation I see after I get back from my 3 week vacation. Snowden pointing out the spying, the IRS scandal expanding, the press watching growing, the government even bigger with a new immigration law perhaps, and who knows what’s in that except of course, more control features like police, agents, power, authorities to expand the watch area, and a National Identity Card. ObamaCare will come along just in time to make that part of life worse, no matter what the promises – for there is no health care in bureaucrats and IRS agents. And the Supremes waited until the last minute to release their decisions – which will be temporary, because the gay thing, like I said, is on a different trajectory.

 So, have fun as all the important stuff is buried for a week under gay this and homosexual that, and LGBTQ whatever – it’ll be astounding to watch the tomfoolery about fooling with Tom. (I still love you kiddo.)  


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