Alito: Gays are lynchpin to society

I got this from – a website that’s hard to link to articles in – but they quote Justice Alito writing this today:

The family is an ancient and universal human institution. Family structure reflects the characteristics of a civilization, and changes in family structure and in the popular understanding of marriage and the family can have profound effects. Past changes in the understanding of marriage—for example, the gradual ascendance of the idea that romantic love is a prerequisite to marriage— have had far-reaching consequences. But the process by which such consequences come about is complex, involving the interaction of numerous factors, and tends to occur over an extended period of time.

We can expect something similar to take place if same sex marriage becomes widely accepted. The long-term consequences of this change are not now known and are unlikely to be ascertainable for some time to come.”

Sir, the long term consequences is that gay guys have an easier legal regime, and pursue happiness a little better. It does nothing to heterosexuals whatsoever, except make you nicer. Why, in a fortnight they won’t be thinking of the matter at all. Within 24 hours they’ll be so bored with the subject they’ll wonder what the fuss is.

But you seem to think that there’s this great bunch of heterosexuals who are chomping at the bit for gay marriage – to the detriment of society and baby making. The example you propose has nothing to do with gay men – you are talking about what heterosexuals did to marriage. And you seem only to worry about yourself, but not what marriage might mean to us.

Meanwhile, again, you seem to think that a few million of us getting married will impact the 55,000,000 marriages in America. You seem to think that 8 million men, at 5% of 160 million males in the nation of all ages – will have some searing impact on you heterosexual 310,000,000 – it is laughable that you think us this important and powerful.

You are so sure, it seems, correct me if I’m wrong – that if we get a shred of decency, and an easier legal reality – that heterosexuals will cease doing what you’ve done for eons, as you yourself admit. The only thing will change is that instead of 310,000,000 trashing us or treating we 8 million in some negative and fearful way – 310,000,000 will treat us nicely or not give a damn.

I can’t but wonder at what power and influence we could have to change the world because you decide to treat us as your fellow man, your fellow citizen, your fellow human. The only change, sir, is you’re nice. Is that really so hard?  


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