32 Dead and Two Court Cases

How utterly Ironic that the Supreme Court will maybe rule today on two gay cases — the 40th Anniversary of the slaughter of 32 American men – an unsolved crime — a massacre in a church — the unknown massacre. It is finally getting some play on gay or LGBT websites after I kept (and I’m sure a few others) bringing it to Queety, BoxTurtleBulletin, and other websites over the past few years. One thing I always marveled at is how unknown such a horror could be. 

I doubt one judge in Washington knows a thing about it. Maybe they should learn something, think about it, as they give us their word about the God-Given Right of Gay Americans, endowed with our Creator with certain inalienable rights, to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, fit in this nation of rugged individuals. We gay guys have survived quite the onslaught — and come out pretty darn well. 

Here’s my story from two years ago — it’s as good today as then — https://thedailymush.wordpress.com/2011/06/23/32-gay-men-burned-to-death-new-orleans-6241973/

You can research it now through Google — there are many sites now making mention of it today. Few are pointing out the strange irony of such momentous happenings with gay men on the same day. 

This is the one of the men who died for a better future for gay men:

He’s one of the many, on that day, and other times, like Matthew Shepperd and so many other gay men murdered in this country. And to think, there’s still politicians and religious figures and others with strongly held beliefs that we don’t deserve full rights of Liberty.


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    1. Izzoiz.com | 40 years ago today the worst mass murder in LGBT history.

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