Doing the job father’s rejected …

In my life I have had to rescue teen boys off the streets of New York, New Orleans, South Florida & Houston. They were thrown out of their houses, chased away, told “don’t come back” – by their own fathers. And so what was I to do with them? Why should I continue the hounding started by their own fathers? I gave them a place to stay, money, food, and got them jobs – and assured them they’ll be fine. I discovered these boys in the late 1970s through early 1990s, when it began to end. Now it doesn’t seem to happen much – but still happens, sadly enough.

Supposedly, according to NARTH, the Family Research Council, National Organization for Marriage and many others – the father made the son gay through some unexplained actions and non-actions. NARTH even wrote a book about it: “Preventing Homosexuality.” According to these groups, the Catholic Church, Baptists theologians, and many others – gay men have some unnatural, but unexplained, “predisposition.” Maybe it’s “environment” or “hormones” or some other wholly unexplained thing – as the Catholic Archbishop of the Armed Forces said: “it’s largely unexplained.” The vagueness is astounding.

And so, the father’s made the sons gay – then became enraged that they “broke” the boy – since these people all claim we are “broken.” And then blamed the boy for having been broken. Astounding to blame the “victim” and not the perpetrator of the alleged whatever … again, so vague as to defy rational thought. Of course, as the fall back position they accuse the kid of “choosing” to be gay. So, it’s the father’s acts/non-acts, the predisposition, and choice all rolled into one ball of mush – and it’s our fault.

And so I took those teens – some as young as 16 & 17 and made men of them. Gay men, to be sure – but self-supporting and productive.

Decades ago, most gay bars had holiday spreads because many guys weren’t allowed back home – they were unwelcome in the homes which made them – as every theory says they were made. This has greatly diminished. As is said “it’s getting better.” Fortunately, I was very welcome in my family exactly as I was – which greatly aided my ability to assist the guys who weren’t so fortunate.

Meanwhile, the verbal assault on gay men – all of us – continues in some quarters. And this is alleged to be perfectly OK because it’s “strongly held beliefs.” Yes, well, I have strongly held beliefs too. Quite at odds with the “no gays movement,” I assure you. I know these comments continue because I’ve been subject to them. For instance, I was invited to submit articles to a website, American Thinker – 700 comments were directed at me in a vitriolic nastiness that curls the hair. Being rock solid, I submitted further articles – it must be done. Now the editor of the site is accusing me of “harassment” for daring to submit further articles – which they asked for – defending gay men. Such is the “thought” about us that is still perfectly allowable. Apparently, if I trash myself and agree with them, that’s OK — but if I say I’m fine, and defend myself — then it’s harassing them! Amazing, yes?

 So, I played dad to the guys I found lonely, depressed and crying in the streets. Not because I wanted to – but had to. I didn’t “recruit” or “molest” the boys; I didn’t even have sex with them. They were gay from birth – the fathers, or mothers, and families “caused” it one way or the other. That’s what every theory says. I merely provided them with the wherewithal to get their lives on track.

 But I find it so very odd, disturbingly funny, even – that many people think they can say whatever the hell they want against gay men, or “homosexuality” as they insist on calling it, with the accent on the “sex” syllable. Up to and including death threats. And that we have no right to question it, no right to defend ourselves. It is almost as if these people – Tony Perkins, Ruben Diaz, Maggie Gallagher and a plethora of others, think we have this duty to listen silently to arrant mush. Such is not the case.

 And so, I shall wish myself a happy father’s day – for having done the job their biological fathers refused to do – abandoned even.

 Fortunately, I finally see an end to the nonsense. Perhaps just another 20 years and it’ll be over. I can’t wait.


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