My Article Rejected by American Thinker

32 Christians Burned to Death in America

 American Thinker has published numerous articles on “homosexuals” – I have no idea what you are even talking about. As a liberty minded, rational America, and yes, gay man, I’m appalled at the lack of thought and knowledge on the subject. It’s worse than arguing with an Obamanuat.

 Here’s something none of you seem to know about:

 “On June 24th 1973, 32 men were burned to death in a church in New Orleans. It was in the middle of the French Quarter. On a quiet Sunday morning a raging conflagration required several fire companies and consumed a building, and threatened an entire block. No one gave a damn. Bodies were left lying around for days. Only 7 families bothered to claim their kin. The remaining were buried in a potter’s field. Not all their identities were established. The police investigation was all of a few questions to passerby. One suspect was questioned for a few minutes and never spoken to again. Only one news report of less than a minute was given on one of the nightly news shows, and no others. Only one preacher came to comfort the survivors; he was chastised by his bishop. These 32 men, seeking solace with their Creator, as is their inalienable right, were slaughtered because they were just queers. And no one gave a damn. Even today there’s only a tiny memorial plaque, from the 1990s. Only a few websites mention it. Not even the vaunted “LGBT Community” seems to know about it.”

 That’s the opening paragraph of my about to be released Kindle book “The Pink Sheep of the Ninth Circle.” It’s my memoir of 40 years in the “homosexual lifestyle” and time in a bar in New York’s Greenwich Village called the Ninth Circle. It’s also my polemic against what I call the mush about gay men. Never before have so many said so much nonsense about so few as in the past few years about “Homosexuals.” Go fight them, whoever they are – I don’t care. But now you have to deal with a thinking American who happens to be gay. I have no duty to listen quietly to such mush. I was such a frequent commentator on this site that I was asked to be a comment moderator – I’ve moderated many of your comments – until I left in utter disgust at your absurdities on “homosexuals.”

 Here’s the link to my article on the massacre at my blog, learn something:

 Here’s my take on the typical mush at American Thinker on the issue: one Robert Oscar Lopez’s article which sent me into anger one afternoon:

 Let me explain this to you all: no one has the right to just make up stuff. No one has a clue as to how many gay men there are – any “facts” are spurious. The Census doesn’t count us, every phone poll comes up with margins of error and guess work. Some man named Gary Gates, a “gay demographer” at the UCLA Williams Institute, claims there’s exactly 2,491,034 of us – down to the 34th? Really? And this is considered “fact”? It’s a joke. No one has a clue as to the taxes we pay, where we live or what we do. And yet, over and over again I see “facts” and “data” – from where does anyone get any of it? Beats me – it’s just made up. I see nonsense about the “homosexual agenda” – I marvel that what is said is supposedly what I want. Who is anyone to claim to speak for me? It’s infuriating and appalling.

 Meanwhile, Mr. Lifson, editor of this site, allowed two articles by me, I thank him for that – and the comments were so nasty that AT even published a “defense” of me – which I didn’t ask for – which elicited another several hundred nasty comments. There was barely a shred of decency in any of it. My family taught me to be decent – to treat others as you wish to be treated. And my family taught me to come up with facts – not nonsense and ad hominen attacks.

 It seems as if people are attacking some fictitious “homosexuality” and “homosexuals” who are doing God knows what – and yet, nothing is truly known – but merely fabricated out of whole cloth.

 Meanwhile, no one seems to know that 32 American Christian men were slaughtered in this nation’s largest unsolved massacre. Not even the vaunted “LGBT community.” In 40 years I don’t know any Lesbians, Bisexuals or Transgendered people. It’s amazing what no one knows.

 Meanwhile, every time I hear “homosexuals” are anti-family I’m enraged. How dare anyone say I’m against my own family? A few weeks ago I was at my niece’s wedding. My father, brother, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins and family friends all got together – me right there with them. Not a one of them thinks I’m attacking or destroying anything.

 However, her father couldn’t be there, because he was one of the three Jewish fireman killed in the 9/11 attacks at the World Trade Center. My brother-in-law David M. Weiss was last heard from on the 31st floor of Tower II. I was at my sister’s house that fateful day, I was the one who held my niece and nephew tight as my sister fielded the hundreds of phone calls. In fact, you’ve seen me and my family on TV – David is in all the documentaries. And I’m in the news clips of my family walking into the synagogue on Manhattan’s Eastside when his memorial was held. Not a funeral – not a molecule of the man was found. My Uncle Richard walked down 58 flights of stairs in 1993, from his job in Tower I. From 1978 to 1983 I worked between the 78th and 105th floors of Tower II – I know what it’s like up there. I can’t go to downtown Manhattan without seeing his memorial plaques. You all are tourists – I lived it – now you dare attack me?

 Want more family? I wrote a book with my father, Karl – his memoirs and real estate ideas – Houses Are Free. I wrote the book “A Hidden Impact: the Czechs & Slovaks of Louisiana from the 1720s to today” for my mother, Camille. I have honored my mother and my father – yes, very “anti-family,” ahem. You can get both books on Amazon. You are tilting at windmills, I did something.

 Meanwhile, my dear late mother left me the voluminous family history – destined for the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library in Cedar Rapids, Iowa – because I’m the last one in America who can still speak Czech. I grew up in an immigrant family. My four grandparents are from what is now the Czech Republic. We never lost touch with our family there. I probably have an FBI file for having written to them there in Czech from the early 1970s. I smuggled rock’n’roll into Prague during the Communist era for my cousins Milos and Ondrej; they don’t even speak English.

 My Great-Uncle Otto served six years in a Nazi Concentration Camp – and lived to tell about it. As displaced persons he and his wife and two kids were sent to Australia after the war. When he died in 1963 we lost touch with them; I was a kid. Just a few months ago, through my political blogging they found me. So, I, this alleged “anti-family homosexual” has reunited the family in America, Europe and Australia; three continents in two languages – and I’m the lynchpin keeping everyone in touch. You call me anti-family? How insulting, how rude.

 We’re all so Tea Party Liberty minded you have no idea. I spend months at a time there researching my family. The Hlavac, Kaplan, Langr, Herel and Javurek families know more about fighting socialism – the National and International sort – than any of you combined. We lived it – we live it. And not a one of them is unaware of my “lifestyle” – which is so family centered that I’m frankly disgusted every time I’m talked about on these pages as some menace.

 Yes, as a gay man I have to read and listen constantly about how I’m anti-family, anti- this and that – who knows what I’m allegedly against as a fictitious homosexual – meanwhile, as Jim, the sissy in the family, I’m loved by all. Well, you don’t have the right to claim I’m against my own family.

 Nor does anyone have the right to question my liberty ideals. Nor tell me I can’t support Sarah Palin, even if I joke I’m the “president of Sissies for Sarah.” You have no right to question my relationship to God. My family are Hussites. We’ve been fighting the corruption of the Catholic Church since Jan Hus strode the boards at Charles University in the late 1300s. We were at the ramparts of Tabor when Jan Zizka was fighting the Holy Roman Empire in the early 1400s. No one can question this without my considerable anger at the audacity.

 And let me tell you – I know more gay men in more cities and countries than all you people combined – how dare anyone tell me and mine what we think – because you say so! Who are you to question my faith, my family, my history, my reality? You don’t know me or my friends – all equally in their families. You are arguing with your unicorns. You’re worse than liberals, frankly.

 You go fight “homosexuality” all you please, that is your right. It is my duty to disabuse you of your fantasies. And when you pay my taxes – of which I’ve been paying since I was 14 years old and had a paper route – you can begin to question me and mine.

 And let me tell you why you are losing on the gay thing – it’s precisely because I know my family and they know me. It’s precisely because all my friends are embedded in our families.

 You know, we have a nation to save – and you people are fighting sissies. How utterly silly. I’m rather saddened that you would spite your face and cut off your nose. Again, it’s your right – but it’s ridiculous, and absurd.

 Thank you, Jim Hlavac




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