My Prism Profile …

Oh, this is too funny — I went to this link

and found this:



And I’m thinking — hahaha! Boy, Do I have them confused.  My “sexual adjustment has presented occasional problems for subject.” Hahahaha! — It’s gigglicious.

So, the government, maybe, has made the above profile of me — right down to my “orientation”? You’ve got to be kidding, yes? Well, no, All I did was go to the link and the server or whatever it is, the site, the something, “scanned my computer” — and a few seconds later it came up with the above mush, as a Jpeg — and i think, it’s so vague, so bizarre — I can’t help but laugh. Doesn’t this fit everyone? Hmm.

I’m on two “watch lists”? Is this me? Something’s been redacted — maybe it’s me, maybe not — it fits anyone, yes? It’s so mush – who knows? 

Supposedly, it may be illegal to post this – too bad. Arrest me, or talk to me. I’d like a big strong NSA agent to come and talk to me — perhaps we shall have a date. Certainly I shall try. Maybe they can help me with my sexual adjustment. Yes.

So, 1/2 the nation thinks I’m a radical militant homosexual, and the other 1/2 thinks I’m a radical militant liberty minded fool. Oh, who cares. 

Is it illegal? Who cares? if everyone in the nation went and posted their mush to the web, then they’d have to arrest us all. 

Well, I’m at the family compound in one state, and I’m flying home to Arizona in a week — maybe I’ll be met at the airport – to or fro — I could be bothered. They can’t arrest us all, can they? Once something is one the internet — what could happen? I can’t worry. I’m tired of working, maybe my cellmate will be cute — I sure hope so. 

It’s comedic. I hope whoever is reading this gets as big a guffaw as I did. 

Hello, NSA, Good Morning Mr. Government busybody. Yeesh. What a pee-poor excuse of a profile. I had wanted something more dramatic.



  1. ok, so according to this we are either twins or this is another one of the ‘ha ha you been fooled’ internet setups. separated at birth :-)? i got the exact same ‘profile’ when i checked the ‘hacked site link’.


  1. Ecoutes NSA: Attention, un scandale peut en cacher un autre (With a little help from their friends: How GAFA and Microsoft contribute to NSA’s big brothering of us all) | jcdurbant

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