Gay man on Family Values Vacation

Once again I shall have to take a few weeks off from any posting. I’m going to the Northeast to be with my family. I shall have no time to push my radical militant homosexual anti-family agenda because I’m going to my niece’s wedding. Being favorite uncle I’m required to be there.

I shall be traveling – and looked at by my own government as a potential terrorist. I shall be groped and fondled in a legally required relationship with a man not of my choosing. Being a militant and radical, I suppose I should well be searched. Whether as Tea Partier or gay man, I’m a terror to the nation. Oh, what fun we can have with this all, yes?

However, I have many things to do prior to my departure. My trip is at least 3 weeks long. There are many people to see – friends from many years ago. Guys I’ve known since I was 18, 19, 20 – from a placed called the Ninth Circle. It was on West 10th Street in Greenwich Village. Yes, I lived and comported in the gayborhood. Oh my, the homosexual lifestyle. Which oddly, includes my aunt and uncle picking me up at the house of one of the old friend’s houses, where I stay when I’m in the City, and they will whisk me off to the nuptials.

In New York I shall go downtown to see the new World Trade Center, and have lunch, as I always do, with another dear old friend of 40 years standing. I shall recall my time working on the 105th floor – and wonder what I would have done if the events of 9/11 had happened while I was there. I shall go see the memorials to my brother-in-law which dot the area. He who died in the building on the fateful day.

I shall go look at Miss Liberty and wonder if gay men aren’t yet included in the huddle masses, or if we are still somehow on a raft at sea; even if now at least tied to the dock.

I shall go look at the places I worked – for many years I worked in divers buildings through the canyons of Wall Street as a specialty printer. What an odd profession for a gay man: printer. Well, my father was a printer, his father, and his father before him – we bleed black, I guess. Who knows how far into the past my family were printers. Maybe to Gutenberg. Still, it’s a family tradition.

I shall go to the old friends of mine at a place called Estebans. The founder now deceased – he hired me knowing I was gay – and let me put up pictures of good looking men in my work area as everyone else had girl pictures in theirs. The guys brought me a manikin once: “here, Hlavac, a boyfriend.” So I mounted him on the wall, and since he was naked I put a pair of sexy underwear on him. And since he was a eunuch, I cut down a mailing tube and endowed the man. The same guys I worked with 35 years ago are still working there. What fine remembering we all do when together once again.

I shall see cousins and aunts and uncles, and there will be great merriment. My father and brother are coming up from Florida. Oh, it’ll be a fine time with much humor and mirth. And well wishes for the bride and groom. My family will, as they’ve done more of late, joke about me getting married.

And I’ll be working on finishing up a book I wrote. I plan on putting it up on Kindle – seeing if I can’t get some sales. I’m still working on various titles, I’m not sure. I’ll be meeting with a young man with a coming out website – I shall ask him to choose, I think – for he is fresh, he doesn’t really know me – and he is emblematic of the new gay man in America. He would probably be the best to choose.

I’m working on: 


The Pink Sheep of the Ninth Circle


The Schrodinger Platypus:

Homosexuality, Homosexuals, Sissies, Queers, Fagots & Gay Men

Or maybe “Let my people go.”

Maybe some combo or rearranging. These things need consideration. Something with zing, to get your attention. I am, after all, trying to make a buck, and resolve a problem.

Oh, it’ll be a different sort of gay book. Why, it’ll be a Tea Party gay guy’s view of it all. It’s quite different, I assure you. Not for me this “equality” nonsense – it’s Liberty for me.

In any event, the scandals in Washington will twist around, and I shall not pay much attention.

All sorts of ridiculous things will be said – and I shall miss most of it. I’m sure the No Gays movement will be among the most ridiculous of all those on the hustings – for what they proclaim I refute by the very things I’ll be doing. Oh well, tough on them.

All sorts of things will happen that will not make much difference to we family gathered together – we’ll be busy with more important things. That does mean, of course, that I simply won’t have time to post anything. So, enjoy your June – and who knows, maybe something will so grab my attention I can squeeze in a post or two. See you in July.


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