Irrelevant he didn’t know(?)

So, the president spent the last week mired in scandals – one of which he has been trying to hide for months, and two fresh ones: Benghazi, AP spying, and IRS snooping. And then came many minions for the president saying that Obama didn’t know what anyone lower was doing, and that everything is “Irrelevant.” The President had the audacity to go on TV yesterday and say that he’s going to concentrate on jobs and that the scandals were all political and unimportant. There’s a line in a movie, “American President,” with Martin Sheen and Michael Douglas where the Sheen character looks at the Douglas character and says “The American people have a funny way to decide what is their business.” Yes, we do.

For a man who says he’s on top of everything so much that he can control the financial sector, healthcare, and world peace, how he now claims he knows nothing is beyond me. No matter how you look at it – a president sets a tone, he’s sets an agenda. There were plenty of calls for “crushing” the Republicans, wiping the Tea Party away, stopping the opposition – that’s the tone. Nancy Pelosi said it, Steny Hoyer said, and many other big wig Democrats said it – and the president said it – so they gave direction – however “indirect” – to the underlings. They’re not called Obamanauts for nothing.

Mr. Miller, ex-acting head of the IRS says first that no one knew but some folks in the Cincinnati office, then it turned out that other people knew – as long as a year ago. Turns out it was a few 501(c)3 or 4 applications – turns out it was hundreds. Turns out it was just in Ohio – but all over the nation. This week I’m sure will bring endless new places where such things were done. But to just say “We’re sorry” and “we won’t do it again, promise,” is not good enough. Someone ordered the underlings to do something – or were so poor in their management skills and attention that they allowed wrongful things to be done – and were clueless. So, who’s above the Cincinnati office? Who’s above them? Well, the president – and the IRS is surely one of the most visible federal agencies – surely a president should be very well ware of where he gets his money, yes?

Meanwhile, spying on the press is going to backfire on him. For it has been the press who has fawned over this man like some political savior, almost religious – “a tingle up my leg” eh? Well, yes, the press has given the president some wonderful stories – and have seemingly done his bidding almost. But when the government starts investigating the press – the press gets cranky. Right now it seems to be only AP – but the AP is sort of the ganglion at the center of the press – all the others feed off of AP – so in a sense they were all hacked and their emails spied on – since the AP talks to all the other press.

Meanwhile, turns out that many people in the press have brothers, uncles, cousins, sisters, wives and husbands in the administration – this is a sort of “non-scandal” scandal that is going to get explored too. For politics is politics, and the goal is to get into power – and the sharks have their chum – and the press and White House are too chummy. There’s no way that the relatives in the press and White House weren’t talking to each other – don’t they get together every so often?

With Benghazi – people died – the first ambassador killed in the line of duty in 30 years. We were told repeatedly that when the call came in at “3 AM” – why always middle of the night, I don’t know – that Obama would the man to take care of things. Well, did he get the call? Or didn’t anyone bother the Commander in Chief? Lord knows we’d hate to have him not well rested for the golf course and fundraising events. That the president is still fundraising is odd enough – I had thought the campaign was over. Or is he raising the money for other Democrats – in which case heaven’s knows which campaign finance laws are being broken.

Supposedly it was said that the cavalry couldn’t get there in time – well, who cares? You send them anyway. In what sort of disaster or dangerous situation do you size it up and say “ah, let ’em die, not worth the trouble”? And that’s almost what it seemed to be. Then the White House tried to cover it all up during the election campaign. Though, what is the point of our vast military resources in Southern Europe and in the Mediterranean if they were “too far” from Libya? Struck me if a ship was off the coast of Tripoli, and the Ambassador went to Benghazi, the ship should have sailed the 600 miles to be precisely at the ready to get them out of a war-torn violent country with extreme AntiAmerican views. This wasn’t sending an IRS agent to a tea party – it was a war zone. You send unarmed civilians to a war zone and tell ’em “tough” when the going gets rough? Oh, no, that’s the not point of the military.

It’s a different issue as to whether we should have had an ambassador there in the first place – another thing to investigate. But surely if you put personnel on the ground in a war zone you have the fire power to back ’em up. And when the call comes in – you send in everything you can muster. Taranto is barely 300 or 400 miles from Benghazi – how fast can a jet fly? Even a helicopter surely plods along at more than 55 mph.

Then too there’s the lingering Green Energy investments that have been more Red Ink bankruptcies – who were all these people who got money to do basically nothing? Solyndra was a new company – it quickly got federal funding – and then it quickly went bankrupt. Fisker is rotting to the core. There’s a few more other boondoggles – almost after thoughts in the mess we have now – but hundreds of millions spent on absolutely nothing. They were more like campaign ads than investments. They were more publicity statements than functional businesses.

Well, there’s plenty of details out there already – and plenty more to come. And yes, the Republican’s job is to question everything (as they themselves should be questioned; to be fair, I don’t trust either side.) More political and involved bloggers than I have begun putting together this puzzle – while the White House is clearly trying to scatter the pieces.

But it is my job, as citizen – to point out that the president is in charge – and he’s responsible. I do blame him for the tone, the actions, the minions – everything. Here’s a man who claimed he would run a scandal-free administration – he’s on top of everything – not to worry, he’s brilliant. And he knows nothing? He’s so important to his own administration that no one told him anything? Oh, plausible deny-ability is a movie theme – not real life. Maybe the president hangs out with too many actors, he thinks his script says “I’m innocent.”

Even more importantly – if it is true that the IRS is too big and cumbersome, if the various agencies are too complex to truly be monitored and controlled and guided – it’s the very reason I’ve said for years that the government is too big – and that it ultimately can’t be good to get all this power in Washington. If they can’t control the IRS now – what will happen when the IRS is in charge of healthcare? That the IRS has been brought in to help run healthcare shows how utterly idiotic the whole thing is. What could the IRS do about healthcare other than extract more unions.

And it seems the NETU – or the Union that runs the IRS – (the president doesn’t, Mr. Miller doesn’t – they knew and know nothing – they’re not even sure what happened and by who – and they’re not releasing any names either, it seems) – has been donating 99% of their funds to the Democrats – while the Democrats are calling for the destruction of the Republicans. Certainly the thing is ripe for misuse, collusion and illegal activities.

Indeed, the whole rotten carcass of the Federal Government is ripe for abuse, collusion and illegal activities. As I’ve said for years – the government has become Royalty without the ermine. It bodes no well.

The best government is the least government. The president said “Don’t worry about tyranny …” in a speech in Ohio – well, sir, what you got going is tyranny. And you’re not in control? You’re against what your own administration is doing now? Now you’ll find all the bad guys? And of course, not change a jot or tittle of the system and merely get new underlings of whom you also won’t know what they’re doing – but they’ll all be political appointees? Hahaha. Don’t make me laugh.

Meanwhile, over in the Department of Justice Eric Holder is also going down the “I know nothing” route. Not about Fast and Furious gun running to drug cartels in Mexico – not about the IRS, or Tea Party Targeting – nothing. He’s even recused himself, he said, from certain important matters, because he’s got conflicts. Well, to be sure, every political appointee has conflicts – which is why we need much less power in these people’s hands.

Even if impeachment doesn’t happen (and we really don’t need it, for the trammel it will cause,) and even if no buck lands on the president’s desk – the silver lining is that it is clear now that even the most dedicated people – who loooovvvveeee big government – are completely clueless and unable to run the thing right. They have no control over anyone beneath them, eh? Well, then, lessen greatly the number of underlings – to better manage those who remain.

Some press maven’s are worried that American’s “Trust in government” is going to suffer? Who ever trusted the government? Certainly not me. Maybe it was the “NIXON RESIGNS” headline I saw when I was 14 years old. Maybe it was the police raids I experienced at a gay bar or two. Maybe it’s the Czech relatives who taught me about the wonders of big government – I have many formative experiences against government.

Frankly, I’d be very happy if people lost faith and trust in the federal government – for a long time – to start the Great Dismantlement. It is time to disentangle the people from Washington – and to return to much more local government – themselves corrupt and craven – but easier to watch and handle.

The American people just don’t need all this government – and this administration might very well be the death knell of that rallying call “Let the government do it!” Yes, well, look what they’ve done! I’m sure the mess will get worse as time goes by – and if for the next 3.5 years we have a president doing nothing but defending legal and political scandals – then we can see that we really don’t need this messianic president with a vision for the nation – but a plebe who makes sure that ambassadors are safe, the press is left to it’s own devices, and a Revenue collection system that is so much simpler than the one we have today.

One can only hope for some change.    



  1. The tea party is anti government, involved in sedition, and nulification laws, thet try to put as many guns on the street as possible, as they want a civil war in 2016, they are horrible anti gay, anti birth control, hate poor people, love the rich people, they cater to extremist religious groups, they want tax breaks
    for billionares and millionares, and more taxes for poor people, they are as anti government as you can get.should they be monitere? hell yes! the republicans gave us the worst most disasterous war in history, iraq, why wasn,t bush hitler impeached? four dead people in benghazi? over 100 hundred thousand dead in iraq

  2. As a gay man who has always been Anti-Government — when I found the Tea Party I also found that all my new Tea Party friends are just fine with me being a gay man — and meanwhile, The Democratic Party loving Big Government loving Catholic Church hates my guts — get a grip, sir, get a grip! Get your damn blinders off — wake up!

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