Stop calling for “death to gays.”

A young man was shot and killed in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York yesterday – one of the most peaceful and delightful neighborhoods in all the city – the gayborhood. It was apparently for no other reason than that the murdered man was gay. It’s a “hate crime” – a term I don’t really like, and have problems with much of it. But it sure is “hate” to just kill someone for no good reason. To just walk up to a total stranger and shoot him in the face demonstrates a hate of mind numbing proportions. From where does this hate come from? What would possess the man? On will come the opinions. Here’s mine.

Here’s the story:

The issue isn’t how insane this man was. That’s obvious. The issue isn’t that a gun was used – a knife might have been used, a baseball bat, a crowbar, fists, or just tying a man to a fence post on a cold Wyoming prairie. “Gun control” is not going to control a man like this. I doubt the gun was even legal. I doubt the man was allowed to own a gun – he had a prior conviction of violence.

But supposedly he uttered “anti-gay slurs” – I can’t seem to find a quote – but there were multiple if not dozens of witnesses for he did it on a crowded street in a busy place. I know this neighborhood – I went to New York University – where the man was caught as he ran away. So bold to shoot someone – he runs away. Coward.

I hung out in this neighborhood. Apparently the man was in the Stonewall Inn, threatening people. I not only know this bar – I have a very good friend of more than 40 years who works there. I shall be in the bar in just three weeks. I shall be on these streets where this man shot someone.

Apparently this is one of several incidents in a few weeks of gay men being attacked. This was the first with a gun – others were with the weapons I mentioned – it is not the weapons. These attackers specifically came to the Village to do their evil deeds. They were compelled to thrash and murder gay men – for sport. Yes, it’s a sport.

And this sport is aided and abetted in a sickening call for nothing short of the genocide of gay men by many religious and political figures in this nation. That is this constant and even more vocal that we are sick, and depraved, and evil, and abominations – and that we are to be put to death because of a Bible verse of uncertain meaning. What the hell was the ancient Aramaic for “fagot” or “queer” or “sissy” or “homosexual”? You couldn’t come up with one.

But there are people like Brian Fischer of the Americans for Family Values – who so despises my family for accepting me as I am that he calls repeatedly for them to reject me. He is demented in his disdain for me – and I do take it personally. I see no way to avoid taking very personally all this calls for “death to gays.”

This murderer, Morales, probably Puerto Rican, Catholic – did what Democrat New York State Senator Ruben Diaz called for in his Bronx anti-gay rally: Death to Gays. He had ample support from Rabbis — and from an obtuse and obese unwed mother named Maggie Gallagher who pretends to be “For” something positive. She is only “for” hounding gay people. The litany of despicable comments from her and her minion Jennifer Morse can be found at GLAAD’s accountability website — go look it up.

This sport is aided and abetted by the Family Research Council — NARTH, AFTAH, one million moms, NOM and a host of other people calling for nothing more than the elimination of gay people by any means — fair or foul. Let them mourn the murdered man — I doubt they will. Or call for “loving the sinner, and not the sin.” They will probably have more sympathy for the heterosexual murderer than they will for the “homosexual” slaughtered.

These are the same people who insist we hide and never appear — except maybe to work as slaves and penitents to their God in eternal damnation for having been born with a “Predisposition” and our fathers did something — And It’s Our Fault. They are mindless in this drivel, it is intellectually dishonest and Biblically errant.

You want to learn something, you Tea Party friends of mine? Go see for the endless parade of nonsense and bile and calls for death of gay people. Hell, go see the comments on my article at – it’s mind numbing – this disdain, this hatred, these vile words from alleged Christians. They are not Christian by any measure of Christ. They are Pharisees and hypocrites at the temple door.

This constant iteration by the Catholic Church that we are “Intrinsically Evil” and a threat to all that is good is disgusting. It is nothing short of medieval thought against what they perceive of heretics.

And it is the sort of mentality of people like Morales who feed of people like the very Cardinal of New York – who will now in hypocritical mush spout platitudes that we shouldn’t be killing that which he feels is evil and from the devil and should be extirpated from this earth.

This call for our change is nothing but cultural and personality genocidal – and calls for our death are Hitlerian in scope. I’m tired of it, frankly. I think all gay men are.

We have extended the hand of peace and rational thought for 60 years – and still this arrant nonsense from otherwise sensible people that we should be compelled to change or suffer the consequences – including incessant reiterations of Leviticus 20:13.

If we are abominations to be put to death – then put up or shut up. Start the killing. Or come to your senses.

And stop encouraging people like Morales to take pistol in hand a blow a man’s face off on a pleasant evening.



  1. Oh please. The only ones calling for gays to die are Muslims. No mention of them.

    • Sir — in my life I have been told umpteen times by Good Christians that I am an abomination who is subject to Leviticus -and put to death. There are preachers in this land, and political figures who say it – they are not Muslim – -don’t give me any crap that they are anything but Christians. Geez, are you blind. What do you think quoting Biblical versus that say we should be put to death means? yeesh.

  2. the catholic church is now the number one anti gay religion in this country, thanks to the old nazi pope benedict, in fact in 1933 when hitler outlawed gays in germany, the catholic church was estatic, also when hitler ended abortion in 1936, the catholic church was in love with hitler, pope benedict said gay people are a threat to humanity, the same thing hitler said about jews and gays , this is the religion of my fore fathers

    • The Catholic Church is heavily Democratic — all the clergy and cardinals were all for ObamaCare and many other of the Obama-admin’s programs — they were even for him when he was anti-gay marriage just a few months ago — the Catholic church has always urged people to vote Democrat — just like you do. Wow. 🙂

  3. the catholic church is now extreme ultra conservative, the vaticon is against obama care, itis very much sided with republicans, there are a lot of moderate to liberal catholics who voted for democrats, pope benedict wants a smaller but ultra conservative church, goodby liberals and moderates, pope francis is a conservative, who happens to like poor people. the church loves africa, where you have ignorant homophobic population, this is the fertleground for the new ultra conservative church. the church would like a final solution to the gay problem, the church is for the elimination of gays by any means, th church has returned to it,s nazi roots

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