The Scandals

It is actually rather sad to see the administration mired in scandals. And not just one, but at least three – maybe more. It is not good for our nation. Oh, politically many will be happy. And surely the mess in Washington needs rational resolution. But scandals are not the way to go about it. Nothing good will come of this, at least not right away. It’ll take a while.

 Yes, the investigations should continue. The truth must be known. The guilty found and charged, and removed from responsibility. Spying on the AP – even with all the mumbo-jumbo about the need to fight terrorism – is just spying on domestic news. That’s against the 1st Amendment. Makes no difference if Obama gave an order, or was informed. It’s not what he knew or when he knew it – it’s that it happened when the buck stopped at his desk. He’s responsible no matter how you look at it. He creates the mentality that drives the minions. With the hagiography around this man, people follow him. Everything they do they think helps him. That’s their mission. He creates that mission.

 Then there’s the IRS fracas and Tea Party groups. As Jon Stewart said, roughly: “You’ve given the conspiracy theorists ammunition.” Well, yes, shows the paranoid aren’t as paranoid as anyone thinks. Indeed, as I can do, it is often said that gay guys are paranoid – well, sure – look who’s against us and what they say? And so, once again, Tea Party and gay men have something in common – a government which discourages their 1st Amendment Rights to assemble and redress their grievances – even with heated language. I dare say, if “God Hates Fags” is 8-1 Supreme Court acceptable, so is “We hate government.”

 There’s Benghazi too. This is the most serious of them all. The first two scandals are rather tiny – no death was involved – and this sort of political shenanigans has been going on for some time. Nixon comes to mind. So does Woodrow Wilson, but that’s history. So does the Alien & Sedition Act – but that’s ancient history – the early 1800s. But the death of an ambassador, and Marines, and well, people, Americans, of any kind, in a foreign land – that gets attention. Well it should. Why were we there in the first place? That’s a deeper question than what the president did or didn’t. Why would anyone think that we could have an “ambassador” on the ground in Libya? At most an “observer” with some strong back up is about all we could hope for. We won’t understand that place for decades, if ever. Even putting the man there, and his entourage of civilians was foolhardy.

 But the excuses, cover ups, the “what difference does it make?” – all this lying, prevaricating, dissembling, the entire panoply of “it’s national security, so we can make stuff up” cannot stand. It’s antithetical to the reason of our nation. Sure, there’s some secretes, governments always have that. But we’ve gone way beyond it – to doing stuff without saying why – and then just blithely lying and dismissing any concern when the screw ups occur.

 The argument that we had no forces nearby is so lame I can’t imagine a sane American official uttering it. Why on earth do we have bases in Italy, in Traranto, and elsewhere, and why do we have a fleet – the Sixth I think, correct me if I’m wrong – with an aircraft carrier with a 100 most sophisticated jets man can make – and hordes of helicopters. We have advisers and equipment in any number of the nearby countries – anybody – any one of them – could have been called in. Don’t tell me they would have been ineffective. The psychological reaction to American aircraft of any kind swooping in, buzzing the crowd, firing a few tracer shells surely would have given the crowd pause – a few more moments for the doomed – who may then have not been doomed. Meanwhile, even more forces could have come. Try at least. Always.

 To say nothing could be done recants the entire point of all our many forces in the region. I marveled during the beginning of the Libyan “crisis” that we were wholly unprepared to deal with it. The very reason we pay the president, his minions, the Joint Chiefs and on down, is to have a plan – to know what to do – and have the means to do it. What point are billions in defense – if we can’t send in a helicopter, drone, jet – anything. What is the point of a commander in chief if the response is “can’t do a thing”?

 Meanwhile, there’s still Fast & Furious, there’s Solyndra and so many other boondoggles. This administration is verklempt. Either on purpose, as more and more are beginning to say – or through sheer incompetence. This incompetence comes from their ideological blinders. They see things through prisms which shift reality out of all proportions.

 On top of this – virtually everyone is recognizing that ObamaCare is not going to work. “A train wreck” Democrat “I voted for it to find out what was in it” Max Baccus said. Of what need are legislators and presidents if all they can do is gum up the works or do nothing? At most they seem inept even at spying and disrupting their “political enemies.” Since when are people in this country enemies? I have never grasped that. Oh, sure, disagree on the current tax rate – state your position, marshal your facts – but to call the other side “enemies” is unAmerican. Were did this idea come from? It’s almost communist in the “enemies of the people” mindset. Any group of people cannot be “enemies of the people” – they are Americans. 

And Liberty requires us to figure out a way to get along – not to declare each other enemies to be conquered and forced to do our bidding. Perhaps that’s one problem with the current Left & Right – each thinks they have the one and only one answer. The other shall be vanquished or the nation doomed. Nonsense. America is about the preservation and encouragement of peaceful differences.

If you want to save the environment, plant a tree. If you wish to support the oil industry jobs, drive a Hummer. Between the two America will move on. But it’s coming to a screeching halt as each side demands either tree or Hummer – and not both.

Which is one reason for the administration’s problems – “We won.” And now they think they will remake the place or something. And along the way their well laid plans have failed, and blown up in their faces – and all their huff and puff about change is shown to be the same old thing: sheer human and political and liberty-thought incompetence.

Well, if any good comes out of this mess is that the American basic distrust of government results in the dismantlement of the behemoth we have. Can’t send a jet. What’s the point of it, then? Can’t do a thing. Why are you in power? We must investigate everyone. Why are you paranoid? Well, now you’ve give us reason. Thanks, you’ll unite the nation yet.  


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