Lessons of my 55th B’day

Yesterday was my 55th Birthday. Oh, I had fun enough.

But I want to make this clear to gay guys who read this blog and straight folks as well:

I’m from a generation that was harassed, chastised, harangued – illegal, scorned, despised – oh the list of negative adjectives can almost be expanded exponentially.

I’m not bitter, or upset, or somehow felt I missed out – I had a great life.

Yesterday was my 55th B’day –

and what I realized is that virtually any gay man over 40-50 went through what I did. Oh, I was lucky – for my family and 90% of my co-workers were fine with me. But I know too many who were not as lucky – yet not a one is bitter or upset or a typically aggrieved minority in this nation – seeking government handouts.

 I have for decades always viewed my gay activism as for the youth: for those gay men younger than myself.

 Oh, I did a lot – I’m thinking of writing a memoir – virtually none of which has to do with lobbying or radical or militant or whatever other word any of us are called.

Oh, it will take a book to express what I mean – it’ll have to wait – one is in progress.

Ah, the differences we older gay men have wrought in the face of heterosexuals.  


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