4 Subjects & A Funeral

Being busy with life cuts down on my blogging. As Samuel Johnson said: only a fool doesn’t write for money. Well, so I’m foolish. Anyway, the week’s news has been strange as always. Let’s take a look at a few things.

The Benghazi mess is slowly grinding along. From “What difference does it make” to “It matters to me” the quotes come fast and furious. The question is becoming beyond “what did the president know and when did he know it?” to “what did the president not do, and why?” Meanwhile, it seems virtually every administration official involved is stonewalling or lying or prevaricating. Either by refusing information and honest answers to questions, or simply making things up, to not telling the whole story and leaving out salient details. It doesn’t bode well. There’s ever increasing calls by the Right for more investigation, and more accountability, and even some say, impeachment discussions. The Left of course is saying “why bother.” Well, we bother because a US ambassador was killed in the line of duty for the first time in 30 years. Surely it matters that this happened.

Should we have even had a man on the ground? I’m of the opinion that one ambassador for the region is far better than having an individual and a whole entourage in these violent, dangerous countries. Why have an ambassador in Libya, Algeria or Tunisia? These places are in an uproar. We barely speak the language on a literate level, never mind in the fluency of local lingo that we would need to know to know what’s going on. Oh, it’s one thing to monitor their communications that are sent across the airwaves, the NSA is good at that, I’m sure. But we can’t know what’s happening in the face to face meetings as the various warlords parlay for advantage. And it is exactly warlords that are seeking power. Oh, I’m sure they go by nice names like “general” and “party secretary” and “ex-minister” or even “respected figure.” These cultures have pecking orders – we can’t hope to understand it. At most we stand around there and wait to be spoken to.

 So what is the purpose of an ambassador in these places? And surely we don’t have one in Lebanon, do we? Whom would represent that nation? Such a loose term for the place. I doubt we have one in Syria at the moment – though there are countries with ambassadors there. Why? To get the take of the murderous regime? Or are we trying to learn up close which murderous leader-in-waiting is going to win, and maybe even influence which creep gets in. The idea that “Syria’s” view of Israel is going to change is wishful dreaming. The politics of that nation are predicated on being opposed to Israel.

 Egypt is a wreck too. And we’re talking about giving any of these places money? Let the Saudis give the cash. We’d wind up backing the wrong guy – and most of the money stolen or used for weapons of no use to the people. The idea that Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, even Egypt, really needing their over-developed armed forces is laughable. All they would do is invade each other. Surely they’re not heading south across the Sahara and Sagreb. Maybe they are, who cares if Chad or Niger or Mali become client states of the northern oil states? It would probably lead to more peace for the people of these places. Right now Africa north of Kinshasa is encased in violence. There is no help or assistance we could give that’s going to solve their problems. It is so internecine we should stay out.

 Meanwhile, across the globe there’s North Korea – calmed down a bit. Probably because the pipsqueaks realized that we supply them with food, oil, money, and scotch. And to go to war with us is suicidal. Perhaps our ambassador or interest section there made this plain to them. Spoken softly, and point to the big stick. But that’s not the end of it. No, it’s merely a breather, until round 10, or whatever round we’re up to. That nation is a human disaster zone. No rational person could possibly agree that the sovereignty of the artificial nation is so important that we shouldn’t work to get rid of the regime. Sure, it’ll be a mess once it’s free, and difficult to put to rights – but it must be done. No group of 17 million people deserve to live like they are living there – while their compatriots and ethnic kin across the border are enjoying pizza and high speed internet. The idea is ludicrous that this regime has any validity to rule.

 Is it easy to get rid of such regimes? Absolutely not. At least not the way we go about it now. Sanctions, schmanctions, if anything, it sets up a profit center for the truly unscrupulous. Meanwhile, what is there to sanction? We provide them with the wherewithal to live and they have nothing we need. No one really trades with North Korea. Oh, a joint factory isn’t trade – it’s ping-pong diplomacy with factory workers instead of ballplayers. The NK’s threw out the SK’s anyway. So, it’s nothing now. There seems to be no developed natural resources for export, no goods made, no delicacies of the culture akin to French cheese and Italian wine. So what trade are we to cut? We send them the food on humanitarian grounds. Instead of giving the people there a fishing rod and a pond, we’re showing them some cod-flakes and saying “survive if you can.” Who knows if the aid even gets to the people there, or if the regime isn’t shipping the stuff right back out for some hard currency. They’re printing our currency while they’re at it. We know it, the world knows it. Cut the charade, cut the aid, cut the lifeline of the regime, undermine it and eliminate it and let those people go.

 Then there’s the president’s call to Jason Collins – all about “courage” – nonsense. It takes courage for some kid still at home to come out to his parents and wonder if he’ll be shown the door or a curing center, or kept in the bosom of the family. It takes courage for a gay kid to be gay from the get go – not go pretend heterosexual for all one’s life. Collins had a fiancee for heaven’s sake. There is no courage in lying. He lied. If he’s truly “gay” – he sure didn’t play one in real life. He led such a heterosexual lifestyle that “bisexual” doesn’t seem to cut it. If he was diddling with men – it was cheating, adultery, down low – call it what you wish. Skunking around in hiding? He did no gay man any service. He basically said “I’m ashamed of my being, I don’t want to be gay” and then did what he could to be heterosexual. There’s no courage in that – it’s cowardice if you ask me.

 Go ask the gay folks at www.imfromdriftwood.com about coming out to the people who matter – who can make a difference – a very real one – in your life. At this site are hundreds of stories about gay folks who had to really have courage. They didn’t get a call from the president.

 So why did the president call Collins? Well, if there’s one way to get the opposition’s mind off of Benghazi, North Korea, the economy, immigration “reform” and a host of other matters of the faltering 2nd term – it’s call a gay guy. And sure enough, the president called – announced the call – and then sat back and watched the fireworks. For a week it was Collins this and Collins that. The man trying desperately hard to come up with a 2nd career after his first is at its end. Frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me if the man was married to a women within 5 years and the gay thing all forgotten. Did the president use the call to push for any other pro-gay measure? No, he did not. In fact, he wasn’t even sure about including gay couples in the immigration bill he’s pushing. It was an afterthought by some senator or something.

 That it might mean a few hundred at most gay men added to the nation shows how some are so very opposed to our existence. Of course, if they allowed spousal connections to come, well, then DOMA would be obsolete. That it will be obsolete shortly, either after this go round, or the next set of lawsuits in the pipeline against it, is true. Not to mention that not including gay couples in immigration because of DOMA is just yet another avenue to tackle it by lawsuits.

 So, the president sidetracked everyone from his mess he’s got going – and Collins gets to write a book and maybe get a TV movie deal about his “courage” of cheating on his fiancee of 8 years while claiming he’s “Gay” and never once having lived a gay life whatsoever. How a man who lives with a woman, pretends to be straight, never a rumor even have I heard that he was gay before his announcement. In fact, not in the vast coverage of the matter was it even alluded to that it was whispered or rumored that he was “gay” – seems he was not in the least.

 That he has a twin who is not supposedly adds some “no gay gene, no gay gene!” nonsense to the matter is funny – for it is well known that “identical” twins have different fingerprints – apparently at least one or two genes are a bit not identical. Meanwhile, much less known – no twin men have the same penis size, shape, or contours, etc – this I know for a fact. So if two of the most intrinsic physical attributes of twins are not identical in the least – don’t go tell me they’re “identical” because they have “identical genes.” Something is different, clearly.

 Meanwhile, the economy continues tanking in broad measures, while certain government pumped up sections bloom. The housing bubble is starting again – we’re lending money to people with no credit, no income, no down payments. Prices are up everywhere – while unemployment is up. Oh, sure, there’s supposedly a downward trend in “unemployment.” The problem is that’s there’s a downward trend in “employment” too – while there is an vast increase in disability and welfare, food stamps and people who just stopped looking. There’s even mention now of an increase of the underground economy, or non-taxed economy of 2 Trillion Bucks. Yes, well, people still have to make money. Yard sales are up, ebay use is up. People are bartering more, paying cash. Everyone is getting in the game of hiding income and work from the government. I’d say it’s far higher than $2 trillion.

 The stock market is booming – not because of any increase in business per se. But because the rest of the world is so much worse off than us that foreign wealth is pouring into the thing – and the rich are making out well. The rich are avoiding taxes in their own countries, for the spread between gains and taxes that can be made on a stock market divorced from any real economic activity. You can’t buy stock in bankruptcy and liquidation firms – they’re too small – but that’s a booming sector of the economy. Along with tattoo parlors that will seeming paint the people into unemployable forever status. And pawn shops – booming. Two new one’s I’ve seen open in my town with its hundreds and hundreds of empty retail stores. I’d say a 1/6th of the retail space in Tucson is empty – where did all those businesses go? The city claims its growing – the number of empty houses and apartments grows right along with it. Where are all the people moving? If they’re not sopping up the empty places, then are they really coming? Hmm.

 Finally, there’s the Boston Murderer who can’t get a decent burial. Well, people don’t want the cad buried next to or near their kin – I don’t blame him. If ever there was a candidate for deporting someone, it’s the kid’s body. Send it back to where it came from. He was so into his homeland that he blew up Boston? Send him back to the land he loves. Why would you give his poor dead soul another moment in the land he came to hate?

 Apparently, somebody decided to give the kid a break – like he gave no one – and allow him to be buried in private somewhere in America. I’m sure the press will find out – then we’ll all discuss that for a few days – should he or should he not get any sort of burial. Well, we’re more modern now, so we don’t just hurl the carcasses to the wild animals, that’s for sure. Yes, it’s a difficult situation. No matter what is done someone will complain. Still, deporting the body would be best.

 And that’s my round up of the week’s news. Four or five subjects and a funeral. It was almost a movie, I’m sure.  


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