I’ve run out of things to say

I think I’ve run out of things to say … the world is a mess. Nothing I say publicly really matters. I only matter to my own family and friends. There are crazies of every kind running around spouting irrational thoughts, and violent lunatics out to just kill to make a point. There are people who insist they are right about every thing — that perhaps they should be in charge, to make all the people just like they would like them. 

There are too many people with no facts, no reason, no logic on the hustings. Everyone has an opinion, few have a blessed clue. 

The debates are farcical screaming matches. The media are morons. The politicians are corrupt. The celebrities are bonkers. 

And well, I just have to take a break again. The world will survive without my warbling. 
As to when I’ll post again, I don’t know. Enough people keep finding this place so I’ll leave it up. 

I think I’ll go paint a flower painting. Image


there, isn’t that nicer? 
have a pleasant day.


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