Thank you American Thinkers

Well, they certainly don’t lack for opinions over at the American Thinker website, which graciously allowed my two cents. There were something like 270 comments the last I checked. Well, like I’ve always said, this Liberty stuff is messy, and everyone has to have their say. It’s a good thing really. Of course, because everything is a Federal issue we have to get 300 million people to agree – and well, that’s just not possible. That’s the problem, everything is a Federal issue.

Now, I expressed my opinion candidly, with a personal angle, and was reasonable, and I think I addressed the points I wanted to raise, and like any thinker, never enough time or space. The vagaries of the language also muddle things, of course. Not to mention my style; geez, politeness on the hustings seems to be rarer and rarer.

And then a Mr. Robert Oscar Lopez wrote some defense of me, which I didn’t expect, ask for, or want, and was frankly surprised – but don’t mind, not offended by his take on my thoughts, don’t know why he did it, and well, still, I’m rather tickled – after all, not often does anyone come to defense of a gay guy. Though, I’ve been lucky in that department, not like say, Matthew Shepard.

But it was the comments that struck me. Well, not literally, though, I could almost feel a few want to reach through the ether and throttle me, or least smack me silly, thwack, something, you know, physical. Of course, as I contended in my article – every hetero has a strong opinion on the gay thing – and everyone of them is right – and now all the heteros will tell each other their opinions – and each will tell me theirs – and I’m supposed to somehow respond to this jumble in a breath or two. Well, can’t be done. The subject is too big.

On the other hand, some people wrote in a way that I never did ever write to anyone – though I will admit to a certain website I turned the tables and boy, did that ever miff them! Yes, the comments directed at me were sometimes, charitably, unkind. I turn the other cheek. I’ve heard worse. Indeed, there are still those who call for my slaughter, let us be honest. Once, at a website called I Own The World I wrote of heterosexuals and heterosexuality as I have heard myself spoken to – oh, were they upset! Why, I don’t think anyone had ever pulled the old logic switch on them in their lives. Oh well, I was banned – commentators there said horrendous things to me – and I was expected to take it – because, like I said – heterosexuals are correct in whatever viewpoint on the gay thing they hold. From nice to horrific – it must be correct – for well, it’s your right.

And our obligation? For in these discussions we really have no rights – often not even a say so, which, is again, why I thank American Thinker. Well, we are to listen. Lectured to like we are children, or swatted at like a cur dog, or maybe the flea. And we are to shush and not say a word in our defense – no points for us in this game. And if a heterosexual gives us a point or two – well, those are just bad heterosexuals. It’s now to the point were certain people are saying you are not allowed to say nice things about or to a gay person – because that’s not “conservative.” That it is against God to practice the Golden Rule to a gay person.

 You know, frankly, I couldn’t read all the comments. Oh, sure, I could have made the time. But I recall one that was clear: gays are narcissistic – and you know, that’s absurd. I had to be a masochist to publish an article at a website where I knew the comments would be brutal. Still, I somehow feel I’m called to some purpose or another. No so much to rescue my life or get some recompense – I have had a grand life so far, actually, mostly – but no, so that some young gay kid 20 years from now doesn’t have to listen to this confounded debate over whether we shall permit to exist in peace and decency that which everyone agrees exists for no known reason.

 You know, maybe we’re beyond Schrodinger cats — one or the other. Maybe we’re three things at once: As homosexuals we’re horrible. As gay men we’re productive. As sissies we’re silly. To be three things at once is actually pretty easy – for we don’t have to do a thing but be ourselves – and wonder what the next box of chocolates will bring in the form of a heterosexual attitude. Amazing. But, I had fun – I hope everyone else did too. Who knows, maybe I’ll do it again.  


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  1. Matthew

    You are my hero for standing up to heterosexuals. I read through that comment section, and I saw that het-supremacist from I Own the World accusing you of wanting to “kill straight [sic] people [sic].” I couldn’t blame anyone who does after reading that vile garbage.

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