Bless the Sissies too, Dear Lord.

And let us bless all the sissies too — for one way or the other we’re going to need all the help we can get. 


Yes, it is said that the Father didn’t quite like us. Hellfire and Brimstone. All gay men are well aware of all the Bible verses against us. We are oft told. Then we look to the Son, and we turn the other cheek, and treat others as they wish to be treated. Which is odd, for we are definitely sons, with other sons, and well, the dads are somewhat askance. 

Why, yes, we get intemperate in our defense, something just doesn’t click with us in a positive life affirming way when you hear yet again that you are a threat to society’s very existence that it’s like sex with a dog. There also seems to be many calls that we become self-flagellating incessantly penitent celibate hermits for the happiness of mankind. I dare say that’s a tall order for well, you know, a sissy.

Meanwhile, well, here we are. We extend the hand of peace, as we are all called to do. And it’s called an attack. We find this astonishing. We find it amazing that you all agree that some time between womb and toddlerhood someone or something did or did not do this or that, and presto, our natural heterosexuality is turned off  — heterosexuals are woefully confused on our provenance, clearly. You admit as much.

Then, after telling us that you are confused, but admitting it happened to us, you revert back to the “death be upon” you verse and blame us for the deed. Like I said, we are simply astonished, almost at a loss for words at the illogic of it. But well, there are so many of you, and so few of us.

Still, all we ever do is smile, and say “Yes, we have heard that.” 

Which, is, again, oddly, exactly what Jesus would have done. 


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