What they forgot in SCOTUS Gay Briefs

I have been reading many of the briefs submitted to SCOTUS in the two gay marriage cases, pro and con.

Every single brief brings up children with gay couples – and either the horror or benign inflicted. Or what gay folks may or may not do to children everywhere. Every brief brings up what gay people and couples may or may not do to society. And you are discussing us like a sack of potatoes, and what you will do with us.

However: Not a single brief pro or con brings up the fact that every single gay person is a product of a heterosexual union.

Heterosexuals churn out gay folk at the same constant static rate – it never goes up or down. You make us, and then blame us for being made. That’s just amazing to me.

All the briefs against us argue obliquely that we were made gay – and that there still lurks some inner heterosexuality. We tell you are crazy – and you tell us you know us better than we know ourselves.

NARTH, FRC, AFTAH, the Catholic Church, the American College of Pediatricians (a tiny group of no more than 200 members, versus the American Academy of Pediatricians with tens of thousands of members) – etc ad nauseum … also say that we choose to be gay. We are made and choose to be made, I guess.

 All of the groups against gay folks are vocal on the hustings that we gay folks are not only changeable, but that we must change, or else. Oh yes, that’s an intentional bold – for it is bold indeed to demand of only one group of citizens to change what we feel is our very existence, or else face constant disdain – for having been made – as they themselves claim.

 And how are we to change? We are to stop being gay. When? The next morning I guess. Maybe right now. Maybe I’m to get up from the keyboard here and go find a gal to marry. Not a single one of these people ever asks the question: Why would some woman marry a man like me who’s been gay since birth and has never kissed a girl?

It truly astounds me that it is demanded of me that either I find a girl immediately or, I become a celibate hermit. So you are guaranteed your happiness – and me? Well, you seem not to give a damn about my happiness.

 Every single brief against gay marriage alludes to our mutability – regardless of our insistence that this is not going to happen – that it is impossible. We are like rocks on this matter – and you talk of us as silly putty in your hands. Frankly, that’s nervy.

 All the people who wrote briefs against us say on their websites and in their articles, books and speeches that we are made gay by bad parenting – that it is preventable even. And that we are at fault for this bad parenting.

I have yet to find the child raising book that has a word about preventing us. I dare say, not a single book on children even brings us up except as some afterthought or footnote, if at all. And books about us deals with us as some problem – and it’s our fault. Yes, bad parenting is supposedly our provenance. And we are guilty for it, too.

 All the gay men are said in one breath that we are made gay by something done wrong.

 And in the next breath they accuse us for recruiting new homosexuals.

 They say that we are a horror for existing – and a nice word said about us ever will cause society to collapse. I just can’t for the life of me see how we few gay guys are the lynchpin to civilization. We just cannot be that important.

 In the next breath they blame us for having fathers or mothers or both who did or didn’t do something to us. They are sure that our natural heterosexuality was prevented from blossoming. And we keep telling you – you are wrong.

 There are more than 40 theories proposed about what went wrong – and how we who were made gay are to change ourselves at your insistence – immediately. Or else.

 Still, even if the very gene which proves us gay is found – or the lack of the heterosexual gene – we are the product of heterosexuals. Not a single gay person could ever have been born without heterosexuals involved.

You Make Us – and we are at fault. Amazing.

 Still, like I said – not one single brief pro or con points out this fact– that we are all children of hetero-sex. That our parents were straight folks – and, if the idea is true – they did something to us – and now it’s our fault – so we shall be hounded all our lives. Or at most tolerated as some freak show. 

Or our pursuit of happiness will be discussed by people we don’t even know. And our very existence.

Well, I suppose I shall have to wait to hear whether nine people will allow us to pursue happiness – or more court cases.

I just find it amazing. Truly.



  1. You are rather full of yourself. Elsewhere (“GayPartiot”) you wrote: “The debate over marriage is about our existence, for heaven’s sake. We are being discussed like a sack of potatoes, and a bad one at that. And when one is attacked unmercifully as a threat to everything — than I dare say the best defense is a good offense. They are not phobic, they are like Patton, and they think we are the Nazis.

    “All is fair in love and war, after all.”

    This is histrionic nonsense.

    My closest cousin is gay, aged 57, and he has no use nor sympathy for the “gay marriage” Holy grail – despite having had longer and more durable love relationships than me, his straight male cousin.

    And while I’m sorely tempted to reply with an hysterical existential rant of my own, I can restrain myself and ask you this: if he is indifferent to your plight – which ought to be the same as his – shouldn’t you find out WHY?

    (And no – my cousin Richard J Olson is no conservative or libertarian like us; he’s life-long ‘D’ in the very Democratic state of Minnesota.)

    • Thank you for your kind words. I am certainly sure of my take on things; I could be no other way. I’m even sure of my doubts, I think. I just say stuff, and try to have decent exchanges. The gay issue is complex, and so I try to look at lots of different angles — see if we might draw a conclusion, you know.

      As for your cousin who I didn’t know existed until this moment and I’m sure a fine man — I have no idea why he believes or thinks as he does. Perhaps he has some very good reasons, does he have a blog or commented somewhere where I might find out?.

      Though, I myself really never asked for marriage either. I don’t really say I do, anywhere. What I say is that it should not be denied to those who want it and that it is not a threat to civilization. And during the discussion of the issue, silly as it is, in a way, for we gay folks just can’t be this important at all, we shouldn’t be accused of unholy terror and horror and certainly not blamed for irresponsible procreation — which all the briefs to SCOTUS brought up — without mentioning what I say in this post here.

      Now, you and your cousin have your views, but I surely don’t around telling people they are full of themselves.
      I hope that answers your question.
      Yours, Jim

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