Dear GOP, yes, hound gays forever!

First, let me state oh so clearly that I wholly respect anyone’s religious right to despise and hate anyone according to the precepts of their religious beliefs. I do not quibble on theology, I don’t discuss it. I have my faith, my God, my Creator who did endow me with certain inalienable rights – perhaps you have yours – they seem to be opposed. Now what? The Constitution and Declaration of Independence spell out American’s rights as individual citizens, whether you like it or not, on a legal basis, not theology or your personal beliefs. I am entitled to my religious beliefs as much as you are to yours, see 1st Amendment. If you wish to argue your 1st Amendment Rights, I shall argue mine. And why not? We are equal before the law, and in fact, you often state, in your defense, that we gays are indeed equal before the law – “you can marry a woman like any straight man,” I’m told, “see, you’re equal.” Yes. But, too, be honest, that the hounding and harassment and haranguing of gay folks is required too. For your salvation, apparently. If it were not required, you’d stop it already.

This is the quote which spurs this screed of mine this day: “The idea that a major political party must accept the practice of homosexuality as normal so as to remain relevant will prove the contrary and lead to disaster,” said John Horvat II, a Catholic scholar at CPAC.

No, you don’t have to accept it as “Normal” — but, you must accept it without the hounding. Hounding us will not change a thing — except less and less people will vote for you. We are not passive actors in this game — we are speaking to the people way above the heads of politicians and religious figures, that’s for sure. Still, Mr. Horvat is all for the hounding forever, that much is clear. 

Yes, many of the religious have banded together in the Republican Party and have forthrightly put forward the proposition of hounding gay men forever. These people are clear, blunt, persistent and solid in their belief that the only salvation for the heterosexuals of this world, this nation, and civilization itself, is to hound gay folks incessantly until Doomsday. I give as my Exhibit A: Rick Santorum. And I need quote no other man – he is the everyman of the NO GAYS! Movement. He wants us gone – if not changed to his Catholicism as popes of old demanded of the Jews, then by incarceration and ostracism as for the lepers and witches. He has stated so clearly. He is joined by many others. So be it.

 Let us then look at this arrant mush, this bizarre fear, this throwing away of all fact, logic and reason, and the descent into a psychosis of superstition. Yes, you are indeed entitled to be utterly delusional – I wholeheartedly support anyone’s right to fantasy. Without it, Hollywood might well perish from this earth. The political class of this nation have shown no lack of being utterly delusional on many a subject, from guns, to debt, to deficits, to health care laws, to cronyism, privilege and corruption, and so why not on sissy smooching? Have at it. To what purpose I can’t imagine.

 However, as is also a very American conservative value is the 2nd Amendment, the right to self-defense, to bear arms, which I shall now exercise by pen. Well, I don’t own a gun, but respect the rights of those who wish to. However, I own a mind, and I shall bare it, as my right to bear arms against the constant nastiness and abject abdication of any decency towards we, the despised people of our times. We are like unto Jews, Lepers or Witches in Medieval Europe, and such is the mindset against us akin to that which reigned under Henry II of England who did expel all his realm’s Jews. As did every other nation in Europe over nearly 1500 years take up the cudgel to constantly, incessantly, hound and harass the Jews. For their faith. And we gays have our faith, which is different than yours, apparently, but still, from the same Judeo-Christian ethic, and the Roman and Greek heritage of science and logic – but well, we have a small doctrinal difference – our version says we are good, yours says no. So, you hound, like popes of old.

 Indeed, when logic reigned, before faith came along, the Romans and the Greeks really didn’t have a problem with gay folks, and seemed to well welcome the idea for the same small percentage now as then who are gay. Odd that the very Roman Church, founded on the logic and law of the Roman Empire, claiming a legal, moral and ethical heritage to the point of creating the Holy Roman Empire after the Pre-Christian one fell after the Christians came to power. Odd that, “homosexuality” is oft claimed as the cause of the fall of empires, the only one referenced being Rome, and that fell only after 150 years of Christian Rule after Constantine in 315. I cannot help it if the reality of history escapes you.

 For the first 315 years of Christianity the Romans treated Christians not much differently than the Christians then treated the Jews, Lepers and Witches – and gays. Such is the tradeoff of power, the change in those to be hounded by the state and its religion: the socialists are in the wings awaiting their turn. The vast wars of the Reformation, starting in 1415 with Jan Hus – the religion of my family now for 600 years, by the way, so un-Catholic are we – and not settling down until the late 1700s saw millions of people slaughtered in the name of Christ. My my, what rapacious fellows. And among those slaughtered were, of course, the Jews, the Lepers and the Witches – and the Gays. So, the slaughtering is now morphed to verbal hounding and assault, how charming, how civilized. Jesus would marvel at the forbearance, I’m sure, ye hypocrites.

 And I bring up the latter two, Lepers and Witches, for I shall make the comparison thus: Gays are considered still by many to be so sick, like Lepers, that we should be ostracized from society, and condemned to perdition. And the superstitions surrounding what Witches supposedly did has merely transferred itself to us gay guys. What else could constantly calling the “homosexual agenda” some threat to civilization itself be? You are accusing us, by mere existence, of destroying the universe – sorry, that’s so delusional it’s well, witchcraft has besot you.

 I cannot for the life of me understand what the GOP, or those elements still in the Democratic Party, think they are going to gain by this hounding of gay folks. I don’t. I wish someone would kindly explain to me the goal of this. Is it just to be rid of us? Calls for our genocide are frequent enough. Well, good luck, and perhaps you shall have to bring the pogrom yet, for we are not going anywhere.

 Is it to keep up the legal battles? The numbers of lawsuits on every matter relating to gay folks is huge, and growing. Day by day more cases enter the system. Day by day more constitutional challenges to every single law that we are excluded from, and every one directed at us, are being filed. We will not cease, we are determined fellows. Partly because we know we are right, and partly because, well, frankly, what would you have us do? Listen to this endlessly? Hahaha. You all got another thing coming. Like I said – you’ll have to exterminate us.

 Is it just to have us come to the legislature year after year, forever, to redress our grievances? Again, we are determined fellows. No one takes on the world as we have done without some gumption and a strong sense of confidence in self, I assure you. Which is one of the oddest conundrums you all face: we just won’t quit, and are rugged beyond belief for having put up with this nonsense in our continuing peaceful manner. (Here’s where I note that every leftist protest turns to violence, and yet, not one gay protest save Stonewall ever turned violent at all. 40 years now of world wide protests, and not a window broken or drop of blood shed. 20 Occupiers are together and things go up in smoke. Amazing, and you are blind, as you make your comparisons that the “homosexuals” are some socialist plot to destroy capitalism, as we own nearly 1,000,000 business, have jobs or freelance – we get no cash or succor from the government. There are no programs for gay guys, don’t you know. We pay our own way and more. So horrid are we. Or, a paradigm of self-reliant conservative ideals. Pick one.

 And do not get me wrong – I do not put this down to one or the other parties. There are plenty within the Democratic party who are just as odd in this regard as there are plenty within the GOP who have said, in the immortal words of Hilary Clinton: “What difference does it make?” So, don’t take it personally if you are one of those fine GOP folks who doesn’t give a damn who I smooch. But, you’re the folks who just had CPAC – where the NO GAYS! Movement’s session was empty, and the “give gays a break” session – held against the wishes of CPAC – purposely excluded, we were – and still, we crashed the party – was jammed to find out what the fuss was about. Determination? Well, there you have it, eh?

 We are insistent on joining you in saving the nation from the socialists – and you idiots are telling us to vote for your opponents. It is the most bizarre vote getting election strategy I have ever witnessed. Have at it, it’s brilliant. Or really, really stupid. For what you haven’t realized is that we have advanced all our pawns in this game of chess we’re having – and we have put you in zugzwang – you simply can’t avoid the issue – so, either accommodation or continued condemnation. So far, the latter is winning, thus, you are losing.

 You think we are some small percentage of votes, and thus can be excluded from your calculations. Alas, we have, as I said, as pawns against your knights and rooks and bishops, have gone to the public and sought their assistance. We almost ignored the politicians and communicated with the people; the politicians are late comers to our side. We have now proven to nearly 60% of the people that we are fine folks. You’re not turning away just a few gay votes, you’re telling 60% of the people to go back to hounding us as you desire. You’re brainless and clueless if you think this is going to work.

 You don’t have to like it, know about it, deal with it, agree with it – nothing – that’s Liberty. Consider it “not normal” for all I care. But, here we are anyway. We shall be at a remove if you wish – but still, you folks have simply seen the utter pointlessness of this thing, yes? This “gay debate.” There is no debate – there is hounding us into change, into joining your religion, in us ceasing to be what we claim we are free to be – regardless of cause – not that anyone has a blessed clue as to that. As the Archbishop of the USA Armed Forces said so eloquently, with a clarity I marvel at: “It’s largely unexplained.” Yes, well, in the old conservative tradition it was “come up with some facts before you flap your lips.” The new one is “lalalala No gays, no gays.” It’s unseemly, frankly.

 We claim we are born gay, and you call us liars, and we have more proof than you – as the old saw has it about Elvis, 350,000,000 gay folks can’t be wrong. That’s if we’re a grand total of 5% of the world’s population. Oh, you think this is an American issue? Ask the new pope, he tried to stop us in Argentina. Ask the gays in Egypt who are being hounded as the Christians there are being hounded. But on gay folks, well, faith and superstition is all we have, I guess. Why bother with rational thought when we have the tradition of always hounding gay folks? What a fine thing to continue for the peace of mind of heterosexuals! And that’s what it comes down to, and nothing more. At least be honest. You despise us, and accuse us of wrecking your nerves for existing and worse, daring to say we exist – and are human. This you abjure, and call us, relentlessly, less than human. Oh, sure, you vary in your ways. Some more polite than others, some less. Still, calls for “Death to fags” is not exactly what Jesus would do, but, well, a Medieval Pope would call for. The new one has already blamed us for all the problems of heterosexuals and called us a dire threat to civilization – for our mere existence and nothing else. Waking up in the morning is sufficient for our purpose of destruction, apparently.

 Which brings me to my “Lynchpin theory.” Yes, hounding gays seems to be the lynchpin of heterosexual happiness. Without us, there would be no unwed mothers, no divorce or adultery or any social problems – that’s the claim that we are responsible for “attacking family” yes? What else could it be? We must be the cause if we are the attackers, the debasers, the abusers, the destroyers of marriage, and family, God and nation and all that is holy and good. We are simply the cause of it all. Truth be told we’ve been blamed for hurricanes and earthquakes. Oh, look this stuff up – this is all well reported – I’m speaking to intelligent people – know stuff – I shouldn’t have to spoon feed you links to this stuff.

 Meanwhile, yes, hound us forever. What an idea. An idea whose time has come, or, is still around, really, by a few remaining people – for again, it is clear – we have gone to the People – while you stay in your conferences arguing about us.. And in the fairness of this debate you claim you are having – you preclude us from saying a word. Why, if we speak, that’s “promoting homosexuality” – my my, can’t be having that. Why, we must hound these people, not let them promote themselves so that everyone turns gay. Which is the Witch fear – you seem to be of the belief that we will make you gay, that we will make all the kids gay, that we are recruiting everyone to our side – it’s lunatic, but hey, there it is. A book couldn’t contain the chapter and verse on this fear uttered by so many so often, it would take volumes.

 And well, that’s enough, I’m tired of this crap. It’s your choice. I don’t give a damn, I’m a survivor. I offer my help in turning the nation back to its senses – you tell me to vote for the socialists. Why, I don’t know. It’s bizarre as I said. I won’t do it, of course. Maybe you’re counting on that. But, I will surely hound you right back. Incessantly. For I have nothing else to do, and it is my right, and duty to do so. I’d rather do something else, but again, the right of self-defense is formidable to tyrants only, and you apparently wish to continue to play tyrant against gay folks’ existence. Be honest, there are many among you who want us gone, or to marry somebody’s sister, so long as it is not theirs, I guess.

 Like I said, it’s a chess game – most of our pawns are on the 7th rank, ready to queen (oh, pun intended, of course, for comedy should not be forsaken even in bitter screeds of wonderment.) It’s your move. You have a knight and two bishops and a king. Good luck.

Meanwhile, to paraphrase James Carville on the Clinton election years ago: it’s the economy, stupid, not the sissies. Frankly, you’re wasting your breath. Again, your move — figure out an accommodation, or hound forever — that’s your choice.



  1. yes we have a new pope, not the old facist pope benedict,pope francis likes poor people! what a breath of fresh air, except pope francis evedently liked right wing para military regemes of 1980,s argentina,but when it comes to gays,pope francis hate gays!1 lets double down and have two gay hating popes, one with one lung, and one that would like to return to the
    germany of 1933 when catholic hitler outlawed all gay people, not to mention he outlawed abortion in germany in 1936, so much for progress.


  1. Dear GOP, yes, hound gays forever! |

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