Hate Gays, yes; but rationally please

I received a Facebook message from a man I don’t know. It’s fascinating. He doesn’t like gay folks based on his religious beliefs. Good enough, I don’t care; it’s his right. Any belief may be under the guise of religion. So be it. It’s a free country. If your God hates gays, and you hate gay existence, well, that’s your business. Alas, you still have to deal with us. Unless you’re proposing something more drastic we shall still be here.

Meanwhile, at least, please, come up with some real data, something concrete, if you are going to bring up data at all. And this is the puzzling part – I get the religious hate, I do. It’s well established and explained to me that some Christians are quite sure that their God doesn’t like gay folks and didn’t create us. He is said to have created everything, the Devil included, and all the ills of this world and pain to boot – but, not gay folks. We are, apparently, in this theological view, the only thing on earth not created by God. Well, that’s quite a belief, but, hey, it’s your right. This shall be a long post – sorry, but this man requires it for he’s not the only one who thinks like this.

So, I have taken this man’s message and parsed it out, as I’m prone to do, line by line. And interject my comments betwixt so that we might try to make some sense of the man’s lament. That he penned this to me, a total stranger to him, is odd enough. How he found me or tracked me down or why he was compelled to send this missive to me I don’t know. For his motives you must ask him – apparently I somehow rubbed the man the wrong way. Here, let’s take a look … I love this, I do. It’s a game.

Marion L. Collins III (March 16, 2013): Jim Hlavac, We have met before about your love of sodomizing other men.

Well, quite an opening! I have never met this man, in person or electronically – I have no earthly clue as to who he is – but, I thank him for spelling my name correctly – that’s important to me. I have, however, never mentioned any love of sodomizing other men. Indeed, I’m quite shy about sex talk, a prude even. One might delve deeply into my published writings and not find any allusions or specifics on sex or sex acts or what I personally may or may not do. So, where this man gets this I don’t know.


However, I do find it interesting that he puts me as the um, active partner – and not the um, passive partner, as these things are referred to in the science literature. Indeed, the passive partner is the studied bird, not the active. (Oh, hell, we gays call it top and bottom, let’s use the words I know, so anyway …) and the issue is the “feminization” of the gay male brain that is the object of wonder, apparently. I have perused the scientific literature, such as it is, and nearly 100% of it is dealing with the bottom boy in the mix – as it’s not quite so directly put: “what makes this guy want to be the girl?” That’s the question. The sodomee, if I might, rather than the sodomer, as it were. I recall many years ago being asked “why do all you gays guys get f….” – (so prudish am I, that you will find nary a curse word in my ample writing,) and I asked, “if we’re all getting … who’s giving?” There was quite a pause. Anyway, be this as it may, I have never discussed sex whatsoever with anyone on the internet ever. I have at most referred to “sissy smooching” – which I don’t think covers “sodomizing other men.” (Even if they like it, ahem.)

We have also discusses [sic] God total disgust of sodomy or any other form of fornication.

“We” haven’t “discusses” anything – I certainly would recall the man – I have a good memory for such things. Why, I’m even prone to copying entire threads that intrigue me, as any such discussion with this man I would have done. Meanwhile, from this fine Christian website I present God’s confusing message on gay stuff: http://www.adherents.com/misc/paradoxEvolution.html – what can I say? Here’s what I take to be a Christian website dealing with gayness that delves deeply into the paradox of gay animals. Again, perhaps Mr. Collin’s God did not make those gay animals, and some other God, or the Devil himself did it. I don’t know how one keeps the belief in the face of the evidence, but well, I invite this Mr. Collins to take a gander and see if there be any lesbian goose.

Since you enjoy bringing it up and obviously enjoy rubbing it in the Christians faces that the devil’s ways are smarter and more humane the God’s, let me throw a few more FACTS about your love with homo’s.

I don’t enjoy the gay discussion, nor bringing it up – I have stated repeatedly to many people that I find the whole discussion pointlessly idiotic, like discussing whether one would accept rocks as good or bad or just, well, as rocks. Nor do I rub anything in anyone’s face. I seem to, in fact, be rather well liked with my gay subject commentary precisely for being so very understanding of the perplexity of the Mr. Collins’ of the world. I recall that one time in a discussion I was asked “Are you always so polite?” and I answered “Yes, ma’am.” I see no point in rubbing anything anywhere, frankly. Meanwhile, I suppose I do comment on gay threads, there being much discussion throughout the land on the issue of um, “sissy smooching.”

I confess I know not the Devil’s ways. I don’t particularly believe in a “devil” who makes bad stuff happen, nor do I believe gayness comes from the devil. This is a matter of faith, I leave each to their own.

Ah, but now he gets to facts! No, “FACTS”! Well, I dare say, when it’s capitalized it must be true, yes? Hmm. Let’s take a look at the facts – not a one of which Mr. Collins gave any citations for – so, I had to do some of my own research, provide some links, do some math, figure out what is real here, etc etc, you know, think. I do invite the man, to whom this post is oh so pointedly going to be sent to – to provide any citations for any “facts” he might quote. I wish to understand my, um, failings as he perceives them.

60% get syphilis,

I searched high and low for any data that said “60%” of gay men get syphilis. As near as I could find was this chart and this link:


chart blurb not in chart picture but on site: — “Note: Bars do not add up to total cases since information on gender of sex partners was not available to 20 percent of cases among men.”


So, the word “gay” or “homo” doesn’t show up, and for 20% of the men in question they don’t know what gender they schtupped — clarity, love it. And it posits that there are only roughly 11,000 annual cases of syphilis in the entire country. If 60% of gay men have syphilis that means there’s only … well, a preposterous number. Now, the 6,700 are of “men who have sex with men.” – we have no idea if they caught the thing from the men – or from any women they might have had sex with. Nor do we know if these MSM had sex once or a lot with men. There’s no breakdown as to whether these are bisexuals and not gay men at all. Or maybe they had sex with a man a long time ago, and now they caught it from some female hooker. That is, the data is just not complete – there’s too many questions, not enough info. Still, even if you say all 6700 MSM are gay guys, so it looks real bad for us – and 60% of gay men have syphilis, this posits oh, roughly 10000 gay men. Or, are we in some round robin where 60% of gay men this year, and 60% of gay men next year get syphilis? Hahaha. Next fact?

 From, this website comes this:

 “Gay and bisexual men are at increased risk for certain sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including Hepatitis A, B and C, which are contagious liver diseases. Approximately 10 % of new Hepatitis A and 20% of all new Hepatitis B infections in the United States are among men who have sex with men. Many men have not been vaccinated against viral hepatitis, despite the availability of safe and effective vaccine. In addition, CDC has investigated several outbreaks of Hepatitis C among HIV positive gay men. In addition, CDC has investigated several outbreaks of Hepatitis C among HIV positive gay men.”


 I find this odd for if “approximately 10% of new Hep cases are gay, then, well, 90% are heterosexuals, but someone forgot to mention that in the text  – and too, it fits then the 10% of the population are gay (or, as Kinsey didn’t put it, “men who have sex with men,” for even the 10% of Kinsey includes bisexuals,) if one wants to use a “fact” from this data. Not to mention that if 90% of the cases are hetero, then, well, heterosexuality must be a risk factor of some kind, yes? Given that there’s an equal number of hetero men/women, and that’s nearly equal to the MSM who may or may not be gay — well, then, that’s not showing the “fact” Mr. Collins presents. 

And again, it speaks of “men who have sex with men” – once? Often? Are they married to women? Are they also going after female hookers? Are these just crazed bunny jumping playboys? Maybe so – but, it surely doesn’t show that there’s this 60% of anything anywhere. Oh well. So, where does Mr. Collins get his number? I’d really like to know.

 they are 17% of all hospital admissions costing the American public billions a year in medical costs,

I first note that regardless of the public billions spent on gay folks, we gay folks pay many times more in billions to the public till — we pay for ourselves, and for the police state against us … hell, we’re paying for Boehner to submit his brief which reads almost like this Collin’s drivel. We, sir, are an economic plus! 

 Still, so, gays are 17% of all hospital admissions? I took the liberty of finding this data:


 These are hospital admissions per 1000 people.

 United States 114

Alabama 134

Alaska 80

Arizona 111

Arkansas 127

California 92

Colorado 89

Connecticut 114

Delaware 113

District of Columbia 218

Florida 130

Georgia 99

Hawaii 81

Idaho 84

Illinois 120

Indiana 111

Iowa 112

Kansas 107

Kentucky 140

Louisiana 138

Maine 110

Maryland 122

Massachusetts 126

Michigan 122

Minnesota 111

Mississippi 136

Missouri 137

Montana 98

Nebraska 114

Nevada 89

New Hampshire 91

New Jersey 121

New Mexico 90

New York 129

North Carolina 109

North Dakota 140

Ohio 131

Oklahoma 114

Oregon 84

Pennsylvania 142

Rhode Island 117

South Carolina 113

South Dakota 124

Tennessee 131

Texas 102

Utah 81

Vermont 79

Virginia 97

Washington 87

West Virginia 150

Wisconsin 103

Wyoming 88

 Let’s use the US average of 114 per 1000 people get admitted to hospitals. Now, take a look at the next sentence of Mr. Collins, then come back … good, so, 1 to 2 percent are gay, he says – and so, we make up 10 or 20 out of every 1000. 114 were admitted out of 1000. So, 17% of 114 is 19.38 – say, 20%. If we make up 1% of the 1000, then, 200% of all gay men are admitted to hospitals – annually. If we make up 2% of the 1000 but 17% of the 114 then 100% of us are admitted to hospitals – yearly. This seems a tad ridiculous – and since I haven’t been admitted to a hospital until I was 7 years old, I guess I don’t count? Hmm. And I haven’t visited any gay friend in a hospital because I know of none under the age of 80 who were in one. The gay guys over 80 in hospitals I know had old age problems. (about which more anon.) How out of the hundreds of gay men I know I missed knowing any of the 100% to 200% of us that must be in hospitals I don’t know. Mr. Collins, what do you say?

 the true figure of your population in this country, per a 2012 poll is between 1%-2% of the population.

 Nothing says “true figure” than a poll that has us “between 1% and 2% of the population.” The accuracy is astounding, yes? A 100% leap, sort of like 10 to 20%. Ahem. Meanwhile, according to a 2013 Gallup Poll http://www.gallup.com/poll/160517/lgbt-percentage-highest-lowest-north-dakota.aspx – 3.4% is “LGBT” – few ever seem to break it down to “L” “G” “B” or “T” in any meaningful way – but, Mr. Collins is most concerned with homos like myself, as he so amply says. Meanwhile, Gary Gates at http://williamsinstitute.law.ucla.edu/research/census-lgbt-demographics-studies/how-many-people-are-lesbian-gay-bisexual-and-transgender/ says 3.5 and is more specific – so specific he laughably comes up with (I shall never forget the number) 2,491,034 gay guys. Exactly! El punto specificado, you know, down to the 34th of us. Meanwhile, there are other estimates – and that’s all they are. They’re done by phone surveys. Gates found 11 of them spread over 30 years and averaged them out – the data hussy didn’t bother with new data. He used old outdated data, fine fellow. A “homo” too — I have no respect for the man, I don’t.

 Every study of course references Kinsey’s 10% even if to say “not true” – everyone admits it’s not true, but, it must be referenced, sort of like “the sun revolves around the earth” must be reference in astronomy because at some point in the past the claim was made. It’s odd how the discredited number still gets so much attention, as a dramatic foil perhaps. Meanwhile, the census doesn’t count us. The polls have margins of error. Not all gay folks will say they are to some phone survey. And the definition of what is “gay” is so murky that it’s referred to by two acronyms: MSM (for, men who have sex with men) and “LGBT” – of which 3 parts of that aren’t gay men. So, we can safely conclude – no one has a blessed clue and it’s guess work and no one is sure what they’re counting anyway. And so, onward to more facts based on the inclusive numbers we have …

 33% are alcoholics, 78% have STDs,

33% of what? Of “LGBT”? Or of “MSM” or of any of the four constituent parts of the “community”? Or, 33% of the gays who are in rehab are alcoholics? Where does this number come from? How could it be determined? If we don’t know the number of a thing, surely the percentages within the unknown number must also be unknown. Not to mention that many of our most vehement opponents are so sure of our overwhelming success in life as above average smarts, earnings, and education, how the hell did these alcoholics do it? Wow, we are wonderful! As Lincoln said, get the man that booze brand.
However,  If the Gallup 3.5% is under counting by 50% or 100% or some other percentage – the “33%” must perforce be a different number – so, this is mush number.

 Same with the STD number – it’s just mush – it can’t be based on anything real – but is imaginary. Nothing says “fact” and “true” more than imaginary percentages of unknown numbers, yes? Yes.

 60% have worm, flukes, amoebae that are mostly found in 3rd world countries where aids came from monkeys in the first place. [sic]

Now this is so odd I can’t help put treat it a bit um, special. I have never heard of a worm problem among gay men. Not a single gay publication, social or medical ever mentioned this – and they mention everything else. Not a single doctor I ever talked to ever brought it up – I’m out to my doctor for sure. What “flukes” are other than fish, strange occurrences, (like fb messages out of the blue) and hetero woman seeking free contraception I don’t know. Amoebae – well, everyone has got them – stomach ailments being a big dilemma in the land; Activia well sold to induce them to the gut FOR health, but hey. But as for this 60% figure – again, I’ve never seen any info on protecting us or treating us or the threat – I can’t find a thing on the net – I can’t find a paper, a report, a link a website, not even an anti-gay one that comes up with this number. Inquiring minds wish to know, Mr. Collins.

 60% find their sex in bathroom [sic, there’s a lot of sic in this stuff,] especially in gay bars, and bath houses where a simple 3minute bend over is all it takes and they never see each other again.

 I can’t imagine where this comes from either – 60% gay men find sex in bathrooms? Oh sir, hate us, please, with gusto – but really, just to make crap up is absurd. Where did you get such a figure? Not in one gay bar I’ve been to in decades has there been 60% of the men having sex in bathrooms, or 60% of anything and sex and bathroom related. Bathhouses were prevalent for a while among a segment of the gay men, I admit. They are now gone; been gone since oh, 1990. What are left are health clubs, gyms, workout places, that are still called “baths” yes – and I suppose men meet each other there – but this is to avoid the heterosexual health clubs and gyms and workout places – as requested. And so we self-segregate – so of course, we can say “hi” a little more freely.

 As for “3 minutes” – I dare say, Mr. Collins, you are heterosexual, mmpph. On the other hand, there’s all this marriage talk, and gay couples, and so, I wonder if 60% of gay men are schtupping in bathhouses and gay bar bathrooms and only 40% are trying to get married – while 100% of us are being admitted to hospitals out of an unknown number of us – seems hardly time for anything.

 65% have over 100 different partners a year.

The only reference I ever saw to this number is a “study” done by someone at a gay bathhouse in the late 1970s. It’s laughably out of date and it was like going to a Hugh Hefner party and asking those heteros how many partners they had. Wilt Chamberlian claimed 10,000 in his autobiography – women! Tiger Woods may well be in this crowd – with women. Strange too, that in a city say, like Lake Charles Louisiana, with two or three gay bars, and a total population of barely half a million and thus at 1 or 2% gay would be such a tiny number that for “68%” to be having all this sex with 100 men it would be akin to dating already — there’s just not enough gay men to be having this sex without there being repeats, and repeats a lot — basically, it would mean that every gay man is having sex with every other gay man in Lake Charles in one big festive orgy — which, having lived in lake Charles and dated 1 man there for several years, is nigh on impossible to contemplate.

Again, though – unknown number of gays can’t produce a percentage – and again, please provide some valid study of current times that can be seen to be real.

35% admit to having over 1000 partners in their life time,

Yeesh, he keeps it up. Ditto, see above.

which is very short, averaging only to the age of 42 yrs. old as opposed to the average heterosexual of 72 yrs. old.

Ah, yes, age of gays! Unknown number, unknown definition, solid as to our death dates, amazing. As I approach my 55th birthday I crack up in utter hysterical laughter at this number – it is from the Family Research Council – a group dedicated to hounding gay folks to our doom and making a good living at it – and meanwhile, Mr. Collins, I don’t know where you live (since I don’t know you, that’s not surprising) – but, if you live in a city go to a gay bar at happy hour and see all the ghosts – why, there’s even “wrinkle rooms” – or gay bars with an elderly clientele. The vast majority of my friends are over 50. I know gays who are 90 for heaven’s sake. This is just so absurd that one has to laugh, sorry. Hell, I’ll just point to Elton John, he seems to have escaped the ravages of early death, worms, hospital stays, and such. Mick Jagger, David Geffen — maybe only the poor gays die and the rich live? Hmm. 

 Lesbian murder rate is 534 times higher then a normal person.

I searched high an low for any data on the “lesbian murder rate” – I found none. Citation, please, sir? Anything? Any data from any reputable source? The FBI? CrimeStoppers? McGruff the Crime Dog? Anyone? This figure is so ludicrous that I pity you for having presented it. Here’s the data I could find – heterosexuals kill like mad, kill us too – we’re, well, we’re sissies, we don’t kill anyone … http://www.murdervictims.com/murder_statistics.htm

 335 now claim to be pedophiles, that means they love to sodomize little children. “Get them before 8, before it’s to late.”, is their rallying cry. [sic]

The whole sentence is [sic] as in not rational – 335 of what? Lesbians sodomize little children? Can Lesbians even sodomize? What evidence is there? Can you show me this rallying cry anywhere? If it is true, I shall decry it with you! But truly, really, where did you get this? Meanwhile, at www.boxturtlebulletin.com are some wonderful looks at the supposed theory that gay folks are pedophiles – seems to be 0% evidence for the matter, but hey, sounds good, I guess. They’ve looked at it so much just go to the whole site, daily. It keeps surfacing, so, we have to keep debunking it.. 

 Homo’s make up 33% of the nations pedophiles at only 2% of the population,

Again with just arrant mush numbers … no evidence – not one study, one court case – zip – nada – just fabrications, nice try. Meanwhile, in all data, something like 95% of child molesting is against girls by a close male relative or family friend who is ostensibly hetero. Even that Sandusky fellow was heterosexual – he was married with children of his own – and was not “gay” by any definition. Though all the sensational stories of late are about heterosexual men who are keeping young girls in basements, their daughters pregnant, rampaging through kiddy schools. It’s astounding the amount of pedophiliacs within the heterosexual lifestyle.

 while 20% now have turned to bestiality or the neighbors dogs, sheep, goats, cows, horses, etc. just like Muslims.

Delusional …. though, weirdly, while gay sex was outlawed once in all states, sex with animals was not – seems there just are so few – so odd, like oh, in the handful that it’s just a bad dream. Plus, Gallup says we’re in cities, where there are no farm animals, and not in rural areas, where there are the beasts — are we commuting to the farm when not in the hospital? Do you see, sir, why this is delusional? I hope so. 

 73% have had sex with boys under the age of 19 yrs. old.

How come I keep missing out? Really, 73% of gay men have had sex with “boys under … 19” – from where did you get this doozy? Meanwhile, I suppose if you count other 20 year olds and less – like, oh, a 20 year old heterosexual might have an 18 year old girlfriend. Surely the numbers of teen pregnancy indicates that heterosexuals are slightly more engaged in all this sex than we are (personally I think gay men are the only ones leaving high school still a virgin.) But, truly, to just say this percentage is a “Fact” is lunatic. And again, is there any citation anywhere – I couldn’t find any, not under any variable search term.

 Part of the Homosexual’s agenda is to turn men away from God and show their idea that God is a biggot [sic], instead of the truth that homo’s are sick.

If we’re “sick” – we’re covered by the American With Disabilities Act, yes? If we’re sick, is the sickness from the Devil or from God? Or did our parents do it to us as so many claim in the “nature v nurture” argument? Did we catch the sickness as a punishment from God for um, getting the sickness? This theological stuff is hard to figure out. And is there any other illness that God didn’t want, as he didn’t want homos, as you state – and is there any other illness which requires a turn away from God to get the symptoms thereof? Meanwhile, in the real world, gay folks have sought out clergy by the bushel to help figure out a way to be included in God – not turn away from Him. In fact, there’s a fascinating legal brief by dozens of gay friendly denominations in the two court cases right now, go read them.

 Since homo’s have been taken off the mentally disturbed list, the PHDs of the world have been meeting to put them back on, because of all the crime, drugs, murder, suicide etc. that follows them around.

Well, so, the PHDs of the world have united, meeting even!, to get us back on the sick list eh? Again, ADA, we’re covered, got you – now we get to get free stuff from government! by the way, with all this murder and crime we do, you’d think we’d all be in jail and not at the bathrooms having sex or in hospitals, or living quietly in Lake Charles. Wondrous, even a disability check, I love it. No more work, whew. Meanwhile, Mr. Collins, it seems scads of PHDs have signed on to pro-gay marriage briefs, if they meet at all. And, are gay PHDs involved in this meeting?

 This is just not a normal persons behavior.

No, so, gays, not normal – got it – which, oddly, I have no problem with – indeed, I do believe that God, well, mine, did put gay men here as the platypus of the human race for our very non-normalcy – it seems to be required by humankind to have us around – which is why we show up so consistently – a fact much remarked and puzzled at by PHDs even. How could something so “not-normal” keep showing up so steadily, so regularly, such the same percentage in every corner of the earth? Yep, it’s a mystery. There’s even nearly 60 different reasons proposed for the anomaly – including a germ theory. Yes, supposedly, the exact same tiny percentage of people get this gay germ when we’re really little and only we get it. Sure, sounds reasonable, ahem. A PHD wrote the theory … egad.

 Murder among them is 357 times higher then normal and it most often is their own partners or recently broken up partners.

Here we go again with just bizarre numbers, as if the man is simply looking at the key board and slapping down willy nilly. You mean to say that the murder rate among gay men is really 357 times higher than “normal” – as if there is a “normal” murder rate, but anyway – you jest, yes? Why, we’d all be in jail already. if there’s so few of us, and we’re all so much more murderous than it is mathematically true that we are so murderous of our own kind that we’d all be dead or in in jail for having done the deed already. Or, is no one arresting gay men for the murdering of other gay men? Hmm. Still, I know of no gay murder victims except those pulverized and beaten to death by heterosexuals. Matthew Shepherd comes to mind.

 While their suicide soars above the norm, it almost never is because being stigmatized but relationships gone bad,

Well, we’re “sick” remember? Aren’t the sick more likely to commit suicide? This is a surprise? Hmm. Meanwhile, so it is said by folks like you that it’s not attitudes like yours – because we know that if you had to listen to this drek, or receive it as a FB message, it wouldn’t grate on your nerves, to which I reply with stern comedy and not a murderous rage and from my own home and not a hospital bed.

Apparently to have to listen to public figures, religious men, politicians and sundry others tell you constantly, day in and day out that you are sick, depraved, evil, from the Devil, and likely to die at the age of 42 would not have any effect on the psyche of the person harangued. My my, we are tough birds, yes? Rugged individuals, I tell you, yet, peaceful. Not a gay pride march on this earth in 40 years broke out into a riot ever. What can I say, for violent, murderous sick people in hospitals all the time, and suffering from worms and disabling diseases … oh, it’s just mush.

Still, as you start off by telling me “We have met before about your love of sodomizing other men.” – I dare say, you hound a teenager enough and call him sick, demented, a spawn of the devil, it wears on the kid – that you are so callous to not see this is disheartening indeed.

 but when you look at the stats above, how many relationships are what the homosexuals try to make themselves look like as apposed to their disgusting lifestyle. [sic, again]

The “stats” above are the fanciable ravings of a madman – what “apposed” is I don’t now – hell, what this sentence means I don’t know – it’s foaming at the mouth. It’s um, a sickness, yes? Rubbing it my face, too, if I was the easily offended type, to get such a message from a stranger.

 PARAPHILIAS are being called mental disorders again in the world, these include; bestiality, pedophilia, necrophilia, exhibitionism, fetishism, frotteurism, masochism, sadism, transvestitism, voyeurism and of course the widely (becoming more popular) murder while getting off.

I didn’t know most of this was not unclassified as mental disorders to get reclassified – I dare say the DSM has been covering them all for quite a while, without a break. Snuff films, btw, are so heterosexual it’s disgusting – such is “murder while getting off.” Again, there’s so few of us — if we’re not murdering each other for sex, or out with the animals, or in hospitals — it’s a wonder we can have the jobs we must since we can’t get a disability check for being “sick” and well …. mush.

 In case you didn’t know what frotteurism is, I had to look that one up myself, rubbing ones self upon another person until getting relief.

I’m aware of the term, however it is spelled – I’ve seen 1950s teen movies where that’s all the boy can get 🙂

 I’ll quit there before it really gets gross.

Oh, sir, for shame – you started out gross at the first line – why quit now? I was looking forward to more of your raving. You have disappointed me.

 You keep trying to tell us that this 1%-2% are going to make or break the Rep. party.

Um, no, I’m not telling you it will “make” the party, and the party is broken to a large degree for many reasons among them over the pointless gay obsession and the alleged cure for the problem – and well, I say that to fret over sissy smooching is a friggin’ waste of time when there are more important things to deal with – but the GOP is gay obsessed … which is a different take then you give me.

 if so, it is a really ugly statement on the American public for accepting such ugly, vile habits.

Got ya.’ Just before you segued to your religious beliefs again – which, have at it. But, again, hate gays all you wish – do it with some real numbers, real reasons, real data – not just fabricated slop that you message with me when I don’t know you ….

 These habits can be controlled and God can be asked for forgiveness and be forgiven for these ugly sins, but we discussed that before when you told me God loves these acts of ugly perversion.

Yes, “treat others as you wish to be treated” – you have failed. I forgive you, and ask God to forgive you, for you really don’t know what you’re doing. But I’m sorry, we simply don’t recall discussing any of this before with you. I’m sure I would, I remember fantasies well, what with my literary bent.

 I will have a different set of FACTS ready for your next time you insist that this is just another alternate lifestyle.

Bring it on!

 God hates it and that is really all a Christian needs to know.

Yes, well, God made all these animals gay according to this Christian website, they’re perplexed, rather than histrionic. http://www.adherents.com/misc/paradoxEvolution.html And, there’s all those Christians who have come to realize that they were wrong on gay folks – as I hope you too one day come to reality and leave your delusions.

 Homosexuality is almost always mention next to or very near to murder in the Bible when the sins that insure hell are listed. [more sic on the grammar, man in a rush, I guess]

Well, yes, so is eating shrimp an abomination, and pork, and mixing fabrics, and divorce and adultery (a commandment, even!) but, well, I don’t see you a raving lunatic on those matters, now do I? At least not here – I don’t know what you do elsewhere. Hell, I don’t know who you are and why you sent me this drivel in the first place.

 Though it is actually listed more often then murder and can become the only UNFORGIVABLE sin; blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, but we already discussed that.

I cannot “blaspheme” a church I don’t belong too, sorry.

 I have been praying that the Holy Ghost would convict you to give up your perversion and will continue to do so.

I think he means “convince” – but, hell, with his indictment it might very well be “convict.”

 I also beg you to reach out and grab Jesus’ hand which is always out for EVERYBODY, before it’s too late.

I got Jesus on my side right now – why, He does lead me so. I turn the other cheek, I treat others well, I do good deeds, and I don’t stand on the church house steps preaching hellfire and brimstone to people I’m not supposed to judge, as Jesus said not to do. You on the other hand … well …

 Admit your sins, ask forgiveness and Christ is faithful to forgive you. Of course you have to be earnest about your repentance.

 The close is a somewhat harsh appeal for me to join his religion. Alas, I already have a religion I’m quite fond of. Me and my God speak of people like Mr. Collins, and He tells me “Don’t worry, I got you covered.” And so I go peacefully in the world, and wish Mr. Collins well – and invite him to bring forth any data he chooses and engage in a data discussion, and not just present the odd numbers he does – but as for faith – I will not tarry on the issue. He is free to believe – – but not impose his law on me.

 Oh yes, the message is from “Marion” and I keep saying “Mr.” — that’s because the name came with a picture of a man and, he’s the III and women never are numbered — so, Marion is the guy — which might well be the problem — the teasing the poor man got must have been horrible — so sad. Probably called a homo as a kid, he’s lashing out. Many of the men who lash out at gays are either very effeminate or have woman’s names — Mr. Stacey Cambell, Senator in Tennessee comes to mind. I think that’s the trouble. Or, Marion is a liar, and is a gal pretending to a be a guy. Which, I leave to professionals.

Have a pleasant day Mr. Collins, who ever you are.  


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