Thank you Senator Portman

You know, some things just brighten your day, and push aside all your thoughts about the troubles of our times. This article today is something like that —

As I’ve contended for decades — gay folks are winning this “war” by talking to our families first — the Senator has a gay son. You can argue “homosexuality” all the live long day — but when you know a gay person the situation changes. 

The Senator refers to talking around the kitchen table. Yes, this is where gay folks won the battle. Not in the courts or the legislatures. Not with any politicians leading us. Not even Portman is leading, but following the long trend since the 1950s when gay folks started to talk to our family and friends and say “Now, look, you are fighting this bugaboo, homosexuality, which you’ve developed into a horror story, and I’m just the guy you know, and I’m gay, so, now what?” It used to be uglier, these conversations. But, as more gays came out, as more parents discussed this with their friends, as a secret, “I have, a [gasp] gay son!” and the other mother says, “oh my, so do I.” And well, it becomes impossible to ignore reality versus the meme. 

Every politician, including the president, is a follower on this issue. They are evolving as people, not as politicians. Just as Portman says, it’s just not a political issue, this gay thing, it’s something that can only be solved at the kitchen table. 

Frankly, if the president was really for gay folks, he’d invite Tony Perkins and Maggie Gallagher and a few gay guys in to the White House for a beer and let us meet each other. But no, many politicians, like the president, want to use it as a political issue. 

And now comes Portman, like Cheney, and others, with a gay kid, and it becomes impossible to speak of some political issue known as homosexuality, when the gay person you’re talking about you know all your life — indeed, you gave them life. 

And so, that’s the bright news. And if gay folks learn a thing from this, it’s that we had better start talking to those who hate us most too. We will do no good for us if we make this political in the sense that it’s a D or R issue — and we should say to both parties, this is a human issue, a kitchen table issue, not a political issue — so, sit down and talk to us, not stand there and talk about us. 



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