My Flopping Aces guest post

From time to time I get to publish some article as a guest blogger at some other website — this time it is this one: 

Rather then post that text here, just go there. 

Ah, it’s a tea party or right wing or conservative website, well, whatever it’s called it’s not a place gay guys usually go or comment, not even the vaunted Log Cabin Republican. As usual, I’m not usual, so, I’ve been reading that site, and commenting here and there, and when they go all mush-head on gays I comment more — and then I ask to get a guest post — so they let me have my say. This particular post had over 300 readers on Flopping Aces so far — which, while small, is important, for they share the news. And what is that news?

Oh, not that gay men are wonderful per se … but that the gay thing is not part of the usual Left Right political spectrum. To the degree that gays refuse to or won’t or can’t talk to the right wing of politics we are selling ourselves short. For as I keep reminding my younger buddies, who are mostly enthralled with a johnny-come-lately “Ok, gays are OK attitude.” — I don’t need the Democrats to like us, I need 320,000,000 Americans to like us, so that gayness is not the political football that it has become. I don’t want to spend the next decades arguing with half the electorate that’s for sure. 

And the only way to possibly end this absurd conversation is to reach out to our most difficult opponents and talk to them, explain this, through at least reasonable doubt. Many of my gay buddies find this stance hard to contemplate — “but, they hate us!” — maybe “they” do — or, more likely, as I contend, most heteros are just “gay confused” or “gay perplexed.” But if we don’t try, it’ll never happen. And I aim to try.

In any event, I recommend the read, and that’s my post for this Sunday..






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