Obama and the Wolf

When Peter cried out too many times that it was the wolf, and it was not, the people gave up on him, and so the wolf came, and Peter called, and the people didn’t budge. Oh well, no more Peter. Obama is sort of like Peter of the fable. Everything is a crisis. Oh, he’s not alone in this. There’s a crisis, and a need for a war to fight it, on many things. There’s the on going War on Poverty which has seen the ranks of the supposed poor rise, if food stamps are an indication. There’s the Crisis of Obesity, so we can’t buy a 32oz soda in NYC, but, dastardly fellows we be, we can buy two 16oz sodas and flout the law! Oh, heady times. There’s the War on Terror which knows no bounds, and thus gives us endless war by presidential power alone, and nothing declared, little oversight, and most people wondering where we bombed today. The people don’t really pay attention, and most of it is not announced.

There’s the economic crisis – where the solution is to do more of the same which brought it on, in the Keyensian hope that all will be well eventually. Well, I suppose it will. Bankruptcy is like a jolt of energy, it’s amazing the wonders that come from bankruptcy.

There’s the health care crisis that only 2700 pages of new laws could solve. And still, it seems now to be creating little, or big, problems for 5,000,000 folks here, 7,000,000 there, you know, unions find their premiums 40% up one day, hospitals find a new 3% tax on some device another. Everyone is asking for exemptions, extensions, special treatment or has said “we’re not going to even bother with it.” And so, the crisis, if there was one, and there really wasn’t, has not been alleviated. So, the president is still bringing up the crisis in health care.

There’s a gun control crisis of imaginary proportions, for despite the apparent increase in gun ownership there’s been a decrease in gun crime. Now the government, in response to a pinprick crisis is going after all the guns that were not involved in the crime, and none of the sorts of guns that were used. And, in utter pointlessness they’re going to harass the law abiding while continuing their complete inability to stop the illegal stuff. Not a gun law ever written has stopped the violence of the ghettos of Chicago and Detroit. No, some else might be required, but, well, we have one response.

There’s the crisis of racism, say the African-American attorney general of the United States and the half African-heritage President rails about the horrors. Meanwhile, the highest paid entertainer is a charming woman of color named Oprah, and the sports and music and movie worlds are filled with people of every hue and “white” of course, but still, if there’s racism in America it’s not from the sports fans that’s for sure. So, that excludes 200,000,000 Americans. Oh well.

There’s a crisis of climate – yes, well, from my perspective it’s getting too cold. Snow in Tucson really makes it hard for me to believe we should spend a dime about ever warming temperatures. Meanwhile, every “investment” in green energy has failed so far. That’s because the production and installation is years away from being considered because the technology of today doesn’t warrant the expense. But, well, there’s a crisis, so billions must be spent to alleviate it. Which winds up in bankrupt firms that do nothing.

There’s a crisis with woman or contraception, or babies, or something about them not having rights and respect and well, I’m not sure what it is really. Neither are the women, really. ½ seem to say things are fine, ½ seem to say things are terrible. They argue, as conservative women and liberal women how much is in the glass. There’s women governors and woman senators, and woman everything at this point. Now we’re at the point of seasoning and training the women, and within 20 years they’ll really be ready to step up to whatever they were held back from. But, the president feels he has to act, now, immediately, to address the crisis.

There’s the fiscal crisis, or budget crisis, or debt and deficit crisis, call it what you will. There’s always the last minute crisis point that is breached and some life raft floated out, with alas, so many patches that the next crisis in the rapids of life is encountered and the thing go poof. There’s a crisis in the way the government does accounting, but, that’s not a piece of the discussion. These crisis points used to come every few years, now they’re every few months. The president seems to enjoy them. He’s out and about always speaking about the crisis in Washington, and being the president, is apparently not involved and/or responsible. It’s an amazing attitude, but, I’m not the man who holds it.

The deficit crisis seems to one side only solvable by taxes, and to the other with a mix of taxes and imaginary cuts in the rate of growth. Much of the cause of crisis has been moved off limits such as entitlements, and certain defense things, and wars, and interest on the debt, and the presidents golf trips. And so, with 80 or 90% of the budget (well, the continuing resolutions, for there hasn’t been a budget for 3 or 4 years now, so long I’ve forgotten,) off limits from cuts, we’re left with the horrors of cutting from a piddling 20% of the budget. Maybe. And then, even worse, that to be sliced 2.4% of future spending! Spending which hasn’t occurred, and which, well, maybe we don’t need if we haven’t used it yet, in the rate of growth – this is a crisis alright, of thought.

Still, this time it was the sequester crisis. The president said everything would just stop. Hasn’t happened. None of the horrors yet. Why is this? Well, the money is allocated already for now. And it’s been borrowed already. And the next year’s budget hasn’t been – well, again, there is no national budget, and so the various numbers that might surface in from 1 to 13 continuing resolutions – 13 because there are 13 appropriations bills that supposedly spend the money that the budget allocates. But, well, no budget, and the continuing resolutions sometimes combine it all into a happy mush and so, who knows? Most of these things are done in the dead of night and with barely a notice in the Congressional Record and a proud announcement that the last minute deal was reached.

Well, ain’t that grand? We’re a nation filled with crisis and yet seems to be inordinately decent and well run. We’re a nation teetering on the brink and the shopping malls are full. I helped that just the other day. We’re a nation with searing poverty, and those people have flat screen TVs and satellite dishes to quell their anger at the rich. And the income distribution is so skewed in crisis that we have so many millionaires that we can afford to save the marmot without batting an eye. We have so much wealth in this nation, that there’s fewer poor because we’re all rich. This seems to be a crisis, too.

Then, too, for some, of course, there’s the gay crisis. To which the question always is “just what are we going to to with those people” to which the answer seems to be “not much, we’re thinking.” Now it’s the Supreme Court’s turn to think about us. It seems everyone is going to get the opportunity. I’m sure there’s no resolving this “crisis” — we’re here to stay.

But, all this talk of crisis has inured the people to much more of it. In a sense, the president is beginning to look like an idiot to his supporters. You can’t keep claiming everything is a crisis with massive government intrusion to solve the problem when nothing much seems to truly be falling apart – except massive government intrusion. For, after all, virtually every problem we have stems from the government taxing and spending and regulating and outlawing. They’re the ones making the problems that we are supposed to deal with. Well, the talk of crisis is getting old. And Obama is crying it one too many times. And if the government toddles on after this sequestering, well, what is the man going to say? Wolf! Wolf! And we the people will, maybe, Rofl! Rofl! The president will become irrelevant and we will wait out his term.  



  1. jim, where do you get your facts on guns? from the right wing think tank,we have more gun deaths than any civilized country in the world, we have more guns than any country in the world, louisiana which has the worst pro gun laws in the country, has the highest murder rate from guns in he country, chicago which has strict gun laws, and 500 people killed by guns , has guns coming from subourbs that are in neighboring states with anythig goes gun laws. why do republicans want anything goes gun laws, why do hateful right wing christian churches want guns? because at some point in time , the extreme reich wing wants a civil war, to take this country back for christ, except they don,t believe anything that
    christ taught.

    • the guns used in Chicago are pistols. the president proposes to get rid of rifles. ergo, the law and ban will do no good. Meanwhile, Chicago’s murder rate is far higher than New Orleans. And, I note that both cities are bastions of Democrats, and meanwhile, in those horrid Christian areas there just doesn’t seem to be the shooting. Maybe it is not the guns, but Democrats with them that is the problem.

  2. we have the highest death rate from guns than any other westernized country, we have more guns than any other country and we are the only country that sells guns legaly to crimminals through the gun show loop hole, by private unlicensed dealers, and we have more people shot by guns that survive than any other country, we are also the number one suppier of guns to mexican drug cartels, and gangs of central america, and south america, and gun manufacturers are protected from lawsuits by citizens, thanks to republican legislation, and some democrats

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