Transgendered Are Heterosexuals

OK, I’m just fed up with gay guys being lumped in with transgender or transsexuals or whatever else name for those fine people may have surfaced today. I have nothing in common with them other than being alive — transgendered folks are a heterosexual issue. Let us look at the two most famous transsexuals transgender folks to see if they are “gay” or “straight,” shall we?

OK, 1) Christine Jorgensen – – he was a she who married a he – yes, Married a HE – so, girl marries boy – that’s heterosexual, is it not? Isn’t this the damn flimflam – we’re all heterosexuals? Yes it is. Christine is not gay, she as a he was not gay. There’s nothing gay about this story – zip, nada, hetero.

2) Chaz Bono – OK, no need to link to the fine man, it’s current – a she who became a he and immediately ran after gals. Now, again, last I looked – men who chase woman are heterosexual. Chaz, the man, is looking to get married as a he to a she. Oh, I’m sorry, that’s heterosexual –

 Astoundingly, the two most famous “T” in the “gay and lesbian community” are friggin’ heterosexuals

 And with this I’m lumped together? For what? I despise the LGBT label – and now they’re adding Q and A and who the hell knows. Some idiots want to change it to GSD! Sure, for a book and a grant, and political power. I despise them, too. Well, I’m sorry, I’m a traditional sissy – I don’t mind being with the Lesbians, I don’t – not that I know any but a few, not that I hang out with them, not that I ever went to a girl bar – but other than not really connected to Lesbians at least there’s some similarities, except, well, Lesbians are for more popular than gay men. Ask Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt.

 But, bisexuals are lazy ass gays who hide behind women, and transgender are heterosexuals in the wrong bodies. Questioning people are gay guys coming out – hell, instead of “Q” call them “CO” for all I care.

 But, this transgendered stuff is driving me nuts. I don’t understand why some guy thinks he’s a girl. 100% of the gay men I know know very well we are men. I see no gender confusion among gay men. Oh, I know heteros think there must be, yes? What with drag queens – egad, a few out of every 100 gay men do drag as entertainment and all of a sudden 100% of gay men get up as Dolly Parton. How absurd. Drag is “female impersonation” – when it’s done in Las Vegas oh the thrill and hit and money maker it is. When Milton Berle did it it was God’s good humor on the first TV in 1950 – but not a drag queen I know thinks for a moment that they’re not acting, that it’s not entertainment, and that they are men.

 Don’t let “sissy” boys, or “effeminate” boys fool you either into thinking they are gender confused. Those men are rather rugged individuals – of need having to be to deal with morons in life – but they are not thinking they are girls and looking for the knife and doctor that’s for sure. Not a gay man I ever met wished to be a girl, thought of changing to one, nor considered ourselves gender confused for one silly moment. Indeed, that is the complaint about us – we’re men who like men – of this complaint there is no doubt.

 Of Christine Jorgensen there was enormous positive and cooing publicity. Of Chaz Bono the press goes hog wild. For gay men? When Jorgensen was being lauded in Life, Life was trashing gay men as sick demented and deranged and ready for the medical incarceration. Who the hell is anyone kidding? Indeed, every well known transsexual and transgendered story winds up some guy who thinks he’s a girl – OK, that’s an issue, I don’t deny it – but what it has to do with gay men I can’t for the life of me figure out – and not a gay man on earth could tell you either. Other than transgendered are, for some magical reason the average gay man doesn’t know, are part of “our community” – meanwhile, out at the gay bar later that night – there’s not a transgendered person to be found, ever, never, not once. Oh well, so where are they? With heterosexuals, I guess.

 Oh, sure, our political “Leaders” – self-proclaimed busy bodies – added “T” to their group names – and now, me, and every gay guy, is blessed with constantly having to explain that, we’re gay – and not “T” – and that, frankly, if they’re honest and not political – not a gay guy could find a damn thing in common with a Transgendered Transsexual. The idea is preposterous. Not a gay man wants his schlong sliced off and replaced with a Woman’s Anatomy, like a new TV show.

 Gay men are men who think like men, are men, wish to be men, and like men who are men who think they are men. There’s no “female” part of the gay thing, I assure you. No one plays the girl at home. This is the question I’m asked frequently in my life – “who plays the girl?” – and the answer is “no one.” How convenient, really, are transgendered people to heterosexuals – for you still wind up with a gal and boy combo – every time. Every-blessed-time a transgendered person gets their act together and does the surgery – presto – a raving heterosexual on the make for the opposite sex. And this is in the “gay community”? Hahaha! It’s a joke, yes? Yes.

 Not a transgendered person on Jerry Springer ever became a gal to find a gal. And now, because of shows like that, and the political crud related to the LGBT (the sandwich – lettuce, grilled bacon and tomato, egad,) “community” I have to constantly get involved in some discussion I don’t know about, and I don’t care to know about. Frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn about transgendered people. Oh, sure, God bless, I wish you well, do your thing, take your hormones –

 Oh yeah, hormones – amazingly – gay men were shot up unwillingly with hormones to make us “men” while transgendered folks willingly take hormones to change to being a girl! The things are so different I can’t but wonder at how far apart they are. And this opposite use of hormonal treatment, this is the “same community”? Are we that besotted with political correctness that logic is tossed? Yes, sadly, it is so – supposedly – people against unwilling hormone treatment are in the same group as those for willing hormone treatment – well, not me, no sirree.

 In the 1970s and 1980s I was getting involved in the Gay Men’s movement for a shred of decency – I was lucky with family and work – or, maybe it wasn’t that bad for gay men while “homosexuality” was the culprit – but when B and T came a long, I said, “ah, the hell with this.” Indeed, this disconnect between gay men as individuals and “homosexuality” as a political force or earth-force a la Star War Jedi is the major problem for gay men – which, transgendered people don’t have. They become gals, get on the cover of life. We’re on page 68 as heathen scum. See the difference? Yah, you can.

 As for the gay v homosexual – as the Cardinal of Chicago said – his gay man of a nephew is a fine man – and in the next breath said that homosexuals are intrinsically disordered and evil. What can I say? I don’t make this up – this is in the news. It’s like Maggie Gallagher, the gay man who brings her peanuts on her flight to the confab against homosexuals is a fine man – as a gay man he’s OK, part of the homosexual movement, well, that’s just evil. Beats me how these people hold this contradiction in their minds. It’s very common, though.

 But, in the early 1990s when “B” was added I was like, no way! They are either heterosexuals … or they’re gay. None of this fence sitting for me. I find it all a one way street when it comes to bisexuals – they are always married men, woman lovers, guys with gal-friends of various degree and name – who dabble in guy sex – they put adds in papers that say “st8gt act male seeks discrete guy…” – they’re the ones at the bus stop bathrooms if that goes on … gay men are at the gay bar. Why I have seem have been nearly 100% immune from meeting bisexuals in 35 years of gay bars I can’t say – or, maybe, just maybe, there’s no such thing – or, it’s just has nothing to do with gay men. Even in gay pride parades – the word “bisexual” is there in the banners – but, well, were are the bisexuals? Beats me.

 When “T” was added I stomped my foot. I said, “Don’t do this. This is bad strategy.” Indeed, gay man’s leaders – whoever the hell they are – I don’t know of any really – Andrew Sullivan? Barney Frank? Some DeSalvio fellow? One of the “Savage” fellows – there’s several on the hustings with that last name. Who knows these people? We don’t have a leader, that’s both our problem and our blessing. Meanwhile, we were getting traction as gay men – men who liked men. And now, presto – bisexualism is the back door to “pray away the gay” – see, if we look at one gal we’ll look at two, and then, then we’ll smooch! Yeah, sure. Not this gay guy – not any gay guy I know. And then this transgendered stuff – makes the papers constantly – not in any negative way really – but a molly coddling and exploration that makes everyone just ooze with a boozy glory like glow.

 And gay men? Ah, yah, sure, we still can’t get married. Transgendered people get surgery, become gals, find a guy – and get married – legally. There was not and never has been a law against changing genders or transgendered from getting married – but there is and has been against being a gay man. And this is some community commonality? They can get married and we can’t? Egad.

 From Christine to Chaz the reporting has been exploration and positive and charming about transgendered people – oh, let’s talk to the parents of teen transgendered who are so pleased to be on camera. I have no doubt there will be reality shows about transgendered folks soon, if not already.

 And gay men? Hahaha! We’re still called evil on the nightly news for balance and fairness and religious liberty, that’s what our liberal “friends” on TV say. In fact, from the looks of it, heterosexuals in general have no problem per se with transgendered people, and soon welcome them into the heterosexual fold with a wedding and gushing news print.

 And gay men? Well, those of us not with a job in the “LGBT” movement now spend endless time saying – keep the frigginn’ knife away from me and no, I’m not gender confused. Or, to but it bluntly, throw “T” and “B” out of “LG.” 



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