My politics leads to long lost family

This week relatives in Australia that we hadn’t been in contact with for fifty years surfaced because of this blog.

A little more than a year ago I put up a post which consisted of nothing but the Czech words of a letter from my great-uncle to my grandfather. They were brothers. My grandfather was in America. His brother had just got to Australia – the aftermath of World War II put him there. I’m not sure why, it’s all speculation at this point. I know they tried to come to America – various things conspired against it, I don’t know what yet. Maybe I’ll find out, maybe I won’t. I just got the treasure trove of family memorabilia. As a lark, I entered my great-uncle’s letters into my computer first, a prelude to translating them. I’ve done that now, took me a while.

Back in the 1960s we lost contact with the brother and his family. The brother died, that was sort of the end. And so, for 50 years we heard nothing. We knew there had to be relatives in Australia, my great-uncle had kids – they almost certainly had kids. But, well, we just didn’t know. Some of us in America, and some of the family I have in Prague tried to track them down – we all failed.

And so, on February 5th 2012, a year ago, I posted the letters, because one brother complains to the other about the growing problems with communists in Europe, and he was still mad at the Germans for having left him to rot in a concentration camp for six years. Well, the man had it rough. I posted the letters as a history repeats itself lesson. I didn’t post it to find relatives. In fact, the thought just never crossed my mind.

Last Friday, February 8th, 2013, that page, with those letters became my most popular page. There’s really no way for you to just pick out the names in the letter and research them – it had to be family. It had to be. But who? I had no idea. The stats showed the search terms – the names they sought. The stats showed the country of origin: Australia. Yes, it had to be them. For five days people there kept looking at that one page on my site. I edited with a red banner text: Who ever is researching these people, contact, me, we’re family. I heard nothing.

 Then, five days after the searches started someone left a comment: “How come you have letters from my grandfather to his brother?” – that was it. Terse, pointed, a bit concerned even – and, understandably so – how did I get letters of to their grandfather? Well, he sent them to mine. But, this person didn’t know that. I immediately replied to the email. I heard nothing back. I waited two more days – and I emailed again – “Hi, yes, I’m your relative, your cousin, in America – contact me!” And I gave them details that only family could know. The letters themselves were that, now I added more. Well, I wanted to reach these people. I had been wondering about them for decades.

 And then on Valentines day – or, a day later over there – I heard from the daughter of my great-uncle. It was miraculous. They were in shock to find the letters, and me – they didn’t know what to do. They thought they’d find some vague official stuff as they researched their roots and instead they find personal details and a connection to an American who they don’t know claiming to be their cousin. Yes, well, I’d be concerned too. Nigeria is not the only place from which frauds come. Still, the letters are beyond fraud-type please of “your grandfather left money in my bank.” These were letters with the kids names and birth dates and details that no fraud pusher could ever hope to have.

 And then started a whirlwind of calls and emails here in America, and to the relatives in Prague – we found them! We found them! Or, really, they found me.

And it’s just so surprising really that this political blog was the thing which led my long lost family back to us here in America.

 It goes to show, perhaps, that the constant bleating in America that gay guys are anti-family is just delusional – for anyone who reads this blog sees the gay commentary – and now, family is found. My family here and in Europe are pleased beyond punch, those in Australia are super happy too – now we know of the three brothers who were split up by Kings, Nazis and Communists – you pick your poison I despise all three. They were living calmly in Prague as teens, and within 20 years there were on three continents – amazing family history.

 Still, somehow, but not yet, I’ve got to work this happenstance up into a good post about why the meme of gay guys are anti-family is just hogwash.

 Well, that’s all for the moment – I’ve got a lot to do – to catch up to speed those in Australia with what has happened here and in the Czech Republic – and what has happened there to them. We don’t really know each other, my new found family – but, well, blood is thicker than water – we are family, so, we shall talk and learn and share our history.  


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  1. jim, your relatives in australia are the lucky ones, living in a socialist like country, in which they have government health care,sane gun laws, strong middle class, no lunatic political party like republicans and tea party,and no crazy like religion trying to turn the united states into a theocracy, and i am sure they have great schools, colleges that are free, and not to mention social security, and other safety nets that you do not believe in, yes i wished i had relatives living in australia

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