The Lopez Lunacy at American Thinker

I have never cared if some people hate gay folks – when I was 20 years old nearly 100% heteros hated gay folks existence – liberals and conservatives, and all the medical industry, and the psychologists and psychiatrists were quite sure I was a mentally deranged sick and demented whacko in need of state-intervention in my personal life – up to an including a law against me even talking to any other gay person. I experienced the sort of police raids that conservatives are now so worried about – what do they think the bar raids were? What do they think the forced incarcerations and being trundled off to mental institutions were? There were against the liberty of millions of American Taxpayers – who – according to all the heteros – were made gay by outside forces – but, we chose this outside force and were crazy too! Yes, both made gay by our parents or something, and we choose too – such is the arrant mush of many heteros on gay folks. The inconsistencies by heteros on gays were so many and so big it is astounding. So, I went and got a job and a college degree. You know, I lived a life.

Now the proportion of heteros who hate gay existence is down to some 40% or less – depends on the poll. But to read this obnoxious drivel at American Thinker – a website for the “conservative” point of view – this beyond the pale of rational thought! Nor is there anything “conservative” about this man’s nutso view – or, if this is “conservative” – well, I just can’t be that stupid and nasty to be “conservative”– maybe I’m for “LIBERTY” – and not at all for “conserving” the continued attacks upon gay folks. Yes, that could be it.

In fact, to be open about this – I used to comment on American Thinker all the time. Yes, American Thinker had a gay man as a comment moderator – yours truly. It started, oh, 3 years ago when I got back into the political issues after years of making a living and having no time – and changing the minds of hetero folks one at a time. I started commenting there, and many other places, in my efforts to join the parade towards more liberty and less government. In fact, such a good commentator I was that American Thinker contacted me and asked me to be a comments moderator. Why, they thought I was the cat’s meow!

So, a phone call was arranged between them and me. In the course of this conversation I had with them American Thinker’s head comment coordinator and I had some chit chat – you know, the human part of life, not just politics. And as is normal, the lady asked me “Are you married, do you have kids?” — OK, fair enough question – I’ve dealt with it for years. OK, she asked. I told – “No, I’m gay.”

I did not want anyone accusing me of hiding – no sirree bob. So, I was upfront and out. They took me as a comment moderator. “Not a problem” I was told – well, apparently it is! Now, it happened that American Thinker in all the many months I had commented there, and all the many months I moderated comments there never – just Never – had an article about gay folks – nearly 8 months passed without a word on gay folks – such is the threat we are to American Thinkers that we didn’t get mentioned. That made me happy.

Then, one day they had an article that accused gay folks of molesting every boy we could get out hands on – and that proposed the malicious argument that the only purpose of gay people seeking rights was to molest and recruit every boy in Christendom to the gay “Lifestyle.” It was like reading Anita Bryant for heaven’s sake. The proposed solution was for us to crawl back into the closet and shush, so our hetero betters could give their one cent on us – so half witted is the mush that it deserves only one cent, two is too many.

It was Bryant who went on the “Gays Recruit Youth” binge in the 1970s – and there in 2010 was the same argument! – I was miffed, to put it politely. Shit spitting mad to tell the truth. The other moderators allowed comments that agreed, or went beyond what the article writer said – and I deleted every comment – every single last one. Then the stuff hit the fan – for I had said clearly to the lady who asked me to help them – “I will not tolerate antigay stuff – but, you had none, so, I’m not worried.” Again, 8 months without a word on what was now said to be a dire criminal threat against children. Here it was in spades. They had the audacity to tell me I could moderate comments on any subject but their gay posts – I was the only moderator excluded from moderating comments on gay themed articles. Oh, I’m sorry, I’m just not that self-flagellating. I’m just not that crazy. I quit my volunteering as a moderator with a “You people have gone bonkers” in just a day or two after the that article.

I vowed never to go to the site again or mention it – it fell into a void in my life. Fine. I can deal. I have mostly kept my word within 99.9% compliance until a week or so ago. But, due to a rational conservative friend’s article about the coming police state that was published at the site I broke my rule – so, I went and read his article. There I found a link to another article about gay folks: “the oncoming human rights crisis caused by the lgbt movement.” And I was so intrigued by the title that with trepidation I read that article.

And then I was enraged. American Thinker is simply insane when it comes to gay folks. How rational people on every subject could become raging malicious idiots on gay folks I don’t understand – but, that is the way it is with some heteros. Rational until a gay guy show up – and then it’s off the deep end into mind numbing stupidity and just vacuous lies, fabrications and misstatements of a Soviet sort. Now, after that bit of set up I shall show that American Thinker gave space to a bitter screed by some moron named Robert Lopez who simply fabricates anti-gay stuff for the hell of it. Beats me why – but, when a site that purports to tell the truth, think logically, and has “thinker” in their title publishes juvenile drivel of a communist school yard bully sort – well, something must be said.

I’m sorry, this will be a long post – because this idiot Lopez wrote nearly two pages of his own mush – so much so that virtually every line in the thing is so bitter, so nasty, so fact-less, so lacking in rationality, so disgusting as an example of lack of knowledge that it requires it. So, I have left Mr. Lopez’s text intact, word for word, and I will rip it apart. Mr. Lopez, frankly, needs a good spanking. He’s a child when it comes to thought.

The italics are Lopez’s words – my stuff is normal. He’s just bent, he gets italics.

Let us begin:

It started, as so many human rights disasters do, in the name of love. It was commonplace in the antebellum Americas to hear of plantation owners expressing love for their slaves. Even Frederick Douglass admits that many times slaves, while alone, vied to see who could praise his master the highest. Did not Robespierre begin with love for his countrymen? For that matter, didn’t Castro?

History repeats. The movement to liberate same-sex love began because people loved each other. Somehow, through convoluted digressions, it has become a tyrannical octopus seeking to control life and death itself.

So, Robespierre killed nearly 250,000 people, it’s estimated – and gay folks have killed? ZERO? You have the audacity to compare gay love to guillotining people? Are you mad?

Castro runs a mad dictatorship which is exceedingly anti-gay – and gay folks want to replicate this? You jest, yes?

And now, “somehow, through convoluted digressions” the Rights for Gays has become Robespierre and Castro? That’s just demented.

Meanwhile, what were we supposed to do? Keep awaiting the police raids, the forced mental institution incarcerations because we were “demented” and “sick”? As American Thinker argues against the police state – gay folks should just accept it? You folks are out of your minds.

The Rubicon was crossed when the gay movement sided with human trafficking; graft-ridden dirty deals with warlords for orphanages; bio-engineering, baby-farming, and emotional deprivation of innocent children by forcing them to replace a biological parent with a fictional same-sex partner.

We side with “human trafficking”? You are insane – gay folks aren’t trying to traffic humans, we were trying to get the police state stomping off our backs for heaven’s sake. Can this Lopez fellow point to any human sales, cross border enslavement – anything remotely related to gay folks and slavery? Sure, sir, make stuff up, why not. There is “human trafficking” indeed – completely 100% unrelated to gay folks – -and usually having to do with slavery and indentured servitude. And the carnage that heteros rage against each other as they seek power and position.

We are not involved with “graft ridden dirty deal with warlords for orphanages” – the charge is spurious, specious, mentally unhinged – where is any shred of evidence other than his loathing for gay folks? What “warlords” are running orphanages? The claim is bizarre. Have another cocktail, sir, for you are drunk with hate and loathing.

We didn’t do any “bio-engineering”– heteros did the pregnancy out of the womb science to create babies for infertile hetero couples – blame yourselves, not us.

We are “baby farming”? Where the hell are these farms, sir? Where? We gays aren’t making babies, that’s the complaint against us! How can we farm them too? Again, where are the collections of babies that gay folks farm? Do we have warehouses filled with kids awaiting? Where are they? Point them out you miscreant moron.

We are engaging in “emotionally deprivation” of heteros? Are you kidding? You dragged us off to jail and mental wards – beat us, arrested us, raided our bars and clubs and homes, called us sick, demented, evil, a threat to society and family and life itself – and we deprived anyone of emotions? And our emotions? They were treated like crap – even to the point of it being a “sex act” and not emotional at all.

Oh, here, a little “emotional deprivation” of Mr. Lopez’s – “fictional same-sex partner” – so, all the gay couples are really “fictional”? Why, you are sure we are together and you wish to stop it – how can you stop the “fictional”?

Naturally, any child forced into such a psychically traumatic origin fantasy who feels resentful about it will be cursed by its caretakers as not only ungrateful, but also a homophobe.

This is absurd – “naturally” gay folks are said to be not “natural” – as we stand before you screaming from the rooftops “we’re born gay” – and you call us liars and crazed — and then have the audacity that we choose to have our parents make us gay as kids so we can listen to crap like this as adults.
Besides that. And what the hell does this sentence even mean? What the hell is a “psychically traumatic origin fantasy”? This I got to hear! No, sir you’re not a “homophobe” – you are a obstinately willful gay hater – it’s not phobic – you don’t fear us – it’s not “irrational” as phobias go – you claim willfully that you are out to eliminate us from God’s earth – as not from God … you are not “phobic” – you are deliberate – this article is deliberate – I don’t call that phobic anymore than Patton was Germanophobic – he was out to kill Germans.

A year ago, I was afraid to fight what is happening in the LGBT community.

What, do you live under a rock in fear? You couldn’t spend a moment of your time to read a gay publication or look up a website? You have this bizarre idea that all gay folks think alike on all issues – how moronic can you be? Had you spent a moment looking at gay site comment threads you will find the same “left-right” divide on hetero sites – but your willful ignorance prevented you from learning what some gay folks thought, and what other gay folks thought that might have been different from the first group? You think we are monolithic apparently – to not realize that there is no one concept that all gay folks hold other than that, yes, we’re gay and you are not? And you could have joined the conversation by all the gay folks who may be on your side to fight whatever lefty nonsense comes from gays.

Are you afraid to “fight what is happening” in the left-right divide among heteros, too? You are that fearful of expressing your opinions about gays to us that you sought American Thinker to give your bitter arrant nonsense to a welcoming audience. Sir, come on down to the gay sites, give your two cents – I do.

Unaware of what the response would be, I published some articles about being the product of gay parenting and received hundreds of e-mails from around the world pleading with me to fight against a growing human-rights crisis caused by the LGBT movement. They wrote from so many places, so many countries; they had such eloquence and force; they were children of sperm donors, troubled adoptees, people agonized by the baby-farming in India and elsewhere, gays horrified at what is being done in the name of “gay families,” religious people, atheists, people who know for whatever reason that buying babies and erasing fatherhood or motherhood is not the fruit of love.

Here you admit that you found gays on your side against your perceived ills – and then lump them in with the people you claim to be against.

And a “growing human rights crisis caused by the LGBT movement”? Were in this article is any chastising of the people in the Conservative Christian movement who are calling point blank for the imprisonment and even genocide of gay folks? We are not causing any human rights crisis – any such crisis is directed straight at us (oh, pun intended, indeed.)

What baby farming in India is being run by gays? What on earth? India is filled with the same anti-gay hysteria that this country is filled with. Why, Mr. Lopez, you’d fit in India just fine – where gays are even less than the Untouchables.

We are not “buying babies” – the idea is preposterous. Sure, maybe we give money to the orphanages that keep the abandoned kids of heteros – to pay their support, to help the next hetero abandon their kids with not a damn care in the world. You heteros are the licentious baby makers who abandon your progeny. But in all the unfearful reading of gay blogs not once ever have I seen gay folks adopting or “farming” kids in India to bring to America. Hell, that’s probably illegal – we can’t even get our “fictitious same-sex partners” into the country, never mind babies.

We are not “erasing fatherhood and motherhood” – you heteros are having so many babies you don’t want in a “human rights crisis” that the orphanages of this world are filled with babies and kids abandoned by heteros without a whit’s care as to their motherhood or fatherhood of the babies that some gay folks are taking off the public rolls. And you blame us? You cad.
I cannot stay silent anymore.

No, apparently you will just make crap up!

My race forbids it; perhaps, being the descendant of Puerto Rican slaves and knowing that the LGBT movement is reducing people — children, sperm donors, surrogate mothers — to chattel. I have assembled a document listing the main points of urgency.

How despicable can you be to accuse us of “reducing people …. to chattel”? Are you truly that densely willfully stupid? Apparently so, how so very sad – and aggravating – you heteros treated us like crap and chattel – hell worse, like EVIL PERSONAFIED – and now you accuse us of this? Wow, just wow.

I fear that the only movement that can take action would have to be global; in the United States, as I explain, the academy, the fourth estate, the democratic process, and the judiciary are all ill-equipped to stop what the LGBT movement is doing.

Are you serious? Really? You think that 5% of the population is fighting you and taking you over and you 95% are powerless to stop us? Hahaha! E-friggin’gad – gayness is illegal yet in more than ½ the nations on earth – -and you can’t stop us? Stop us from what? From living! The numbers of heteros who have outright called for genocide against gays – and we can’t stop you! You could kill every gay tomorrow – we are a tiny portion of any population – -and now you need worldwide action against us? The whole world was against us for at least the last 700 years that we know of – after all, it wasn’t until the 1300s that the anti-gay forces started against us. You killed us, beat us, arrested us, trashed us – and now you worry you can’t stop us from existing? You are daft.

It didn’t have to happen this way. As a child, I lived in a gay community that was still struggling and embattled. My mother, a lesbian, was a survivor of tremendous repression and taught me to be a survivor, too. It ended up that we were a gay household when nobody had a name for that. If Wordsworth is right and the child is the father of the man, then I was molded as a sexual outsider looking in, gazing from a jealous fringe upon a world full of people who had the luxury to take their mannerisms and interactions for granted.

Oh sir, I’m sorry your life was not perfect heterosexually – I can’t speak to your upbringing – but I blame your lesbian mother for not raising a son who had a brain – instead of just some lizard medula like contraption that lashes out at anyone – and particularly against me who did nothing to you ever. You’re not going to accuse me of all this crap and get away with it, I assure. Say stupid crap and well, someone is bound to call you stupid.

As a teenager, I remember when AIDs came. To see people you love wither alone, forgotten, staving off death while also still crippled by stigmas — such moments teach you the importance of love in social change.

I remember too. I was at epicenter in NYC in 1980 — I lived to tell about it — as part of God’s great plan to help me “Let my people go!”

What does this have to do with gay folks? Oh, sure, gays got AIDS first in America – long after AIDS was all over Africa apparently – in the HETEROSEXUAL community – learn you facts – you claim to be an American Thinker? You are an idiot. There are many diseases which have the same outcome as you now complain – cancer comes to mind. You mention “Love”? – what a farce – your “love” is warped — and has filled you will bile that needs psychiatric care. So warped are you that you attack people you don’t know for fabricated reasons and monstrous logic. Yikes.

But then a funny thing happened to the gay world. Love started to give way to hate.

Oh, that’s rich – well, sir, something happened in the hetero-world – hate gave way to – um, disgust, hate, loathing – you heteros have hated our existence for centuries – and now you blame us for changing “Love” to “hate”? Where was your warbling about heteros hating gays? Hell, were is it now. Not once in this article do you mention the hetero hate of gays – not once – Are you BLIND? Do you not see the antigay measures around the world? Where is your complaint about the Catholic clergy accusing us of destroying the world? Oh, that’s right – only gay folks hate – and our “hate” is merely self-defense. For to be called every name in the book, and some not in books, is not “Love” – -but, you exonerate the hate among heteros – -while accusing our self-defense of being “hate” – oh, I’m sorry, that’s just so ridiculous.

There was a poignancy and grace about surviving in the earlier days of gay history. By the late 1990s, an overfunded and politically connected elite had taken over gay rhetoric, claiming to speak in the name of everyone who had ever felt a forbidden love. The elite stentorian agitators didn’t have elegance. They hit people over the head. They rounded up heaps of money, hobnobbed with celebrities and well-heeled politicians, and started spending too much time at galas to have any sense that they were becoming, to put it bluntly, disgusting.

Well, I too have complained about the gay elite – as much as I complain about the hetero elite. But, you now conflate every single last gay person in the world – (a group of gays outside America you seem not to bother to have learned existed, by the way,) – but this article I’m trashing now is filled with your exact complaint – lumping every gay person into the same lump. You really are out to get us aren’t you? Sure, our political elites are disgusting – -that’s the whole point of American Thinker – but then you put every gay person on the same side as the elites – and again, you are oblivious to the great discussion going on within the gay “community” – which is so fractured that there’s no “community to think of.”

Meanwhile can you name any single one of these “stentorian agitators”? Can you point to one single gay person by name and organization which you don’t like? Argue against them – – not against gayness or gay people. You are becoming exactly what you claim you are against – a stentorian agitator.

Suicides committed by teenage boys they’d never otherwise deign to speak to, let alone think of, became martyrdoms to be brandished like sacrificial goats. Then there was a reign of terror about sexual categories, which still persists: people who leave the gay lifestyle, people who had homosexual pasts but don’t wear them on their sleeve, people who want to have a choice about how to identify or at least allow choices to others, were all suddenly the enemy.

There is no such thing as a gay “Lifestyle”– no more than there is a hetero lifestyle. Oh, I’m sorry – there are no—exgays – no one stops being gay – ever. Even the ex-gay movement agrees to this. Not to mention 10s of millions of gay folks who are not “leaving” anything. And some of your cohorts in the sort of mush you publish at American Thinker are quite sure that the kids committing suicide aren’t even gay – where’s your concern about that? No where, no where.

And it is true that the LGBT groups are nuts – so what? So are hetero groups. Planned Parenthood is killing millions – you don’t argue against the hetero-lifestyle.

And why on earth is there never any allowance for “heteros to leave the hetero lifestyle” and become gay? Why is this only a one way street? Face it sir, you want gay folks gone or we should shush and hide – so you can feel happy you are saving mankind from our taking over the world. What a friggin’ idiot.

I saw the loving part drift off, the anima of a living soul being gently carried away like a cloud of mist, leaving only the animus behind. I’d have to blink and remind myself I was simply looking at Hillary Rosen or Rachel Maddow.

The most hysterical thing about this is is that I have no idea who the hell Hillary Rosen is – and Rachel Maddow is an entertainer in the media elite. Oh, I’m all with you on trashing media elites – then pick on them. But, you don’t. You don’t say a blessed word about hetero-lifestyle folks engineering babies, human trafficking, baby farming, baby buying – no, in your fetid mind only gay people are guilty of anything – heteros are innocent, I guess. Hahahaha! Tell me another sick joke, go ahead.

What is the slogan that I speak of with greatest horror? “I deserve the same rights as anyone else.” That might be a harmless slogan, except not when the “right” you are referring to is the right to “build a family” to show that “you are capable of love.”

What on earth? Yes, I deserve the same rights as anyone else – and this is problem to you? Apparently. I can’t for the life of me really figure out your point with this paragraph. Are you complaining that gay folks dare to stand up for ourselves? Sure, that’s it. You think we have to take any crap you dish out, and we should shush! You are forsaken from rational thought. And you put in quotes “You are capable of love” – well, to hear your side tell it – we’re not. Were is your complaint about that? No where, no where. It’s all one way with you.

“I deserve the same rights” eventually means that a same-sex couple deserves to have a child provided to them, even though they can’t conceive it themselves.

This is so delusional I can’t stop laughing. Are you a comedy writer? Sure, sure you are. Not one gay person ever said that we “deserve to have a child provided to …” us. The charge is ludicrous. Where did you get it? Can you show me one gay person who ever wrote or said that? This I have to see. I shall disabuse them quickly too – for I for one don’t want a child. And I’m a gay man. It never occurred to me get a kid by any means. I aim to make heterosexuals take care of your own kids – not have gay folks “human traffic” or “baby farm” them away from you folks. And you make gay babies just fine – at the same rate.

Your facetious attempt to say that we’re lying is disgusting. That you think the logic of getting the police and government out of our lives means we are demanding babies is insane. See a shrink. Quick.

If straight couples get to have undiluted custody of such a child, so should gay couples. So they must have the “right” to enforce contracts preventing surrogate mothers from wanting their babies back, the “right” to have sperm banks operate and sell them sperm, the “right” to jump the queue in line for Catholic Charities, the “right” to farm babies in the third world, the “right” to extort gratitude from the children they’ve placed in these situations, and the “right” to blind a child to at least one of his or her biological parents. If any of these “rights” is not held up with the full force of a state apparatus, then the slogan fails. Hence, we see the case of Dred Scott revived. To be treated as first-class citizens, gays need the government to cow their chattel into submission.

Where do you get this stuff? Making up more crap, amazing. No gay couples are demanding babies. No gay people are demanding sperm. No gay people are doing anything of the sort that you lay out. As for the “full force of a state apparatus” – where is your complaint about the “full force of the state apparatus against gay folks? No where, no where. You are blind to the government actions against gay folks. Your side wants to imprison us – our rights? We have none, apparently, in your eyes. The Catholic Church has said repeatedly we are Satan’s work and want us gone – now you accuse us of attacking them? Hahaha! You are out of your mind.

The last sentence of your paragraph here is so sickening I had to run to the bathroom to retch. How dare you accuse us of cowing anyone into chattel? You little minded creep.

Underneath the appeals to “love” lies a morass of brutally gory market mechanisms, approaching science fiction. The changes in gay culture have created a large pool of same-sex couples who not only want children without involving themselves with the opposite sex, but also feel that any qualms are banned forms of hate speech.

This also is insane, truly. There is no large pool of same sex couples that want kids – what are you talking about? There are gay couples who have stepped up to the plate to rescue heterosexuals kids left in orphanages – and now we’re guilty of creating the kids and helping them? Face it, you don’t gays anywhere near kids. “Qualms”? Oh, sir, what you express are not qualms, they are fabrications, lies, distortions, faulty logic, one-way gay hate and worse. You are despicable, truly. With your attitudes it was good you feared to join the gay debate – you aren’t debating anything – you are leveling serious charges against an entire group of humans because you had a rough life – you do need help.

Meanwhile, a recent Gallup poll found that each generation of Americans is becoming gayer: now, over 6% of citizens under the age of 29 identify as LGBT. As recently as three years ago, polling consistently found LGBTs to make up less than 2% of the population.

This bit is idiotic. A poll by a political group and this you think is real? Hahaha! Meanwhile, the census bureau is enjoined and prevented from counting us! In the 2000 census, when gay couples listed ourselves – the census bureau just fibbed and changed the genders of one of the partners in a craven disregard for reality – where is your complaint? No where, no where.

Now, you think there’s more gay folks than previously – because “polls” say we are less than 2% of the population – but other polls say we’re 6%? Which then is true? Which? Do tell, I ask. Are we 1%, 2%, 5% or 7% or 10% – there are so many purported measurements of the numbers of gay folks – -including 0% by NARTH – we’re all heteros in the gay lifestyle to those whackos.

But to be wholly unaware that gay folks wouldn’t say there were gay when it was still illegal until 2003 in ½ the states is bizarre – and intellectual dishonest. It’s not American thought that’s for sure.

You trashed us, demanded we hide – we hid until we were fed up – all the while claiming we make up 5% of the population – while you heteros kept trying to lower the numbers. We stand up to be counted – -and this you take as an absolute rise in the numbers? You aren’t serious are you? Are you that moronic? Truly? Yes, yes, you are. It is illegal to count gays. There are hundreds of groups that have tried – -no two come up with the same number – and then in the same paragraph you quote conflicting polls by heteros of us – and you blame us for being honest and coming out. Why didn’t you just use a poll from 1980 and compare that today if you really wanted to skew your figures as you are seeking to do?

Gay folks have said for decades we make up 5% of the population – we can see this, we got gaydar. You hetero idiots are so sure gayness exists in an act that there’s no gays at all! Egad, what a lack of thought and a craven misuse of numbers.

 The fight for marriage has never been about marriage. Marriage is the only way to have legal cover and shield themselves from criticism for their bioethical stunts.

This is a despicable charge – keeping hate hate – you aren’t even trying to change love to hate, or hate to love – you are simply engaging in mindless hate. No, not mindless – I take that back – you are willfully distorting gay reality. The fight for marriage began in the 1950s – there’s evidence, articles, magazines. Marriage was mentioned in 1965 when a few gays protested in front of the liberal Johnson White House. Marriage was always the goal – and now you despicably say the entirety of gay folks everywhere on earth has not marriage in mind but “bioethical stunts” – you are sick puppy with an axe to grind, and my neck is where you aim to put it!

Market demand is a powerful thing, and it is growing because of the increase in LGBT couples as well as the cultural messages convincing young gays that they will be given children or else society is oppressing them. Here in Los Angeles, I’ve seen the eerie proliferation of designer babies in gayborhoods, and the increasingly anesthetized reaction of gay couples’ friends. People go to third-world getaways to pick out babies, place ads for surrogates who can give them a certain eye color, and even collaborate with human trafficking. Never forgetful of my own pains as a lesbian’s son in the 1970s, I see the faces of these gay couple’s children, and sometimes, I have to run away and cry. I know the dazed glare, the powerlessness of these children, their helpless desire to please their parents, their fear of showing their parents any sign that the arrangement has been hurtful.

Again, you are interposing your lousy childhood and any few idiots you met on to the entirety of 350,000,000 gay folks worldwide. You are out of your mind. See a shrink, I beg you.

And yet, I can scarcely forget, this is only the beginning. While some say “it gets better,” all signs show that it will grow far worse. LGBT activists have been frustrated so far by the largest Western nations’ resistance to legalizing gay marriage. In this table, a Francophone researcher discusses the gay-marriage statistics from Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Quebec. Remember that France, Germany, Great Britain, and Italy, the more populous nations of Europe, have still resisted full marriage equality. Already in tiny Belgium, 5% of marriages are same-sex. What will happen with the combined populations of Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, and the United States — 570 million people in all — legalize gay marriage, with 5% of that mass being same-sex couples looking to buy babies?

Again – you are ignoring the reality that for centuries gays were persecuted – burned at the stake even on “faggots” – why do you think the word is used, sir? Oh, my 5% of the marriages in Belgium are gay – and what is the gay population of Belgium – -5% of the population – -geez – do some math. Meanwhile – it is heteros who are abandoning marriages – that’s why our percentage is going up – there less of you getting married – oh, I’m sorry – your math sucks too. And is driven by an agenda. Why you are like unto a liberal socialist playing with numbers. How absurd.

It’ll grow worse if gay folks get the legal recognition of marriage? Where’s the love sir?

This is the beginning? Why, again, in ½ the world’s nation gay people are still hunted like animals and killed or imprisoned – beginning? We haven’t begun to fight!

 We are staring into the dawn of a new slave trade. Rather than let the Middle Passage happen and then spend centuries trying to exonerate our nation, we must be “on the right side of history.” Stop gay marriage — not because of hate for gay people, but because the machine that is turning people into chattel must be stopped. The only way to break the cycle and wake everyone up is stop gay marriage.

Robert Oscar Lopez is the author of Johnson Park.

Once again, a despicable charge – once again blaming gays for hetero problems. Once again call for gays to be shut out of society. Once again calling for gays to be denied happiness and an easier legal regime. Once again it’s all about the heterosexuals – because, frankly, Mr. Lopez, I think you think that you are gay – hell, maybe you are and hate that fact. But you are so sure that gayness is some acquired after-birth sickness – instead of a natural born God given reality. You are sorely confused.

Here, a link to this fetid swamp – to show I took him word for word. Read more:

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That American Thinker uses Facebook is the height of hypocrisy – the company was created and owned by two gay couples – and you folks use it to trash gay couples? What hypocrites.

And that’s why the Right will lose this battle – and the left will come to like gays too – they don’t really yet – they use us as a pawn, and you American Thinkers fall for the trap. What sad excuses for thinkers you really are. .

But to be fair to Mr. Lopez — you have all the Goddmaned little Lopez’s you want to preserve your race — I wouldn’t want one of your kids if you paid me – -I don’t want genetic stupidity running around my house.

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