NOM: “Gay men cause single moms” Really! Yeesh

Don’t blame Gays for unwed moms! It’s brain dead.

 This is a piece of crud posted by the ill-named and delusional National Organization for Marriage – NOM in it’s acronym. They posted it on Facebook – a gay owned company mind you – as they screed against gays once again – this time in the most unbelievably dense stupidity I can’t really fathom it, I can’t.



Read that carefully – hetero moms are not getting married – hetero dads are spawning kids and not marrying the mothers. This is a hetero problem, see? Can’t NOM see this? Or are they so against gays that we butter our toast too loudly for them?

 There is no conceivable way that gay guys, or gay marriage has anything to do with this. 

To think so is such deliberate craven stupidity as to be beyond belief.

 Gay men don’t make babies – that’s the complaint about us –

 OK, fine –

 but there is no way on God’s green earth were we can be remotely responsible for the actions (baby making) and then non actions (not getting married)! Don’t blame us! 

 We didn’t make these babies – their hetero parents did.

 How on earth could we possibly be involved? 

Or, in the sick dementia and willful ignorance of NOM really think that first the gay man made the baby then sought his mostly unavailable gay marriage?

Or, maybe NOM thinks that we gay guys should marry these sullied hussies – – further exonerating the willful perps – the hetero dads? That’s so ludicrous, again, I can’t fathom it.

 Or, maybe NOM is just so nasty that any problem heteros have is caused by gay existence – yes, that seems to be it.

 And then conservatives have the audacity to say liberals are crazy? When this self-proclaimed conservative leader is so sadly brain dead. Say it ain’t so!

 Egad, I just marvel – and get angry – that such stupid people are allowed out of their cages.

 Some gay sites are calling this a “NOM lie” — hell, it’s not a lie — it’s moronic! 

Meanwhile, Maggie Gallagher, who is a single mother – and is the leader of this miscreant bunch – oh, the hell with this – that fat fuck and her nut jobs are just beyond the pale. It’s disgusting. There is no more decency to be given here anymore. I mean really, NOM has abrogated any right or expectation to decency –

 for when you blame gay men for not having the babies and then having the babies at the same time – you’re an idiot — or of such nastiness evilness that again, it’s beyond the pale

 I simply cannot be responsible for the single mother with four kids by three fathers who lives next door to me (and that is, indeed, who lives next door to me) – I can’t. I never had sex with a woman in my life – I could have made no baby – – nor jilted the woman – nor cause the baby daddy to abandon his progeny.

 Oh, NOM heteros, blame yourselves, you creeps. 


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  1. ted

    they are only thinking that lesbians are maried – no dads.

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