You tell us don’t vote Republican, so, we don’t.

I marvel, I truly do, at the tears over Allen West’s defeat I’ve seen already – more to come I’m sure – oh, it’s all over the news. He’s a star! He’s an African-American conservative! On gay stuff, well, he’s an idiot. His district is just north of Fort Lauderdale Florida. I have lived in his district, I owned a house there. If I still did, I wouldn’t vote for West. You know why? Well, let me tell you first why I would vote for him – he’s a good man, with a strong sense of Americanism, and some good economic ideas – he’s “conservative” as it’s called today – that is, he’s rational. Is he perfect on everything I think about? No. But, on one subject – he is a moron of unbelievable proportions.

You see, the secret to winning elections is to get votes. To get votes you’re nice to people. The people in your district, being what they are, are diverse. So, you can’t please everyone. But, demographics being what they are, Mr. West’s district is well, sissyfied. That is, being just north of Ft. Lauderdale, a gay haven of quite renown – his district has all the gays that can’t afford to life in the gayborhood, or, like me, choose not to. He represents more gays than most congressmen! I bought a house a few miles from my mother and grandmother, also in Mr. West’s district, because, as Mr. West keeps implying – and worse, listening to people who are quite sure – I’m a threat to family!

Get a load of that nonsense, eh? How delusional – gay man buys house and starts business – hires people even! Makes money! Has a comedy radio show even! Puts on large trade shows! Launches a magazine! And lives near mom and grandmom so that I can run the errands, take them to the doctors, change the light bulbs – and do whatever else is required for a good family man to help the elder ladies in his family. And practice Czech because, well, that’s what we spoke – ancestry you know. I mean, how much more family values can this be? And then, there goes Mr. West again – gays are against family values. It’s preposterous.

Then, the man has the audacity to ask for my vote? Or, better, more cravenly stupid in a way I truly can’t fathom, as the head of the Republican Iowa party just said the other day (yes, go look it up,) – anyone for being even nice to gay folks should vote Democratic. Well, then, after I shake my brain to see if I got this um, straight – you need votes to win elections, you’re running for office in what you claim to be the end of the world elections – and you tell people NOT to vote for you! Do you jest? Do you listen to what you say? Are you that dense? Truly, I marvel.

Never, in my political followings – and I have a degree in it! And I’ve been reading the news since I was a teen – never – have I heard politicians say “Don’t vote for me” until this gay thing came to the fore. Why did this gay thing arise? Well, we, as patriotic, God-loving or fearing or not-giving-a-damn how you worship him, job holding, business running, tax paying, family loving Americans just got Goddamned (William F. Buckley said it was OK to say it, he and I wrote, I got permission,) sick and tired of listening to how we’re a threat to the nation. Then we had a tiny riot, by drag queens, no less – and held massive, annual, announced, and public peaceful marches of confessed felons saying “Arrest us!” – and look, you heteros, you were pansies, or bizarrely, said you couldn’t find us. Egad.

No one in their right minds could possibly think I should vote for someone who is just insistent that I’m a danger to society, can they? Are you serious? If the next set of Republicans keeps this up, they are doomed to failure as West was.

I find it preposterous anymore to listen to Republican politicians – and any conservative of any kind for that matter – say what they know simply can’t be true. They have to be aware that every time they fly, every hotel they check into, every conference center they enter, every restaurant they eat in – there are gay men making sure it is done – don’t they see this? Are they really this blind and stupid?

Don’t they realize that the man who is serving them coffee and pie while the anti-gay speaker is trashing gays is a gay man? And what does the gay man do? He listens to the speech, he can’t avoid it. And he does his job – he must – there’s no disability for being “mentally sick” “demented” “psychologically stunted” “deranged” “ill” and Lord knows what else – gay men have to keep their jobs – hell, they can’t even rely on the spouse’s earnings or benefits – that’s prohibited by the morons in attendance and speaking too. So, the gay man doesn’t spill the coffee into Mr. West’s lap at the conference center where Tony Perkins is braying about the dangers of gay men. West and Perkins have broke bread to break gay folks – while gay folks serve the bread! Meanwhile, probably, another gay man replenishes Perkins’ water bowl, for he’s hoarse from his denunciation of the water server!

How utterly absurd. Grow up. Get rational. And just give up on trashing gay folks as a political strategy.

Had Mr. West said one nice thing about gays in the military he would have gotten his victory votes. Had he walked, even unobtrusively, without fanfare, to hide it from his other voters, into a gay event and said “Hello” – he would have gotten his votes to win. No, he told those people they were like niggahs on the plantation and to shush and await the beating that they deserve for not doing thing more than existing. Mr. West sank his own boat. He didn’t even have to borrow a gun from all the gays now getting guns – for frankly we are getting nervous about all this “get rid of the gays” crap from Republicans and religious folks. Christians they say, as they aim for genocide. Jesus would be appalled.

Every Republican is doing it. They seem to be racing around the nation trashing good people for fun. Rick Santorum comes to mind – the man is a loon – calling still for outlawing gay folks! I mean really. And he’s blaming us for abortion, divorce, wife beating – hell, probably for his dirty underwear too.

And then, after this trashing of us decent people – who don’t leave behind a trail of baby momma’s and social ills, and cause no violence, don’t riot, aren’t demanding anything more than a decent word of “hello, how are you Mr. Gay American?” – you want us to vote for you? Nah, you tell us, vote for the other guy.

Well, that’s just the weirdest election strategy I have ever heard of. No wonder you can’t win. Idiots. Meanwhile, the country is collapsing — and you’re blaming us? hahaha! Like I said. Idiots. 


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  1. on allen west, how any black or latino, let alone any gay person could have voted for this nazi garbage is beyond me, i can see white christian catholic people voting for this man, allen west is almost
    as bad as clarence thomas.

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