There he’ll go again; more mush from the wimp

There he’ll go again; more mush from the wimp — if you’re political you’ll get the references, if you are not — look them up. 

 So, the president is going to give a speech! The state of the union! Well, sir, the state of union is not good. And the more you do, the worse it will get. For neither you nor anyone you hire is smart enough to grasp the entirety of society – nor any portion beyond the tiniest sliver. You simply can’t understand the “health care system” for the “system” is so big, so varied, so diffused, that no one understands it. You will not simplify this reality with a federal law. You won’t make it work better by getting it all in the hands of government. All you will do is muck it up; it’s already happening – the unions which loved the law are now asking for exemptions and bailouts.

 Well, I won’t watch the speech, but then, again, I never do. I tend to read the transcripts – I’m more a word guy than pictures. I don’t need to see 535 people fawn over our “leader.” It’s like watching the Queen enter Parliament already. Perhaps we need fancier uniforms to make it more pageantry. Indeed, I’m all for moving the Congress to a windowless warehouse in Omaha and quarter them in some closed down motels – a sort of Congressional Compound. And let the president live in a middle class house. Maybe he can move in next to his buddy Warren Buffett, I hear he keeps a modest home in Omaha. You folks in Washington like the middle class, eh? Then join us. Go pump your own gas.

 Now, of course, both “sides” will respond, and there will be “fact checking” – but, well, fact checking as to whether this bureaucracy did or did not do this or that is sort of pointless – for no one will question the need for the bureaucracy, that’s for sure. It’s sort of like American bureaucrats studying European bureaucratic methods – yes, the Americans always say, “good show!” And off they go to try to recreate what we all left – big government. Not an immigrant to America (I leave aside the Africans, they are always a different case, I agree,) came here because they wanted to go from their big government corrupt lord and king systems to recreate that here. When all these immigrants find out that, as one example, you are trying to recreate the Mexican government and health systems, they will not be happy. Crossing a desert to the same thing was not their plan.

 Instead, we got us a bunch of home grown busybodies – they go by many names. From Socialist to Communist, to Democrat, and even Republican, yes, and also Fascist and Statist – and progressives, liberals, fundamentalists, social justice, economic justice – in fact, so many names that it beclouds the issue of what all these folks really want – and that is complete and utter control of every aspect of society because they have come to the conclusion that they have the best plan. Hell, they’re the only ones with a plan. It sounds good, of course, as all plans do. Rarely do plans deal with reality, alas, which is why planning might be a good start, after that, get out of the way.

 Think of planning like a trip. Sure, you plan to drive to Grandma’s – but, now you have to do it. You have to make sure you bring what you wish – and where did you leave that gift? And get gas – but the station is the opposite way of the freeway entrance. Then, there’s the wreck on the bridge you didn’t count on, so now there’s traffic, so you sit, and grandma’s pie grows cold. Then, the car breaks down, a tire blows. The kid needs a bathroom break, badly. Who knows what can happen on a well planned trip? But, since there’s no way of knowing what will happen, there’s no way to plan beforehand what you will do. You can only react at the moment. And if there is one things that bureaucracy is completely inept at is responding at the moment. Even FEMA is bizarrely required to wait a few days after the disaster to really do anything – which is sort of then a misnamed agency. Maybe it should be called “2nd Responders.”

 So, the president will speak of planning the economy, and planning more jobs, and planning tax increases, and planning new bureaucracies to handle our woes, and planning to solve the snow in Boston and the Cold in Tucson (coldest winter in years) and call it “climate change.” Yes, such is your hubris and self-importance that you think you can control the climate. It’s rather amazing to see grown men that delusional. You will call for planning the end of violence – by apparently taking away the guns that are not involved from people who are not committing violence – or, by calling out the troops to go door to door through Chicago’s south side (Jesse Jackson pretty much just called for this, only he said we should bring in “homeland security” – which is maybe why they needed to buy 1.6 billion rounds of people-killing ammo – you know, to um, get the problem in hand.)

 You will call for planning of a sort that is antithetical to reality. And the nation’s rational people, of which there are far more than you are aware – for you have listened too long to your fawning press acolytes in your religion of big government tell you how simply mahvelous you are! I can hear Billy Crystal’s character now, Mahvelous! Like butter. Yes, you will call for government to insinuate itself into every aspect of the people’s lives, and the press will coo and crow about the wonders you will do. If, and only if, your plans work.

 Alas, already you big plan – ObamaCare – (I note your supporters like to say “you don’t call Social Security FDRcare, you don’t call Medicare JohnsonCare – well, yes, we don’t, because the names of the laws actually made sense – but I can’t for the life of me call this law “Affordable care” or “health care for all.” Health care was always affordable, one way or the other, and there has always been health care for all – this is nothing new – it’s merely who shall be in charge. You think you’re the one to be so.) Anyway, your ObamaCare bigness has already led the IRS to estimate it will cost $20,000 a year for insurance – so what is the point? Few families have $20,000 a year in medical bills. Why, they could very well wind up paying for care “Out of pocket” – as if it didn’t come out of their pockets one way or the other.

 Indeed, sir, you seem wholly confused about where money for government comes from. Certainly you call it “taxes on the wealthy” of late – but, alas, for the rich and companies to earn the money to pay the taxes they will necessarily have to raise their prices to cover the cost. If you think for a moment that some rich guy is going to give up the Ferarri and the Golf Clubs you are out of your mind (you will not, I’m sure.) They will merely pass the cost on to We The Schnooks. Alas, for you sir, eventually, even the schnooks will see this – but I doubt you’re counting on that. You – and the rest in Washington – you are not alone in your beliefs, alas – will find that you can’t hide this reality – government taxes cause prices to rise. So, the price of everything will go up. You will then, in your next speech, of course, call for more taxes on companies and the rich, to help the newly created poor by your last round of tax increases. You are, frankly, oblivious to the reality that you can’t take $20 from someone, send it to Washington, and give them back $15, after deducting the collecting and re-gifting and then proclaim you are helping people. Even poor schnooks understand this. Though, true, you can hide it for a while – and you are doing a fine job!

 You will call for more initiatives and more investments – who knows what else you will call the same thing: “spend more money” – but where do you get it? You take it from one guy and give it to another, and think this helps? Or, you borrow and / or create it out of thin air! Quantitative Easing – what a fine term of mush thought. You jest, yes? No, you don’t. That’s why the state of the union is icky. And why it will continue so. You are the problem – you and all the people who join you in this quest for ever bigger government to help the people – and more insidiously – mold the citizen into something more docile for the state. Oh, sure, you are a shepherd, and you think you are grazing sheep – alas, you are grazing sated lions, but, well, lions get hungry, and wise, and go for the stripes – and then, well, then you and the politicians will be sort of like zebras. Amazingly, what with pinstripe suits and the herd mentality you all have, the analogy fits just fine.

 And then, finally, you will almost certainly confirm to the nation that you, another Heterosexual male has decided that gay marriage is OK to you – well, will wonders never cease! You will proclaim yourself a leader on the issue – when, you are but another follower, and not even the first one – sorry, sir, but you are late coming round to the reality. Alas, for gays, you will proclaim that every other person “evolve” as “quickly” as you – or else. Or something. You will stir the hopes of gay folks, and then dash them – and you will probably lose their support, eventually, but you don’t think ahead on this. And let me tell you, Marco Rubio, slated to give the Rebuttal — he may well mention gay folks too, or not — but, he too will one day come ’round to being OK with gay marriage — for, unbeknownst to him, we will simply browbeat him into accepting reality too. You’re not the only one we had to convince, you know. 

 But, for those who evolve slower, this will bug them – and you will anger them – and frankly, I don’t need that. Just shush about gay folks, OK? For you are not leading us on this issue of gay marriage or gay equality. No politician ever led on this issue. No American politician ever stood up in public and said – “hey, treat your gay fellow citizens nicely” – at least not without us first browbeating you unto oblivion, and maybe getting a court order – and not even then. Some gay men will fawn over you, of course. As some heterosexuals do. It’s not a sex-thing at all. Some gays are in fact just as big governmental as you are. The rest of us are not.

 Though, if you said something like “Well, I was wrong on gay folks, I have changed – I urge others to rethink their feelings too,” well, then, I could deal. But this false garbage that you are all for us is really not to my liking.

 Other than that, stop trying to run everything, and run ever more – and fix what you admitted was broken when you got into office. You said you inherited a mess – the milk was split. Fine, well, now you’ve busted a wine bottle in the middle of the floor? And the milk is still there, waiting for your mop you so proudly talked about. You were going to clean up DC and make it work! HA! What a plan! What a farce. What a failure. You said you would cut the budget deficit in half, nay, to Zero! You had a plan? And what did you do? You lifted it to three times as high, for as far as the eye can see into the future – and you say this is now good. When I think about it – you either lied, or you’re clueless. Neither is enticing.

 Other than that, I hope your speech goes well, and that you sit back and watch as everyone rips it apart. Welcome to America, sir – but learn how the place operates. Egad, skeet shooting photos that can’t be photoshopped. Yeesh.


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