There’s more to life than politics

I have been busy doing art — for it is one way I make some bucks …


This one for the Tucson Art Brigade show — it is 24 x 30, black ink on water color. It is a workable maze, and, took more than a few hours to do.


This was a gift for a friend of mine who is the King of Apollo this year — which is a big ol’ gay Mardi Gras krewe (club) in Baton Rouge I’ve been loosely hanging around for 20 years or more.


A whimsical painting done in less than an hour — sort of in a competition to see who could come up with a bike themed painting — most people painted the example provided, I just, well, I just couldn’t.

And that’s just three of my works of art — because, whether anyone realizes it or not, there is more to life than politics.

And as you know — what with all the hubbub about gay folks taking over the culture and destroying everything, or something, well, here’s just three rather nice pieces that are just unrelated to anything but joy. That’s it. That’s enough. Go, go have joy today. Leave politics alone for a day, you’ll survive.


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