Pick on government, not the poor schnooks

Calling for a police state …

for more law an order …

for drug testing of welfare recipients,

because you are afraid of, an, um,

incipient police and welfare state

has got to be the most ridiculous

thing I have heard of in a long time.


yes, the government must be restrained …

but calling for it to get bigger

in the pursuit of some honesty

that is imaginary

is calling for it to get less restrained.


it is antithetical to being against big government

and to call for more government action.


Cloward and Piven argued that everyone should overwhelm the state

with things do to …

and now you ask the government to do more

against some citizens

as you ask it do less against you.


and then, what difference does that make you

from the other side,

which merely asks, as you do,

for the government to go after those people,

those they don’t like,

or better, since it is more truthful,

those they don’t understand.


If one is for liberty —

then less government intrusion must be sought,

at all times. Not pick and choose.


the issue isn’t examining citizens who get government largesse

the issue is the government largesse. Examine that.


the government has made many people dependent on it

and you don’t like it,

and now, and now you demand that they scrutinize everyone?


your complaint, my complaint,

is not with some poor idiot who is desperate enough

to seek government help —

and go through the bizarre maze of bureaucrats

to get something to survive


our complaint is with the government whose policies

seem to require people to grow desperate and ask for help

like supplicants before the lord of the manor.


and now, I find too often we blame the peasants

for the actions of the dukes, earls, lords and king

who have clearly seized our nation,

but have foregone the ermine.


Stop picking on the poor and the dependent


pick on the government which makes them so.


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