Victoria Jackson’s False Cry of Censorship

There’s a washed up has been comedian named Victoria Jackson – with a website –

and with weird pronouncements on political matters – and stranger stuff on gay folks.

So, the woman is addled in many way – and chief among them is this statement below, which I will quote and will rip apart in a moment – about her alleged “censorship.” First – It’s bad enough that regular people abuse the meanings of words, and stretch and ply them in ways never dreamed by their users for centuries, but to have a failed comedian do so, well, the world is falling apart. This arrant mush was brought to me by a friend on FaceBook (FB) – from which, apparently, Ms. Jackson was “banned” – and now she’s crying “censorship!” and “beginnings of Communism!” – And so, from FB I linked to Ms. Jackson’s website …………………screeech to a halt! I did what?

Yes, Ms. Jackson is banned from FB – by incipient communism, no less. So from a FB fan of hers I was able to link to Ms. Jackson’s stand alone website. My my. How Censorship is lax today. Why, right there on FB where she’s not allowed I found her – and supporters! And the supporter was not banned nor threatened to be banned for bringing up Ms. Jackson’s whining – I know the supporter, I would have heard if she were banned for bringing up the um, banned, who are right there on FB. Me and the supporter had a fine conversation about what exactly is going on here. It ain’t censorship – it’s “gays don’t want to give forums to anti-gay mush heads.” Sorry, yes, that’s what it is.

Ms. Jackson starts off with:

“Why is this banned?! It’s true. It’s history. It’s fact.”

 And presents a video – I did not watch the videos, I never do, I don’t care. It’s irrelevant – the crap and mush that’s pushed on to FB doesn’t have to be true, history or fact – or it can be. And I’m sure this video is posted by many others – she’s just not the font of this video, is she? Did she do it? Does it call for funds? Is that against the rules – it’s a “pay FB to ask for money” site you know – it’s not a free forum for selling and fundraising.

 As for videos – lord knows what’s been posted – It can be quite the misappropriation of these things, and the mangling and manipulating of facts, history, ideas – or fact’s such as the text of letters I’ve posted – I’m a frequent Fber for I treat it like a bar – and I’m not banned from FB for making fun of communism or the government – I haven’t heard a peep from FB about me other than “What’s on your mind, Jim?” – there is no way that FB is banning videos because they are true or not true. There’s something else afoot about why Ms. Jackson was banned. Perhaps it’s her mouth that flaps against gay folks.

 After all, what Ms. Jackson and many in the land don’t realize is that FB is a gay owned company. I find it ludicrously hysterical that people who are exceedingly anti-gay are on FB lamenting the very existence of the gay couple who brings them FB – they cry about the end of marriage and the end of civilization if one word nice about gay couples is said ever – and where do they do this? On a website – a privately owned and operated website – that is privately owned and operated by – two gay couples. As near as I can figure, even with the recent stock offering, the two gay couples maintain control over the company they started. The place reeks of capitalism. They’re trying to sell ads, get their price stock up, and make a buck. They have – so they can plow the money into countering people like Ms. Jackson, perhaps. Or, the good life with a nice big, very big, new house.

 Ms. Jackson says this:

“One of the first signs of communism is censorship.”

I note there that the first signs of stupidity is thinking a capitalist company one can buy stock shares in and set up by entrepreneurs is a first sign of communism. Seems to not quite fit the definition.

“The media is controlled by the left, government. This is proof.”

FB is not “the media” – nor does it purport to be a media outlet – it provides no content like news – FB doesn’t cover or not cover stories – it provides a bar stool for heavens’ sake. And indeed, if it’s “media” the “reporters” cover the gamut from extreme right wing to extreme left wing – I know this for a fact – because I have a wide group of friends covering this political spectrum. I have lefty friends and righty friends. I find it then impossible to believe that all these people chattering away are somehow under the dark thumb of incipient repression. There are tens of millions of people who use FB – arguments of left-right nature break out all the time. Why, I was unfriended by a – by a communist friend of mine actually – I was “censorshipped” right off his threads and pages – because I refused to agree to what he said. FB didn’t do it – the communist did …. (proudly so, seems he was, um, coming out right then as what he is.) Is it “censorship”? No.

Only governments do censorship – only governments prevent free speech, hinder the press, keep the people from learning anything – and Jackson? She not only has a website – but, few go to it. I know she has it, I just went to it. I think her problem is is that she doesn’t get enough attention and can’t make enough money and her mortgage is due on her big Hollywood home. She’s a whiner – she hates gays – says they are the downfall of the Republic, the spawn of Satan and against everything decent – and then is now demanding access to a gay website to speak? Oh, sorry honey, that’s just too stupid.

She has a plan! “How can we fight back? Keep spreading truth and reporting censorship. Elect representatives who are not progressives. Educate ourselves. Tell our friends what we know.”

And I think – how will electing representatives do anything about FB? If she gets her Non-progressive representatives she wants – how are they to affect what FB does? Are they to now order FB to let Jackson speak? What would that be called, when Congress gets to call the shots in big companies that provide platforms for fun? Wouldn’t that be um, communism? Or merely Fascism? Perhaps “Fundamentalism.” For a woman who seems to want the gay press shut down and gay folks hounded into submission and comports with the Linda Harvey’s of this world to urge shutting down gay bars to bitch about “censorship” is a level of hubris and power mad crud I can’t fathom.

Still, how would changing creeps in Washington or State Capitals possibly affect FB? It’s a private company, not an agent of government. My friend on FB who brought this to my attention mentioned this “Agent of government” idea – And I cracked up laughing. No, we cannot be that paranoid yet – can we? I like my friend, I like her posts, she’ll read this, because I’ll bring her attention to it – but to go on a gay website spewing anti-gay crap and then get thrown out of the bar …. aw – and then think that FB is an agent of the government which is itself confused as to whether gays are or are not a dire threat to the society is quite funny. Oh, I’m sure Jackson is in a tither because Obama said a nice word about gays just this last week … I’m sure – 100% positive even – that Jackson would insist on Censorshipping that reference out of the inaugural address. So, Obama, like a broken clock, is right twice – on gay stuff. Wrong on most everything else – but well, gays are different. What can I say.

Yes, FB is like a bar, or a big cocktail party – or, a company office – or even a church. It’s a space offered to people under rules – FB has a few pages of rules, I haven’t read them – I’m sure you can’t threaten death, or do slander and libel or what have you – and Ms. Jackson – well, she’s quite the slanderous woman indeed. It is my contention that people like her should be hauled into court for slander and libel against gay folks – in one big class action suit. But again – she complains about gays incessantly and then has the chutzpah to be thrown out of the gay bar. Does this Jackson woman know the meaning of “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”? Does anyone anymore?

In a way, FB might be considered a group of churches. Imagine if Ms. Jackson walked into a church and started to spew hate against the church leaders – is that censorship to be thrown out? No it is not – it’s rational.

I have no idea what rules of FB that Jackson broke – but there is no constitutional right to be on FB – it’s not a “Free Speech” thing – Free Speech isn’t crying fire in the crowded theater, it is said. But why should two gay couples have to – by some right or law fancied by Jackson – provide her with a platform to trash themselves? Who would trash themselves or want to listen to it. If I was FB I would ban NOM, FRC, AFTAH, NARTH – all these anti-gay groups have FB pages – my what patience the censors have! And the numbers of Anti-Obama stuff, videos, comments I see – which my friend on FB knows I see – surely indicates that Ms. Jackson is not being singled out for her posts – but something beyond that.

She blathers on: “This is the third time in a month I’ve been banned. Did the “trolls” report me to FB?”

FB – being a free community of a bar or party sort, church or company sort – there are people – not “trolls” honey – people – who read or watch what Jackson posted – the complained – to her, and perhaps to FB – and to everyone else – I have complained about Jackson before on this blog, this ain’t my first go round at this twit. They must have had their reasons, too – who cares – that’s called “Free Speech” – And the first sign of dictatorship is when self-important blowhards think that no one can ever question a word they say and that they have the right to go on to any forum to spout mush. I would suppose Ms. Jackson will now demand space in newspapers and TV and claim it’s censorship because those privately run companies won’t give her, um, face-time and face-space. I sincerely doubt that either the Washington Post or the New York Times would give this woman space – or the Washington Examiner and the Christian Science Monitor – she’s so dimwitted no respectable media outlet would give her time – but, she’s got a website – if any acolyte of hers wishes to hear her they are free to go directly to her website. All her followers on FB can still follow her – she’s not banned from the public – she’s banned from a private company’s space.

 She whines more – “There are a group of hate-mongers who constantly leave bad language and “hate speech” on my 3 FB accounts.”

She’s got Three FB Accounts! Whatever for? I have one – one is sufficient to represent me.

Has she been banned from all three? I don’t know – she doesn’t say –

Is it against FB rules to have three accounts? I don’t know – frankly, it wouldn’t be a bad rule to have.

You aren’t three people when you walk into a bar or party – and reporters aren’t known to have three different names and “accounts” on TV – Schieffer is himself, not also two other idiots, right? You can’t have three state issued ID or voting cards – why Three FB accounts? Watcha’ hiding, honey?

 Aw, and other people exercised their free speech against this gelatinous woman who has not grasped the simple reality that gay folks will no longer tolerate bitter screeds against us – especially on a gay owned company’s website. Ms. Jackson’s finest hour would be to apologize for the lies and hate and arrant crap she has spewed forth about gay folks. She has said such wrong things as “Homosexuals are against family” – and I’m sure the owners of FB – all four of them in two couples go talk to their parents about this – for these owners are young enough to still go home to mom to get their laundry done. Ms. Jackson has taken up cudgel, and would sword if she could get away with it, against gay folks – and like many a good Christian of the demented sort have expected and demanded us to simply fall on our knees to be thrashed and trashed by her likes. Frankly, she is lucky we haven’t gotten really pissed at her and flooded her website with endless comments to disable it – she should be driven from the airwaves. Not to mention surrounded her house and chanted “fag hag” over and over until she apologized for the arrant crap she calls thought on gay folks. I’m sorry “Religious free speech” doesn’t allow the “hate” – forget hate – it’s just slanderous lies and libelous falsehoods.

 One of the best signs of a healthy community is one that doesn’t allow the incipient religious fundamentalist dictatorship that this Jackson woman wants from ever rearing it’s ugly head. As much as she feels she should be diligent against communists we are diligent against the likes of her.

 She whines more: “I have a person whose daily job is to delete the haters. I don’t post anything mean or untrue. My goal is to educate the uninformed with the facts I learn through my travels and studies. So, why would people waste their time posting bad words and evil slurs? If they believe in liberalism or communism, I guess they find this is the most effective way to promote their beliefs?”

 So, she’s all for “Free speech” – and against “censorship” – so she hires someone to ban people from her FB threads? You got to be kidding me! With a straight face she supports her “censorship” and condemns others? Seriously? Hahahaha” – a new definition of hypocrisy. She’s a public figure putting out public info in a public space – and acts as censor? Because she doesn’t like what people say? And then complains when she’s chased away too? Hahaha! Egad. I mean, really? …. no, say she’s not that stupid, please.

 And, excuse me, but I’m a conservative – and I despise this woman – it’s not just Liberals or Communists who think this tart is moronic – it’s good God Fearing Christian Gay folks, and more than a few heteros too, I’m sure – who think she is. I’d do what I can to destroy any public pronouncements of this creepy woman. There is no doubt that I am within my rights morally, legally and FB and censorship wise to excoriate the arrant mush of this woman.

 Meanwhile, I have no idea if FB has a rule against hiring people to monitor your posts. Oh, so, it’s the video, either, eh? But supposedly now the problem is the traffic her accounts (which one, who knows) brings – well, she brought it upon herself. She has repeated called for nothing less than the genocidal extirpation of gay folks from this land – or our own mass suicide of sorts – she has called us every name in the book – and some not in any book – – so disgusting and foul is her reasoning on gay folks that we don’t need to hire or pay anyone to go and shut this woman down.

 And might I remind this arrant idiot that the Supreme Court ruled that censorship is so lax in this nation that Ms. Jackson is more than willing to join Westboro Baptist church, which she apes in her “God Hates Fags” nonsense – that even conservatives are fed up with Westboro – and this woman is fast approaching the same thing. You can’t keep trashing millions of Americans and expect no response. It is a major fault of the sin of hubris of many on the Christian Fundamentalist side who seem to think they are beyond reproach – that they are beyond questions – that they are beyond condemnation – because they have God on their side – they claim – and then they scream every time that it’s “censorship” when it is no such thing – but private citizens no longer willing to put up with the public crud of another private citizen.

 Chick-fil-a tried this – gays complained – it’s censorship! Hell no it is not. It’s an abuse of the English language to call this censorship.

 She blathers on about her other 2 times banned – and doesn’t realize it’s not any specific word – it’s her attitude.

 Oh, now she’s “I am outraged. What should I do? Post FB pictures only of food and puppies? Call my representative in Washington, D.C.? Tell the President I demand my freedom of speech?!”

 I have seen pictures on FB that would curl this woman’s hair – by people who like her – by my friend who brought this to my attention – that are the same photos as she posts – those people, those posters, are not banned – it’s this woman’s attitude towards gays and her entire bizarre idea that you can simply trash people incessantly with no repercussions – and do so publicly.

 And, to go to DC, and the president – to force a private company to allow her back into her FB account is the most incipient communist idea I can find this day. It’s so strange – she’s against government action and now will demand government action? Hahaha! Hypocrisy and stupidity know no bounds – and it is often why comedians and actors should stick to what they know – comedy and acting – and stay off the hustings. Sorry, Ms. Jackson – you have not been censored by government – you’ve been chased away by people who don’t like you – why, FB “defriended” you – they didn’t click “Like” – why, aw, you’ve seen the beauty of free speech at work darling –

 You spoke, and the world spoke against you.

 But, to assuage your fears on censorship – here, a direct link from me to you – to your public website –

Read more:

 and go to Dictionary dot com to learn what “censorship” means. And look up “decency” while you’re at it, for ma’am, you are indecent in your anti-gay crud. I do, however, join you in not wanting censorship by the government.


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