Way too busy

I’m sorry no posts in a while, I have been extraordinarily busy with things in my life. I trust the usual mush can get along without my commentary. The fiscal cliff has been adverted, now we await the fiscal precipice. The gun debate raged and the conclusions drawn are identical to what they were before. The world seethes in various ways; Syria’s dictator’s days grow fewer. Libya did not find democracy, but all the guns that were hidden, and now there’s plenty of gamesmanship as the various poobahs seek power. Egypt remains in turmoil as the new dictator seeks to establish power before the next ambitious general sees himself in the presidential sash, and does something about it. Europe continues the long slow decline. South America continues to hem and haw about what it really is, and traditions remain strong. China is polluted, politically and physically, and that too shall all get cleaned up. And of course, gay folks continue our happy quest for decency, and those against us are quite sure it’s not going to happen, if they can help it, and they can’t, so oh well, that will continue too. And in the meanwhile I have a life, that requires money, and meetings, and doings and such, and so, well, feel free to start up your own blog and do it everyday and see what it takes. Cheers, enjoy Mardi Gras, or, Carnival  — it started January 6th — continues to mid February. I have a painting I have to finish soon for the King of Apollo Krewe in Baton Rouge — he’s a dear friend, and he waited for years for this honor. He needs the painting he doesn’t know about yet. Enjoy life, stay busy.


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