A Christmas Message to the Pope

A Christmas Message to the Pope in Rome, and sundry bishops wherefore are they, (here: http://www.ontopmag.com/article.aspx?id=13925&MediaType=1&Category=24)

The pope has been speaking of gay folks lately, in his Christmas message to boot — the news is all over — I link to but one of the pope’s henchmen.

But all the bishops, cardinals, and the pope himself, have used this Christmas to make nasty comments, illogical comments, tortuously indecent words about gay folks. Let me inform you sir, Mr. Pope, that Christmas is not traditionally used as a time to trash your fellow humans. It’s not used to rouse up one portion of the populace to hate, despise, and just possibly take some not-nice actions against other portions of the populace. You sir, have it all backwards. Which is surprising, given your position, and claim to moral leadership.

You, sir, are blind about gay folks. Obtuse, abstruse and occluded, and all the words of obfuscation, one needs Roget to get at the heart of your debased beliefs about gay folks. I’m tired of defending myself against your fantasy. No, I think it time to just call your words what they are: delusion.

Gay folks are not like Nazis, as the bishop in England alleged. Gay folks are not fighting religion. Nor are we against God. Nor are we destroying families, or any other such nefarious nonsense you can conjure up out of your delusions. And you must know this. You must see us living peaceably in our societies – -on every society on earth. Are you really that clueless? Say it ain’t so!

Meanwhile, you are equally idiotic when it comes to the provenance of gay folks: it’s God, sir, God. God made us, in His image – as a test of “treat others as you wish to be treated.” And look, sir, you have failed, miserably. So much so that you are urging others to fail in their Christian duty: to accept that which God ordained in his mystery – and gay folks are part of His mystery. You are, though, alas, just not grasping this. But that sure doesn’t mean you have to say stupid stuff, does it? Surely, no.

And then too, do you realize you are saying to your congregants and followers that they should abuse, harass, harangue and chase away their own kids? Are you that craven? That indecent? I can’t believe it! Surely, Mr. Pope, you can find no family values in trashing a member of the family because he or she is a bit different, can you? Doubtful, truly.

Also, I note that you are still so very fearful that to say a nice word about gay folks would change everyone to be gay. Boy, do you have that wrong. On no, sir, it takes a special person to be gay, God did ordain that part – someone strong enough to listen to the daily mush uttered by the likes of you and still go on peaceably with their lives. Oh, you’ve abdicated moral responsibility in my eyes, with your incessant nasty attacks upon me and mine. I’m tired of it. Why don’t you lighten up, and find a gay guy, and bless the poor sucker. Shock him, show your humanity.

But lay off the gay folks sir, there’s no winning in it. Reality will trump your delusion.


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