‘Twas the week before Christmas …

If I were a newspaper or news source or a “real” blogger, (you know, one with a purpose, ahem,) I suppose I could follow the news and talk about the shootings in Connecticut, or the shootings in Syria. Or, the metaphorical shooting that’s going on over the “fiscal cliff” – it’s not really a cliff, of course. What it is, alas, is the normal way the government does business. It created the crisis, so as to ride in to save the day! Yes, wondrous folks. They had years to figure it out. Indeed, I was told, repeatedly, we would have “change” – and alas, it seems change is either more of the same, or more of it – done with full knowledge by all the parties involved that the rest of the story would continue. Not a person in Washington on the day that Obama got elected didn’t know that this “cliff” would be coming up. I would say they knew it, and enjoyed its coming with great glee, to score political points, no matter who won the election, for, obviously, nothing much has changed whatsoever. But we got more of it.

Didn’t like deficits? Got more of them. Not happy with the convoluted laws? Got more of them. Unhappy with the bailouts? Got more of them. In fact, from my personal viewpoint, no one did a thing good. Oh well, I’m the schnook, they’re the powers that be.

Then the shootings. Two quite diverse sets of shootings – Connecticut and Syria. Well, the former is just as horrific and senseless as the latter, but when the government does it, I guess it’s OK – you know, sovereignty and rebellion or something. The man has lost control of his country, it’s rumored. I laugh. The man is bombing his own country. When you do that, “control” is not really the word I’d use. “Slaughtering” – yes, he’s slaughtering his country. He’s keeping it poor desperate and broke. Less than 200 miles from his dodgy capital, and the poverty of Syria lies Tel Aviv – a modern city of wealth and skyscrapers. Perhaps Mr. Assad, a dentist no less, by training, should look to the Jews for the answer to his power problems. But when you bomb your own people, I’d say it’s time to go. So much for Assad, in my book. Still, like GhQhKhadaffi (the man whose name we don’t have to spell again, I thought,) we debate, the world does, of what to do, what to do. Why is there no UN off the shelf “Crazed Dictator Bombs Own Cities Plan” – and go to work? I mean really, in this day and age, with lamentations by one and all for no more war, when the man giving the orders gives the orders to bomb the shepherds, get rid of him, don’t argue about his “sovereignty.” He abdicates it pretty much, right then and there, when the first bomb hits.

Then there’s the shooting in Connecticut. It’s sad of course, and every emotion can be brought forth in an effort to deal with senseless slaughter as it’s called. But what makes it special of course is that it is kids. 28 illegal aliens would not have stirred the pot as much. It’s right be fore Christmas, killing 28 in a housing project over the course of the summer is not such an issue. Of course, oddly, each shooting of more than 5 people leads to calls for gun control, while shootings under 5 never really do. The more shot in one place and time, the more shrill and loud the calls for gun control. If Mr. Lanza had killed 28 over the course of a year or two, he would have still terrorized the populace – what, we barely remember the Washington DC shootings of one at a time, when not many called for gun control. Ah, but kids, before Christmas, well, there’s an emotional boost to the argument.

Of course, I remember, back in Killeen Texas some guy drove his dang truck into a cafeteria killing a dozen or more, but we didn’t call for outlawing cars. And I personally witnesses a major stabbing event – in a supermarket, when I was a teen, some roughians started to stab people, lots of people, in the middle of the day – – it was bizarre, shoplifters caught or something – still, blood everywhere, cops by the dozens, what a mess – screams for days, I assure you (though not by me, I was very calm, hmm.) And then, though, no one calls for the banning of knives. Though, back in the Middle Ages, an age to which we are returning, it seems at times, it was the law that the peasants had to turn in all the knives and dangerous weapons, axes, etc etc that they used to work all day to the local lord, lest they rise in revolt in the evenings. There were thousands of tax revolts in the Middle Ages, a story not oft explored.

But, now, the problem is not so much the calls to “ban assault weapons.” The arguments are the same – -Switzerland requires every man to have an assault weapon, they don’t really have such shootings. Finland and many countries have ample bans and impossibilities of buying guns, yet, they too have shootings. They happen all over the world. Mexico, ah, you can’t buy a gun at all – except, well, it seems, everyone has a gun and they are quite available, and are, it appears too, well used. The idea that a “law” will solve the problem forever is absurd.

The banning of guns of any sort will not keep them out of the hands of anyone who wants one. Drugs and prostitutes are well banned, there’s no supply problem. All during Prohibition liquor was both banned and plentiful. A law does nothing. Stop asking for words on paper.

If you want a Christmas gift, if you want to “stop shootings” you’re going to have to do far more than “ban guns.” First of all – how are you going to round up all these guns? Just announce “hand them over”? And suppose the legal shy and quiet folks do so – do you truly think the criminals and those with more intent of sometime – even the alleged revolutionary militias which supposedly roam the back 40 acres of our nation – do you think they will hand their guns over peaceably? And so then with what power and army, or maybe with the army returned from overseas, we can go door to door searching for weapons. At what point does this become the police state? Will they need a warrant? Or will the law be the warrant?

Will you merely ban the new manufacture or sale to the public of these guns you don’t like? And then what, the pistol man, he comes in, and doesn’t use and “assault” rifle – but a pistol, or several, and kills some folks? Then we ban pistols. Then, there’s the guy with the car, he’ll mow down who he wants, and then you’ll ban cars. The arguments for gun bans are pie in the sky we’re all going to live happily ever after. And I’d note too, that every government on earth with lots of guns used it against their own people, while the people had no guns. For think, now, what would have happened had the Syrian people had guns, eh? Then perhaps Mr. Assad would not have gotten around to bombing as many of his own cities as he apparently likes to do. 40,000 dead already I hear, and he says to the world there’s no revolution. Hmm. Perhaps there’s something lost in translation.

Still, it’s the week before Christmas, and all through my house, I got things going on that keep me busy and well, it’s nice.

And so that’s it. Enjoy – perhaps one or two more words before 2013 – if the world survives – hahahaha! Fools in the “world is going to end” schemes, yes. Well, in 2013 perhaps I shall get serious once again. If I ever was.

So, to all a good night, and day, and shopping, and partying and feasting and giving and getting and whatever else you and yours may or may not do during these calendar days that get called so many things with great sincerity and yet one is still leery of offense these days that I hesitate to give a word to them. Lest the word, too, be banned, like guns. Legal bans are pointless, go look for reality under the Christmas tree, not a law. Don’t believe me? Ask a gay guy — we were banned – did that stop us? No, it did not. See, it’s reality, not a law that matters. Action, not words. Go hang an ornament, or talk about it. That’s what you have to do.


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  1. jim switzerland has the secound highest gun deaths in the world, u.s.a. has highest, switzerland requires all military age males to own assualt weapons, but everything is registered, no under the table looholes like here, almost all illegal weapons in mexico, central america, and south america are traced to united states, we are the arms dealer of the world, thats the only product we excel at, death and destruction, why do republicans and crazy tea party, and the religious reich want guns everywhere,beause they want a civil war in which gods party, the republican party shall rule by force, if they can win a civil war, they can,t win presidential elections anymore, prepers, and survivalist are also preparing for a civil war of some type, the religious south shall rise again.

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