A-maze-ing; Metaphorically

And you thought all I did was write iconoclastic posts:

Yes, it’s a maze – amazing, eh? It’s now entitled “Sedona” – but this is a pre-title shot of another old piece of wood made into something interesting.


painted on a piece of wood I found – so I save money, and a piece of wood doesn’t wind up in a landfill, and I earn money selling old wood with lines – man, it’s a wonderful world!

Sometimes I’ve been told my art is “too happy” – “where’s your angst, man?” I’m asked. Well, why must an artist have “angst” and “pain”? Why can’t an artist be happy, and, flowery:

Yes, each line is one stroke of the brush – it’s like calligraphy, but different.

On the other hand, these mazes are sort of emblematic of our political times – for nothing is easy – there is no easy, simple, direct path from “here” to “there” in policy.

And there are lots of dead ends.

Mazes are very much emblematic of life indeed. And of my thinking – not just the mazes, literally and physically, but also metaphorically – and I, maze painter as I am – never quite see things the way they are presented or appear – there’s always something missing, which is why my posts lead here and there, I just think of mazes when I think of the issues of our times.


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