“President as Fixer” – that’s the problem

We have developed in this nation the bizarre idea that one man, and his cronies, has some magical insight that he and he alone will solve this nation’s problems, whatever they might be. At this point in our history, it seems a president must be involved or knowledgeable about every subject under the sun. And so many people look to their man (or woman, for a few) as the savior of the nation. The one person who will make everything good. These people are seeking a miracle worker, and what we get is a man. A guy with friends, a guy with his own ideas about what everyone else should be doing. And a coterie of friends that will enable him to effect his vision for America. And sometimes it seems that no one wants to do anything on their own anymore, unless he has received presidential approval, or party approval at least. Often, each of the two parties (and many of the smaller ones, to be sure,) seems to think that not one single idea of anyone else could possibly merit a positive word.

We look now to the president for a jobs plan – The president will, or will not, make new jobs. But the president doesn’t make new jobs. He can’t. Or we look to the president’s, or the candidate’s, plans to solve energy independence, or equality, or homelessness, or poverty or some other reality of our land. How anyone could believe that one man could know so much and be in control of so much and make decisions about so much is really beyond my ability to grasp. Still, it’s said a president must know about farm supports and bailouts and economics and monetary infusions and science and medicine and the health care system and well, everything. Is there anything left in this nation which is not a presidential concern?

It’s been said of late that a president must even be involved in deciding as whether the private marriage of two citizens is a governmental issue, or a public issue, a congressional issue. Perhaps cabinet positions are needed to deal with even more areas of life. There’s always talk of making yet another cabinet level agency, another cabinet secretary. Weirdly, a cabinet of secretaries, such an ancient sounding term, isn’t even in the Constitution.

Ah, some say that the “General Welfare” clause of the preamble to the document allows the president, the congress and the government at large to make any decisions they deem right for the “general welfare.” With this catchall phrase I wonder what the rest of the document then is for? So much of it is superfluous, obviously, if everything is allowed under the GW clause. It’s said that any law might be passed, even if unread, and contradictory to other laws, or even so contrary to common sense and liberty too that the Constitution doesn’t mean much. And always, the answer to any problem is that we need some federal law to come to the rescue. And many believe, at the definite request of the president or a candidate for the office, that once the federal government has passed a law, well, then, that problem is solved. Mere words on paper become solutions, rather than any practical realities.

And this giving of enormous power to one man and his cronies is just not a good idea. I don’t care what you think needs solving – I’m even probably for that. I don’t care who you “care about” enough to do something – I’m probably for that too. Indeed, I find most touchy-feely let’s help people commentary rather nice – but then, go touch and feel yourself, help those people. But merely handing it off to Washington and the president has got to be the worst idea since, well, we had royalty. It is time for Americans to give up on Washington solving problems with a law, a program and a few billion bucks – for in each instance (poverty, homelessness, inequality, etc,) no matter what they tried – it has failed. Face it – if a War on Poverty begun in 1965 still hasn’t “solved” poverty – then the war failed. Try something else. But no, in our times of “hope” “change” and “making a better America” not a single thing can be changed or altered. The failures have become our mantra – keep it all! What a dumb concept.



  1. this is a little off the subject, but how is it that ann romney has had multible slerosis for 14 years and yet she is in such fantastic shape, i have never heard of this with anyone with this illness , what fantastic health care plan does she have? the average person with this illness, is likely to have been dead for the ten of the 14 years of this illness, yet they always bring up her tragic illness,except she can run,walk,play, ride horses, swim, and no doubt be first lady. i guess when your a anti women rights, anti gay republican,gun lover, war lover, god will cure you.

  2. I do not know about Ms. Romney’s health care — I do know I have a cousin who is quite agile still, some 15 years after her MS diagnosis. I don’t think it’s any drug or doctor — I think it’s one’s constitutional make up — my bloodline family is not prone to sickness (no cancers, for example) — those married in are different — for yet, I also know that another cousin’s daughter had to have a kidney transplant — and it was done, worked well, and he’s just a schmo like you and I – – and there was plenty of health care available regardless of the price; they weren’t asked to pay, they got treatment — I don’t know the details. A health plan does not ensure health — nor does any such plan help or hinder you if you are a resilient person. As for whom God will cure — I find that pro-gay folks and gays ourselves have God on our side. My first live-in boyfriend has been living with HIV since 1981 — from long before there was a drug to do anything — while I know many who died, even after the drugs came out. I can’t bring it down to whom God cures or not, nor to a specific health plan, nor to one’s political stance on any given issue. I’m just not partisan or living in the aggregate world of statistics enough to do that.

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