Why light blogging lately

Why no posts lately, in these momentous times, well, there’s a reason, several:  I moved to a new city. There’s much to set up, take care of, learn, change addresses, phone calls, buying stuff for a new place, the list seems endless of what must be done when one moves to a new city. The time consumed is worthwhile, but still, affects other things. And with all that important-can’t be avoided stuff, the less important stuff must fall by the wayside. There’s only so much a guy can do in the allotted hours.

Enjoy my dad’s birthday — to get your mind off of our morass of a political situation – coupled with the non-existent but created fantasy of a problem with “homosexuality.” Egad, talk to a gay man already, and find the fine fellow in your midst. As my father tells his friends: “don’t use the word ‘queer’ in front of me.”

My father has family values, and I’m his son — we are family. I love the guy.

More soon, the pot simmers, as you know.


But first – today is my father’s birthday — yes, 83 years old. A fine fellow, who does what he wishes, having made fine investments in his life, and not relying only on Social Security and a pension from a business that is out of business long ago. We wrote a book about it — http://www.housesarefree.com

And so, I hope you have/had a dad like mine — and go do something good, for you and for anyone else — for doing good within you reach is still one of the best solutions to the problems of our nation. Do good for you, or another — and we shall all be better together.

Thanks, cheers.



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