My take on the debate I did not watch

Yes, there was a “debate” – gab fest, happy talk, campaign ad, call it what you wish. I did not watch it, I never do – so it’s a tradition. I read the transcripts. That’s a tradition too. I’ve lived for years without a TV, I didn’t plan on getting one or seeking one out for this bit. Still, the commentary is unavoidable; the spin, the opinions, the parsing, etc etc – even – the take. I got one:

Admonition to the audience to not applaud between remarks.

Admonition to the public that it’s all fair and above board.

Soaring statement of purpose from candidates.

(extraordinarily similar, but well they should be, when one soars and purposes for America.)

Question one to candidate one: wah wah wah wah wah wah.

I think I’m the best.

Rebuttal: I’m better.

Question two to candidate two: wah wah wah wah wah wah.

I think I’m the best.

Rebuttal: I’m better.

Moderator: blah blah blah

Candidate 1: my record; my opponent.

Candidate 2: my record; my opponent.

And then it went on from there.

To some, many, it was great for Romney.

For others, it was peachy for Obama.

Many had preconceived notions, and nothing short of the man pulling down his pants would change their minds.

For most I suppose it was boring; or they didn’t watch it nor read the transcripts. It’s a ritual of sorts. Needs a major overhaul, I reckon.

The problem is that these two guys, of diddling ability, are our choices. They have no vision but themselves in a history book. They actually are hoping that it comes out on the bright side. For Obama it will almost no matter what happens, for he’s a “first” of so many kinds it’s unstoppable. I give him the credit for that (well, no, he um, “inherited” it.) For Romney, if it goes kerfluey, he and the Republicans will be blamed like Hoover was blamed; and probably try the same thing to get out of it – which was actually something to blame him for – which was what FDR just maximized, well, as far as he could get away with – but was not blamed for, for he was “Trying” – didn’t do any good, but he tried. Stimulus, schtimulus, you can’t spend your way out of debt, deficit or recession. It sounds good – people have no money! Give them money! –

So we get deficit spending to boost consumer buying power. Only, weirdly, the deficit spending is never cash given to people to spend. It’s given to government agencies to loll around in for awhile while they think up strategies to spend it in inter-agency reviews and the bureaus of what-for and new stationery with their new “we care for the people” logo. Or – On infrastructure! Let’s hire an engineer to work on a plan for a few years; put up an orange cone or two. Yes. That will help the toaster sellers. Perhaps the money goes for a new federal building; always useful to take up downtown parking lots, or trail a few behind them, as well as the last federal building, now empty, with a few construction jobs for a few months, and the plaque makers too. Then the spigot goes try and the guy’s got no job anymore. Oh well.

Yes, stimulus didn’t help FDR, it won’t help now. “Revisionist” history — quotes, for it’s such a dangerous thing to revise FDR’s legacy, one is often thought a crank – has reassessed what FDR did – eh, not so good.

It’s the system. It’s silly stuff like sending Medicare announcements to recipients of Medicare to tell them each month what care they got, and that it cost them nothing; forgetting to mention the cost of the envelope and paper – as if people can’t remember or look in their appointment books. It’s the paper given to every prescription recipient for every drug every month, month on year on end – the same paper – from forest to mill to printer to druggist to patient to garbage to landfill. No one ever read it but the bureaucrats (federal or private directed by federal – which is almost the same thing,) who wrote it, and decreed that it should be given with every month’s refill. Lest one had forgotten the several pages of densely packed text one didn’t read the first the ’round. Hey, a billion here, a billion there, and yes, pretty soon it is real money. A senator said that, in dismissal of concern over a few billion in spending; yes, that’s the problem –

Congress is looking at the entirety – and confused, throws its collective hands in the air and passes a continuing resolution – just like last time – but with oh, 2% inflation built in, to keep ahead of inflation of course. And recipients and boosters are looking at a tiny .005% of federal funding and saying “see, it’s only pennies.” So nothing can be cut, ever.

Say, did you know what happens if you take a checker board and put a penny on the first square, then double that for the second, to two cents. Then to four cents on the third square – and then double that to 8 cents on the fourth – and so on? Yep, you’d have so many zeros you might think you stepped into a bubble bath. That’s what we’re doing with the spending by the government.

And so, until we get a president who will actually do something – or pledge to do absolutely nothing – that is, either truly cut the garbage out – or bring stability sooner by doing nothing – well, then, nothing will change and we’ll go broke. Or, we could make real changes, positive changes, and we can get back to the business of business. And frolic. We Americans just love to frolic. Right after business. We don’t like to politic. Which is why the political class has had a century of being most ignored and avoided – and now look – they got their hands in so many pies it can’t even lick their fingers clean. And we debate over who’s going to clean up the sticky mess.  


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