We’re gonna’ get what we get.

Right now, as the election is coming up, there’s not much more I can talk about except the broad aspects of our times. Frankly, I’m not sure I have anything more to add on the details. I’ve stated it repeatedly, it’s not the good goals that many people have, it’s the lousy implementation of the ways to get there. It’s not that we don’t need to help folks, it’s that we don’t need 20 pages of bureaucracy to do the job.

But there’s one thing that is happening, and that is the solidification of ideas – almost a virtually (supposedly) 50-50 split – into this side and that side. At least that’s what promised us, that’s what said to exist. I don’t think so. I think it’s two fringes who think they’ve got to get into power to save the nation, and the other 80% of us thinking that that is not a good idea. We are faced with two parties, two views, supposedly. Everything is binary. That’s not true in the real world, only in Washington. The election is said to be close, points apart, a small band of undecided. So, one can endlessly suppose, or wait until the stuff hits the fan.

Well, so I’m sort of going to stop with the nitpicking of what some idiot said. Idiots comes and go. Throughout history idiots have made the headlines; they sound so the best at that moment. Then they are gone, their ideas swept away; the world a little wiser. All the prognostics are wrong: we really have no idea what’s going to happen. That’s part of the problem of government, the inability to predict the future, yet the stone sure solidness that things will remain just the way they are. Change happens, but government rarely changes, until an earthquake of sorts hits it.

Technology was one of those things. It snuck up on folks and took down governments all over the world. No one saw it, for they were looking at a narrow view – mere politics – instead of the large view: reality sweeps aside politics real quickly when the politics goes awry. So I’m going to just meander a bit for a while, looking at all the things that might be considered. For neither Obama or Romney is going to fix our current morass, and those extremists on both sides will say the other side will destroy the nation; and well, if they do they do. If they don’t, they don’t. Time will tell. We’ll know soon enough if the doomsayers of either side are right. They usually aren’t, but they, there’s a chance this time. And now, thoughts on technology, which doomsayers have always said won’t work and are dangerous anyway, and must be stopped.

Ever since the beginning of the industrial revolution technology has been seen as a fearless invader of traditional ways. It has been fought. Governments have sought to oppress it. Even things like the telescope and the microscope came under suspicion by government. That’s because science and technology — which go hand in hand, they are inseparable — always undermines the power of a government in the long run. It allows people to free up their time for other purposes, and it allows them to know and do things in new, uncontrollable ways.

Rulers throughout history have always sought to gain control of new technologies and to deny them to their people. They recognized immediately that it would spell the end of their power. Often governments gain control of technology in the short run, with the power to block the internet just the most current attempts by government. But technology has always become more efficient, smaller, easier to use, faster — and thus it will always circumvent whatever limitations government tries to put on it. Science and technology are merely knowledge made real. All the sum total of what can be known exists in the world — independently of whether it is actually known. We might not know the benefits some plant offers — but that benefit exists within the plant — waiting only to be “discovered” by some scientists or technologist. All the things we see around us today existed in uncombined forms throughout the entire history of humankind. Electricity was there, so was computing power. The only thing successive generations did was to elicit the facts and then combine them in ways that were useful to all. Government has always tried to stop this recombining of things — because the government cannot control the future — it can only control the current times. And if nothing changes it is easier to control.

Technology will be what pushes the rest of the world towards liberty, and thus peace and prosperity. As the people of the world become more aware of technology they will put it to use. And the more people use technology the freer they are. A man with a car and a computer is freer than a man with a donkey cart and an abacus.


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