Free, Hate & Rational Speech

The question has arisen: Is what Chick-fil-a saying and doing “hate speech”? The answer is, no! Emphatically so. And in my wide ranging discussion of this current broohaha, and over the many years I have written widely on the internet I have never used the words “hate” “hate speech” nor even “bigot” or it’s many forms. Not me. No, I call them what they are: delusional psycho cases. What is one to call a company that donates money to an admitted failure and fraud? Alan Chambers of Exodus International makes his living by telling his donors that he’s completely unsuccessful at ever changing a “homosexual” to a hetero. Then he asks them for their money, and they give it to him. Barnum would be sore amazed. Fools born every minute, indeed, and quickly parted from their money. Is that “hate” or “bigotry”? Absolutely not, it’s a vapid stupidity by the donors, and a craven con-job by the recipient. But I’m in neither end of that sordid business. I actually produce something of value to those I sell to.

The “Family Research Council,” led by “homosexual” obsessed Tony Perkins and Peter Sprigg have been failing continuously for nearly 30 years now. I can’t help it if fools keep giving the poseurs cash. But those two men are not “bigots” or “haters,” no. They are con artists of astounding dexterity and perseverance. For nearly 30 years they have sought to dispose of gay folks from this land. They now have 6 or 7 states with gay marriage recognized to show for their efforts, and a 100 lawsuits to the Supreme Court a-coming. Every legislative and legal battle they have engaged in has resulted in failure. In any other business they’d be fired. But so persuasive are they in their fight against “homosexuality” that people keep giving them money to fail. It beats me, it’s so very strange. But “hate,” nah. They love us, as they proclaim, for without us, they’d have no jobs. Why, if they got rid of us, as they claim is their goal, they’d have to get a real job. No, they have no desire to get rid of gay folks, for how easy it must be to dupe people like Mr. Cathy of Chick-fil-a out of a few hundred thousand bucks by presenting an illusion? It must be very easy, for the twain have met, and are now in lockstep.

What these frauds are engaging in is a Don Quixote fight against a phantasma of their own invention. They have created the mythical “Homosexual” and “Homosexuality” and the “Homosexual Lobby” and the “Homosexual Agenda.” And they are fighting it tooth and nail, while running to the bank with the proceeds. For, alas, the problem is that what they have created doesn’t exist. Oh yes, I suppose they “hate” this creation of theirs. Most people hate their nightmares, yes? But like I said, this phantasma, this chimera, this creation, simply does not exist. Weirdly, people like Cathy give money to groups who are fighting this creation of theirs, for they are co-creators of the myth. That so many people should be so delusional is quite disconcerting, for it shows a sort of “monster in the closet” childishness among adults that I’m puzzled by, and the nation is too. How could so many people be so delusional? How could so many people spend so much money, time and effort to defeat and eliminate that which simply doesn’t exist? I wish I had an answer. I don’t. Let me see if I can clarify my point.

What is this creation of theirs? Well, it’s hard to define, beyond the very words themselves. For they are vague in their description of the thing which they seek to warn the country about. Primarily it seems to revolve around the “sex” in “homoSEXual.” Yes, well, I suppose sex is what it is. Everyone has sex, mostly. Though apparently far less sex than what the sex obsessed pretend. Why, if heteros are to be believed, they are lucky to have sex on a Saturday night once or twice a month. Same for gay folks, but what do we matter in this debate? We are nothing. It is “Homosexuality” that is the bugaboo. Yes, ah, but “Homosexuals” – those people are engaged in so much sex as to preclude any other life endeavor. For if it be true that “Homosexuals” have 300, 400, even 500 partners a year, when do they find the time to cook dinner and take out the garbage, or more importantly, earn a living and pay their taxes? Really, now. I mean this: supposedly “homosexuals” make up 1% of the population, yes? Yes. That’s what the “Liberal” NY Times touted. That’s surely what the anti-”homosexual” groups tout. Those homosexuals are miniscule. It must take inordinate numbers of hours for any one “homosexual” to track down another “homosexual” to have all this sex.

Think of this, it is well known now that gay folks live in every county of the nation. It was quite a shock to all demographers, who supposed that “homosexuals” only live in San Francisco and New York, perhaps a few other cities. But now that the truth be out – how could a “homosexual” in say, Lake Charles Louisiana (A city with which I have more than a passing acquaintance,) possibly have 300 sex partners a year? Lake Charles, charitably including all the suburbs, has barely 200,000 people. 1% is oh, 2,000 people. Could 2,000 gay men possibly be having 300 sex encounters with different men in a year? Year after year after year? Do these people know math beyond “give me $250,000 to fight the ‘homosexual agenda!”? I fear not.

Louisiana has 4.5 million people. That’s supposedly then 45,000 men. Why, I would think in but a few years the entirety of every “Homosexual” would have had sex with every single other “homosexual” that there be no new partners to be had. Why, it would seem for these numbers to be true, that the minute any “homosexual” met another, immediately they would go off to have sex. Is this possibly true? Well, no, it’s not. Especially if one is to believe say, Maggie Gallagher and Michelle Bachmann, who are equally insistent that all gay men are lonely people who never have companionship. I dare say, for such lonely isolated people without friends or companionship, those “homosexuals” sure have a lot of companionship. The idea is preposterous, at odds with itself. And so that’s one part of the chimera, the myth. Frankly, I have met many a “homosexual,” aka gay man, with whom the idea of even shaking hands is anathema. Still, the math doesn’t add up, but it still bandied about by these delusional people.

Still, I also take at face value the protestations of many an “anti-homosexuality” person that they have multiple gay friends. They all claim it. Kirk Cameron, an actor of middling intelligence, as actors tend to be, has vouched safe that he has many “gay” friends, but he’s against “homosexuality” with all his fervor. Now that his acting career is over, I suppose he’s going to make a living fighting “homosexuality” by asking the Mr. Cathy’s of this nation to donate funds. What a job! Still, if this be true, all these “gay” friendly people, (a word which they simply will not use, in unsullied petulance,) why can’t they see the difference between what they posit and what is reality in front of them? I don’t know, I just don’t. It’s some sort of mind meld or warp that is beyond my limited experience with psychology.

It’s said by the “haters of homosexuality” that gay men are anti-family. I find this laughable because every single gay man I know goes home to Thanksgiving or Christmas or both to join his family, and checks up on mom to see if the light bulbs still work. Indeed, that’s what “Momma’s boys” are, yes? Indeed, it is this very “coming out,” as it is known, that has simply destroyed any vestige of validity of the “homosexuals are anti-family.” Not to mention that it was hetero family members who chased away the gay men, but hey, once again, reality is forsaken for the chimera. For decades I rescued young men thrown out of their homes at tender ages by “good Christian” families, who then said the gay man were anti-family. The gay men begged to be accepted as whom we are, and the families said “no” – and then had the audacity to blame us. Bizarre, yes? Aw, that has changed much, for families did come round to their senses. “Evolving” perhaps it might be called.

Are Chick-fil-a and its minions “bigoted”? No! Absolutely not. At least not against gay men. For they don’t know us. They remain in what is called “invincible ignorance” about gay men. They refuse to speak to us. When we try to engage them, we are chased off their websites. They have never come down to a gay bar to say “Hello” and ask us what we think or feel, nor even to parse their ridiculous “Cures” for what ails the “No homosexuals” crowd. They have no factual data with which to work with. They have endeavored to prevent any such information from ever being gathered. Why, the Census Bureau itself is prohibited by law from asking a question about us. All attempts to count us consist of random phone calls by ill-paid surveyors asking “Any homosexuals in the house?” The whole subject is so bereft of data that how easy it must be to keep up the lament about the thing, yes? Again, they are Delusional, Misinformed, Crazy, Psychotic even. Frankly, I don’t know what to call it, but I demur on “hate” and “bigot” – yes, perhaps “crazed delusional psychotic” is the best phrase for it.

One could go on with this analysis, of this fight against the “homosexuality” which is made of whole cloth, but I have neither the time nor energy at this late hour, having just come back from a gay bar – a place where working people, who own or rent homes, have gathered with like minded people to talk about plumbing and water heater problems, (which was indeed a major topic this evening.) I find it hard to believe that worries about whether there’s enough hot water in a house could conceivably be a threat to the nation. But Mr. Cathy and et al, etc are quite convinced that this is indeed a problem. For those are “homosexuals” using hot water in their homes. That can’t be had, I guess. Like I said, it’s so phantasmagorical we all can’t fathom it. We are bereft now of words to counter this mindless mush. All of us, this evening, in a brief segue way away from plumbing and the cost thereof, just laughed our sissy asses off at the perfidy and stupidity of the whole affair. And indeed, virtually every website run by and for gay folks has simply said “this is so stupid to be beyond discussion.”

For how do gay folks talk to psychotics who have created their myth of “homosexuality”? I’m afraid there is no cure for those people. They seek us to be what we are not. We say we will not, cannot, change, and are absolutely thrilled to be just who we are, and that we are born this way, and it’s what God wanted (our God at least, get a better God if yours disagrees,) and we are then called liars and threats to the nation and worse – but not to our faces, no. Only to the national press and also to the “No homosexuality” fund raising club. There is no fighting these idiots anymore. They minds are simply rotten, besotted with an obsession with a “homosexuality” that doesn’t exist. Frankly, we got better things to do. They accuse “homosexuals” of being obsessed with sex by spending every waking hour of their day discussing it, and earning or receiving money to do so. Who then is “obsessed”?

One final note: We certainly, not any gay man I know, don’t want to stop them from saying what they say. I think, though, this is not expressed quite as clearly as I do here, that we in fact want them to ratchet up their delusional protestations. We wish them to go on the public air waves and speak their minds, or what is left of them. We wish them the heartiest good luck in convincing the nation that a genocide of sorts against “homosexuals” is good for what ails the nation. Truly they are laughing stocks in the gay world. Yes, we monitor what they say. But is more like watching the next episode of a Seinfeld or some other sitcom. Yes, fools they be. And we endure their foolishness. But isn’t it time for rational people to tell them to shush and go home and get a real job?


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