On Gay Folks and the Bill of Rights

In this confounded “debate” (more a screaming match than a debate, but hey,) over Chick-fil-a’s rights, and the alleged efforts by “Liberals” to speak up for gay folks (we, being a disparate group of individuals, did not appoint or hire any to be our protectors or spokesmen,) and thus impart to all gay folks the folly of their wisdom or stupidity, I find it odd that not much is spoken of the Rights of Gay Folks to live within this Republic without having to listen to verbosity over whether we are “wrong” or “right.” Nor whether anyone thinks it wrong or right. We gay folks are simply not accorded the time of day in this discussion of whose rights are being trampled or whose are being protected, or lofted on high. We are said to be wrong from the very beginning, at most we are to be “tolerated” like a carbuncle on Uncle Sam’s butt. It is added that we should shush while you all work out the particulars. Otherwise we are accused of proselytizing our “evil” and horrible ways.

After all, there is much talk, of course, about this nefarious “homosexual agenda” and the “homosexual lobby” as if each and every gay person ascribes to whatever each and every self-proclaimed “gay rights advocate” spouts, or what each and every heterosexual deems are appropriate Rights for gay folks to exercise without government interference. The idea is preposterous. As a parallel, no one would speak of “heterosexual rights,” ergo there are no “homosexual rights.” There are only American Rights. These are enshrined in the Constitution, mostly under Amendments 1-10. I wish they had been a part of the original document, and not mere amendments, but I was not there to argue my case. They are also amply stated in “All men are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Gay folks have yet to be free of attacks upon our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, of this there can be no doubt.

Now, it seems too that when a conservative heterosexual dislikes the “Liberal” point of view, said heterosexual does not impart some nefarious agenda or lobby to “heterosexuals” but to others of like Liberal persuasion. Likewise, Liberals decry the views of “Conservatives” about what is right or wrong or what government ought to do, but don’t blame Conservatives for a “heterosexual” agenda or lobby. Ah, but we gays, so often said to not be a “special class,” to not be any God-given separate thing, are then treated exactly as a “special class” deserving of all sorts of “special laws” and even “special rights” to be harassed and harangued by one and all, if they so choose. This goes up to and including the rather bizarre “special right” to get state and just possibly a federal constitutional amendment that forever enshrines in the basic laws of our nation a special class distinction of opprobrium that strips away our connection to the Bill of Rights.

There is no clearer exposition of our “special class” than to have our very own constitutional amendment that would deny us the use of a very word. Indeed, so special are we that our sports efforts were denied the use of the word “Olympics.” Yes, all the way to the Supreme Court did the Olympic Committee of this nation take the “Gay Olympics” to deny us the use of the word. Gay folks lost, we are not allowed to use a word! Little do heterosexuals know, liberal or conservative, in this time of the London Olympics, that gay folks stage the largest sporting events on earth – called the Gay Games in deference to the Supreme Court’s ruling that we are denied the use of an English word. More athletes, more attendees, more people from more nations, yet the same sports for sure, held every five years in sundry cities worldwide, and all without a damn dime of government/taxpayer funds. Nor a mention in our allegedly “gay friendly” liberal media. NPR or CNN have yet to cover the story, I assure you, of 50,000 athletes coming to win medals.

Now we shall be denied the use of the word “marriage,” too, by law! For “free speech,” I’m sure. Not ours, but hey, we’re just not really people with rights, I guess. We have long been, of course, denied the use of the words “Normal” or “God-given.” We are even told we might not say “gay” in the state of Tennessee. And are often abused for using a perfectly fine word brought into English some 800 years ago by Eleanor of Aquitaine in reference to her son Richard the Lionhearted. And I dare say, when every biographer of him (many) and his boyfriend King Philip of France (few,) has to repeat: “But he wasn’t a homosexual” despite that the two kings lived together, scandalizing the chroniclers of the late 1100s, and Richard spent all of three months in the same city with his wife Barengaria in their 10 year forced marriage, it’s obvious that the obvious can’t be uttered. What? The most famous and popular King of England a poufter? Egad! What other words of the English language might we be denied? Some would have it that the whole language be stripped from us except for “the.” And given the genocidal proclivities of our most ardent opponents, even that too. Yet the Supreme Court ruled it fine that anyone might say “God Hates Fags.” And so they use it or its synonyms, so long as “God hates…” is appended. For religious liberty, ahem.

It has long been my contention that gayness, gay people, oh, “homosexuality” for those who wish to maintain this bizarre Greco-Roman hybrid invented barely a 100 years ago by some German “social scientist” for its connotation of “sex” right there in the middle of the thing, is just so different that the labels “liberal” and “conservative” don’t apply. Neither do “Democrat” or “Republican.” Why, less than 30 years ago the Left in Europe, Communists in Russia too, blamed “homosexuality” on Christian-Capitalist decadence while the Right in America, and Christians here, blamed “homosexuality” on Godless Communism. The uniformity of disdain for us was, well, uniform, the blame was to the other. When both sides disdain you, one can’t be on other side, can one? It’s still argued over: is gayness a left or right position? It’s neither. Just as heterosexual might be “Liberal” or “Conservative,” so might we. But alas, we are told by many on both sides, this cannot be so.

Meanwhile, in the blame game for our “unnatural” condition many a rather natural cause is given: our mothers are blamed, as well as our fathers or lack thereof, as well as the previous generation recruiting the newer one, as well as a “predisposition” and “environment” not otherwise defined, and too a “choice.” How all these natural things add up to “Unnatural” I can’t figure. Neither can heteros. The plethora of reasons for the gayness might be boiled down to this: “Gay people are gay because of a predisposition, and/or environment, and/or a strong, absent, cloying, overbearing, too close or too distant mother, and/or a strong, absent, cloying, overbearing, too close or too distant father, and/or an older man recruiting us into the ‘homosexual lifestyle’ by inducements never defined beyond the word ‘recruit’ and/or a choice of evil proportions to have this and/or predisposition, environment, erring mother, erring father, nefarious recruiter and wrong choice.” Other than that, you are all very clear about the matter. As the Catholic Archbishop of the Armed Forces of the USA so recently said: “It’s largely unexplained.” Yes, well, get to work! Figure it out, but stop with the mush.

You heterosexuals are so blind to the issue as to be bumfuddled (one needs a new word to define the situation when 10 heteros are in a room together discussing the origin of gayness and each has a different view but each is correct, yes?) You bumfuddle us and yourselves. And, to top it off, as if a cherry on top of all this sugary nonsense, when we say, as Occam himself would posit for the elegant simplicity of it all: “We’re born this way” we are called liars. You are strange, you liberal and conservative heterosexuals, when it comes to explaining us. Which is why you are both lousy at being our spokespeople, and which is why we won’t appoint or hire you for the job. We do well enough ourselves, thank you.

Now, the Bill of Rights is mostly clear. Oh, arguments are made one way or the other of how far or how short the citizenry might exercise those rights. But these arguments are only for heterosexuals, for I dare say, all of gay folks’ constitutional rights have been abrogated in one way or the other over the years by liberal and conservative alike. And with an insouciant disregard for anything we might say on the matter. Indeed, virtually every single hearing in Congress over so-called “Gay rights” eschews the presence of any gay people lest we taint the proceedings by “promoting homosexuality.” Who on earth is “promoting” it? Not us. We say “Leave us alone,” and this is construed as trying to make everyone gay, while admitted failures to make us heterosexuals are given tens of millions of dollars by foolish corporations and religious groups to continue their vain efforts. They seek to sell us a service we refuse to buy, and we are castigated for not buying the pig-in-poke. Strange, no? Yet, we seek to change no one, as many seek to change us. In fact, not just “seek” but demand that we change immediately, for their benefit. Screw rights and reason, you heterosexuals got an agenda: No more gays!

Let us then go through the amendments and see which are denied to gay folks, or were denied until we really got fed up and rioted once, or twice, and started to stage annual protest marches that now have spread all over the world in a way that Liberals and Conservatives can only marvel at, if only they took the time to bother to look at the reality. Meanwhile, the people who claim these labels for themselves, who choose to be one or the other, and which such labels are often reversed in other nations, such that a “conservative” Russian is a communist, while a “liberal” Russian wants our Bill of Rights, to the point of utter confusion about what the two words mean, have simply kept gay folks at arms length until we contact each and everyone of you. It turns out that quite a few “Liberals” are still vehemently against the Bill of Rights applying to gay folks – to wit, Democratic voters of African heritage. And too quite a few “Conservatives” are quite for us — to wit, Barry Goldwater and more, of the Republican voters who say we “deserve full constitutional rights including marriage and military service.”

1st Amendment Freedom of Religion. Amply denied to us. We are told we must join some religion not only not of our choosing or faith, but those very religions claim we can’t join them. Then they insist we follow their rules and join their club as someone other than ourselves, or else they will seek government action against us. The government entertains the notion. Not until 2003 were religious-inspired law against our exercise of Freedom of Religion even removed from the books. Hell, they’re still on the books, with various state legislators champing at the bits to put them back to (not really) enforcing. Rick Santorum and Bryan Fischer, Tony Perkins and Maggie Gallagher, all friend or recipients of Chick-fil-a largesse, seek to reimpose those laws against us. These are the so-called “Crimes against nature” laws, or “sodomy laws.” You say your God says it’s wrong, so you want the government to put those laws to effect. We say our Bible, or our religious belief that God made us gay for His purpose, are simply not to be accorded one wit’s worth of credence.

Freedom of Assembly: Amply denied to us. When, until 2003, we couldn’t even assemble two by two in our own homes without fear of government intervention and arrest, I dare say our freedom to assemble were trampled upon. Gay bar raids? We assembled peaceably, and the police came down and arrested us all. For Liberty! Egad. As late as 2009, cops were still busting heads in gay bars – to wit, Atlanta, Georgia and Fort Worth, Texas. Our protest marches were protested just this year by the Cardinal of Chicago (a man with a gay nephew who says “homosexuals are evil, my gay nephew is a fine man.” The tortured logic of that is beyond his Eminence’s ability to grasp, apparently – evil and fine at the same time?)) who wanted the gay protest march to be removed from the city lest it come within a mile of any Catholic Church. In a state where the Nazis were allowed to march, with Supreme Court approval, many years prior, and he’s still out there trying to squelch our right to protest, with a former member of the Nazi youth his leader? He jests, no? Or clueless? Perhaps.

One Linda Harvey is quite sure that all gay bars should be closed – so we can’t assemble! She’s accorded time on TV, on radio, as she seeks the utter and abject abrogation of our Right to Assemble. And too, groups like Exodus, and AFTAH, and NARTH, and NOM, FRC, AFV, (oh look them up,) are quite sure we should only assemble on their terms, with a woman of their choice, which they have yet to proffer a real lady to whom we might lie to about our feelings – as Mr. Chambers of Exodus does by his own admission, daily, to his faux-wife – with an utter disregard for our feelings and rights, and the feelings and rights of this imaginary woman.

Freedom of Speech: gay magazines and gay political tracts were seized by the government and burned and destroyed. Those writing them arrested. The FBI spent a good million bucks back in the late 1950s, well within living memory, tracking down “Dorothy” and her friends who had the temerity to put up fliers asking gay men and women to assemble to discuss the abrogation of our rights. That the FBI was so dense to not realize that Dorothy is a character in a movie shows both how fearful heterosexuals are of us, and how utterly stupid you all can be.

And the simple saying of “I do” is also denied. Can any clearer example of the denial of free speech ever be made? I doubt it. And too, when gay folks speak up, we are told to shut up. “Don’t mention that.” “Don’t flaunt your homosexuality.” “Go back in the closet.” “Don’t push your perversions on other people.” The list of people who tell gay people to disappear is endless. And I dare say, when politicians and politicos say that gay folks have no right to question the logic or reason or belief of Christians, corporations and the arrant nonsense of groups like Exodus and NOM it is a denial of free speech. Oh where is the outrage, heterosexuals? Nowhere, we’re just gay – and to say a good word about us is something not permitted.

The right to redress grievances against our government? Until the 1980s most states were quite sure that gay folks didn’t even have the right to enter a court of law to argue our case. In 1986 we were told by the Supreme Court that any law against us was permissible. Up to and including denying us the right to protest, seek laws for us, or to even hire a lawyer to speak for us. We were so “Psychologically” and “Psychiatrically” insane, it was said, it was impossible for us to be in a court of law, unless dragged in unwillingly by heterosexuals to be adjudicated against. That gayness is the only human condition to ever be both psychological and psychiatric seems to have wholly escaped anyone’s notice. That we are said to “choose” these two conditions while all other such people in their vaunted manuals have outside causes also was ignored. That psychiatrists claimed that all such conditions in their manual were a matter of brain chemistry but ours was not shows the utter flimflam of that profession. That psychologists were quite sure that our mothers or fathers made us “choose” as toddlers is quite an indictment of those idiots. Still, even if the acts or non-acts of mom and dad were the “cause” we were to blame for having chosen such parents. The logic required here is so tortured I can’t make the leap of faith required. Invincible Ignorance is the term, I do believe.

Our 4th Amendment Right to be free from search and seizure – abrogated – for when the government can simply arrest us for smooching, and in our clubs and bars, and seize our publications, well, I dare say being free from search and seizure is quite impossible. When the government, or members of it, call for our permanent incarceration I would say that they would have the power to search and seize us within the jail cells they intend for us.

Our 5th Amendment Right to not incriminate ourselves? Abrogated: merely showing up in a gay bar, or holding hands, immediately made one a criminal to which there was no defense, particularly in light of times recently past when we were “not of sound mind and body” to even enter a plea of “not guilty.” We were guilty from the get go – proof wasn’t required, the crime was gayness. I’m not sure if being dragged off to a mental institution, a sort of jail, and subject to heinous experiments to electrically and chemically shock the gayness out of us, (fraudulent medical procedures under duress, anyone?) is covered by the 1st, 4th or 5th Amendments, or all three. I’ll let a lawyer divine that mush. Even today, merely walking down a street holding hands is construed as a crime of various sorts. We are routinely arrested for such actions. And we pay the taxes for the privilege! Where are out rights to hold hands in a park?

And on and on it goes. A blog post can hardly do justice to the injustice. Nor can this space allow what would require a book. And where are the “Liberals” and “Conservatives” on this abject denial of our Rights as Americans? They’re still arguing over why people are gay, and who is to blame, and what is to be done about the problem, while ignoring gay folks entirely. I recall, just so recently, that Ann Coulter attended some Republican gay group’s meeting, HomoCon, and then went on to Larry King Live, a mush headed show of astounding proportions, and she spoke with some spokesman of the Democratic Party, a professor of African heritage, and nary a gay person was in sight to discuss the alleged theme of the show – Ms. Coutler’s attendance at the gay confab. And while the first two minutes of the show did pause to mention her visit, the show quickly segued into how teenage black girls were getting pregnant and running up the social welfare services bill for all Americans – and all because gay people were denied marriage and we were the cause of it all? The mush was so thick I almost puked.

And now comes Chick-fil-a, spreading widely its millions of dollars to groups which have clearly stated they want us gay folks gone from this nation – come now, listen to NOM and Exodus, be clear as to what they are saying: “Gay be gone!” Then they are screaming about their rights to abrogate mine. And they are complaining about any and all gay folks and the friends we might have (themselves not exactly “friendly” so much as tolerating our intrusion into their hetero lives,) who dare to question them. Apparently they think they have rights, and we do not. They are all clear on this. Santorum, Huckabee, even some two-bit washed up actor named Kirk Cameron are all on board in seeking to use the government to squash the rights of gay folks. Ah, but Chick-fil-a apparently has more rights than we do. Yes, we’re only the sissies and queers, (quite old words, back when Ye Olde Homosexual Lobby didn’t have enough power to stop us being burned on faggots out back the church.) What rights do we have? And then the audacity of these people and their supporters to tell us to shush until they have decided the matter!

We should begin, I think, to exercise our 2nd Amendment Rights, and get some guns, to stop the requested onslaught against us. I would say that when a multitude of politicians still are calling for our death, or religious figures are calling for our deaths or expulsion from the nation or our incarceration for life, our government is against us. Rights? We don’t got no stinkin’ rights. That it is only some within government at the moment, doesn’t mean that they aren’t working overtime to get others of their persuasions into positions of power so that they might direct the government they control to come down like a police state against us. Who will protect us from our government? Not any heterosexual, but us. Guns to the ready!

I’m astounded and dismayed at the political posturing of both Liberals and Conservatives on this issue. Against the liberals for using us to further their own aims, and claiming they speak for all of us, and then otherwise ignoring us, and conservatives for simply switching from individual liberty to treating us as a class to be squashed. The hypocrisy, lack of facts, lack of thought, lack of logic and a host of mush is simply breathtaking on both sides. But that’s because, as I keep saying, gay folks are like no other issue of our times. We are not like taxes, or spending, or deficits, or whether a road is to be built or a post office named. We are oh so very different – and both sides make that very clear. Then they happily go about using us for their political football, while ignoring our American Rights to be left alone and live as we do, quietly, productively and in peace. Well, America, this next presidential term is going to be very gay as the entirety of this mush is hauled up before the Supreme Court. There’s so many cases now, on so many aspects of gay existence, it’s to be marveled at. Hopefully, prayerfully, it’ll all be over soon and we won’t have to listen to the nonsense anymore. I had thought this nation was way beyond Isabella of Spain in 1492 when she told the Jews to convert, leave or die. Apparently Medieval pogroms are alive and well in modern America when it comes to us.



  1. we still have dumb gay people who continue to support anti gay religions, anti gay political partys, its like deep down they agree with theses anti gay positions of these groups, think gay republicans, go proud

    • Robert, less than 2 decades ago the Democrats and all religions were just as anti-gay as the Republicans and well, all religions — and thus we talked to them, and they have “evolved” as their leader, Obama, calls it. Hell, just 4 months ago he was against gay marriage. He said repeated during the campaign, “I’m against gay marriage.” How could I support him, by your logic? How do you think the Republicans and anti-gay religions will evolve? Through some miracle? No, it is because some gay folks keep talking to them. Not to mention that far more Republicans are not anti-gay than might be imagined, but the media and gay press has no plan to let this knowledge out. Indeed, when Goldwater, Mr. Republican himself said in 1994, “Gays deserve full constitutional rights, including marriage and military service” as Clinton, Democrat indeed, was signing into law DOMA and DADT with broad Democratic party support in congress, the media portrayed this as a “Left” move. Hardly the case. Gayness is not “Left” or “right” and neither side has a claim on our allegiance. No political party is “for” gay rights, they are for power. And the Democrats are worried of losing their power, so they are using us as a political football just as much as some religious and Republicans use us to do their fundraising. We are a tool, we gays are, and neither party gives a damn.

      • at one time the republican and democratic party had both liberals and conservatives, with the civil rights act of 1965,the conservatives left the democrats to the republicans,and vise versa,today the republican is a extreme right wing with the ever so extreme TEA party,because they are in bed now with the domionist form of christianity, they are severly anti gay, anti abortion, anti birth control, the log cabin republicans have done nothing to make things better for gays,president obama was alwaysfor domestic partnerships, using the word gay marrage was to risky at one time, but he is he only president that has come out for gay marrage, clinton signed doma into law to appease the republican majority in congress.there is this mythlogy that republicans are good with econamy, except 90 percent of our national debt comes from them, the only decent thing they did was build the interstate system under eisenhower.i live in georgia which is full of republicans, except for the atlanta area, especialy the midtown gay neighborhood section , every republcan i know seem to be very anti gay. thanks to republicans we are swamped with guns, and assualt weapons, so much for the sanctity of human life. if republicans get elected in november, gays will be on borrowed time, before anti gay laws will be comon place, they will put anti gay justices on the suprme court,some gay people are republicans because they have many family members that are

  2. barry Goldwater did not speak out for gay rights until about 12 years ago when his grandson came out as gay, in 1964 when Goldwater ran for president, he said nothing about gay people,gays were crimminals at that time, abortion was outlawed, and their was no civil rights act,these are the golden days that republicans and tea party would like to return to.

  3. What have republicans done for gays, the answer is nothing, not one thing has been passed to benefit gays,has the tea party defended gay rights?, not at all.What kind of laws do republicans and tea party want? they want to go back to the 1950,s when gays were crimminals,when abortion and birth were illegal, and to end the civil rights act, to end social security,to end medicade and medicare, and of course obama care. thats their idea of limited government. they want government to protect the property rights of wealthy people and large corporations,it was the ugly koch brothers that founded the tea party, it is not for the average person, but the mega rich.guns and god for all, the rest of the little people.

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