Chick-fil-a donates to failed “Ex-gay” group

In the continuing saga of Chick-fil-a I note this: the corporation, well within its “right,” which I do not question – has given tens of thousands of dollars to a “non-profit” corporation called “Exodus International (“non-profits” are no such thing, they are “non-taxed” – there’s a difference, but the semantics is required to make it palpable to the populace.) To help Exodus to keep up its good works, yes. And what does Exodus do? Why, it attempts to change gay guys to hetero guys. And how does it do this? By merely bleating over and over again: “Pray the gay away.” Really. It’s laughable, but hey, we all need to make a living. Exodus charges money for their fine services. Only, well, they have no customers, except their own board members. Not a gay man with a brain has ever sought out Exodus’s services. It’s selling a service to customers who don’t exist. Well, no wonder they need donations.

Exodus is run by a man named Alan Chambers. What a cushy job he has! He begs corporations for money – because he’s, again, selling a service which no one wants. In a sense, he must be subsidized. Thank heavens he hasn’t asked for government funding – or maybe he has, I don’t know. Seems Michelle Bachmann’s husband also runs a “pray away the gay” service. He does so to the tune of $300,000 a year in federal funding. So the woman goes around the nation decrying federal funding to organizations that don’t deserve federal funding – all that wasteful federal deficit spending, you see – while living off of just such funding. Can we all say “Hypocrisy”? Sure we can. You Michelle lovers won’t, of course, for “praying away the gay” is surely a very necessary federal purpose. Ahem.

So, this Mr. Chambers claims that he provides a valuable service to the nation – which no potential customer apparently wants except himself. Yes, well, if I could made a living from corporate donations by making a few phone calls while sitting around my office doing absolutely nothing else, I suppose I’d take the job too. And what of Mr. Chambers? Well, he’s an “avowed homosexual”! Oh yes, he is. Admits it himself. Says bluntly, repeatedly, “I’m attracted to men.” Ah, but he ads the all important proviso that “I’ve prayed it away.” Only, well, he hasn’t – he admits he’s still attracted to men. Ah, but he has a wife! Yes, well, Mrs. Chambers I’m sure is quite happy with the money her husband takes home from his failed efforts – generated not from actually doing anything – except wait for the next donation from extraordinarily stupid people who give it to him. I myself can’t imagine giving my money to a man who says he’s gay, still likes men, can’t sell his service to anyone but the dupes who give him money, and admits he’s a failure. Still, it’s his “right” to beg, and their “right” to give. What difference do I care if the fools and their money are quickly parted?

Now, Mr. Chambers has admitted that his “success” rate is a whopping 99.9% failure to change one gay person to a heterosexual. Yep, he claims that a whopping .01% of the people who have engaged his services have “changed” – but not really, more like “Lied to themselves,” like his very self. So Mr. Chambers jets around the nation ogling gay men, with or without his wife at his side (lusting in one’s heart, is that not a sin?) – doing absolutely nothing of value except lining his own pockets – admitting failure – and begging for donations to keep up his highfalutin life style. I dare say, wondrous work! I wish I had such a job. Meanwhile, Chick-fil-a funds the charade because of “family values,” being ignorant of, or not caring, that Mr. Chambers is a liar and a fraud and is gay and ogles men. Hmm, weird, no?

Now, Mrs. Chambers knows perfectly well that her husband is gay. Hard to avoid the public admissions he has made of his “I’m still attracted to men, but I’m married so it’s OK” nonsense. And when Mr. Chambers is in loving embrace with Mrs. Chambers – he knows he’s faking it – she knows he’s faking it. The two live this bizarre life of delusion. More power to them, I say. I begrudge no man his folly, nor the wife of convenience’s desire for the good life. I question his morality by inflicting his lie upon his wife. I question her sanity by “loving” a man who lusts in his heart for another man – and both pretending that they are in love with each. Though I suppose, in a way, she might be considered a hooker. Yes, I make the charge: for when a woman goes to bed with a man for mere money I dare say that’s prostitution. The legal nicety of a piece of paper between them is irrelevant. He lies, she knows it, she takes the cash. Sweet, eh? Not exactly a “conservative value” this sex-for-cash, but who am I to complain? Its their life not-quite-together. Every time he leaves home she surely wonders: “Is this the day he dumps me and goes for another ‘ex-gay’ and I’m left to fend for myself?” How could she not? Is she that deluded? Perhaps. People have addled themselves into delusion for other lesser reasons, I’m sure.

Now, Mr. Chambers worked with a slew, well, no, a handful, of other “ex-gays.” A Mr. Reger was at his side raking in the donations to do nothing. What did Mr. Reger, proud “ex-gay” that he was, do with his “hard earned” (one must put it in quotes, for it wasn’t earned at all, it was merely begged for and taken from the dupes)? Why, he got himself a male-prostitute (aka, “hustler” if you must know the term,) and wandered off for weeks at a time to Europe where he hoped to see the sights and not be seen with his paid boyfriend. Aw, too bad, gays go to Europe too, and he was found out. Seems that you can’t go anywhere anymore to hide and lie without being discovered. Poor Mr. Reger, he had to resign his cushy job of begging for money for pointless services. I don’t know what he does now. Perhaps he started his own “ex-gay” service, or wrote his memoirs: “How I lied to myself and everyone else.” That would be a good title.

I don’t know if Mr. Chambers asked Mr. Cathy of Chick-fil-a for the donation, or if Mr. Cathy sought out Mr. Chambers – somehow the connection was made, and the money handed over. Now, Mr. Chambers is nothing short of a con-artist. Well, it’s a living, I suppose. Apparently no law against lying through one’s teeth and earning a living from it. Politicians would be loathe to pass such a law, ergo they be brought up on the criminal charge, eh? But Mr. Cathy surely has a fiduciary responsibility to his shareholders – whether they be private or public. I don’t think Mr. Cathy owns every single last share of stock in the billion dollar company he runs. Would they have a cause of complaint at law for wasting corporate money that might have gone to shareholders in either increasing dividends or building the business? I would think so. In fact, if I was a shareholder – and I am not – I would be quite up in arms about giving money to a lying failure. Perhaps I should buy a share, and raise holy hell. Hmm, things to do in the future.

Mr. Bachmann has also had a 99.9% failure rate – even higher maybe. He’s had a handful of clients – several of whom are now taking Mr. Bachmann to court over selling a false service, practicing psychology without a license and other sundry crimes and malfeasance. I dare say, it takes gall to sell a pig in a poke, earn federal funding to do so, while one’s wife is on the public hustings seeking the presidency decrying wasteful federal funding. Yes, unmitigated gall. But that’s politicians for you. Meanwhile, in all her Bible-bleating on the hustings she missed the part about “women should be seen and not heard on public issues.” The Bible is clear. Mrs. Bachmann though, ignores the parts she doesn’t like. For cash, too! Egad, the craven hypocrisy is astounding, no?

 What of other “Ex-gay” groups? There seem to be quite a few. They’re wholly dependent on the gay man just waltzing in and asking help for “praying away the gay.” Do any gay men do so? Well, no. These groups have no customers. They have offices in which they sit, day in and day out, awaiting a gay guy to come in to learn how to pray. Egad, what a waste of time and energy. But still, since it seems quite lucrative, given the donations by idiots who wish to squander hard earned cash on pointless purposes, I guess it’s OK.

 Now, Mr. Cathy, in his attempt to strengthen heterosexual marriage – “traditional marriage” as it’s called of late – has also given money to Maggie Gallagher, leader of the ill-named “national organization for marriage.” It’s so besotted with hypocrisy that I can’t for the life of me put it in caps. But well, this NOM and its leaders are at the forefront of “pray away the gay” and otherwise harass gay folks until we find the preacher of our choice to aid us in lying through our teeth and inflicting ourselves on some woman who doesn’t deserve a lying gay man as her husband – and they too make a very cushy living.

 What of Mrs. Gallagher? – a behemoth of well near 300 pounds, the sin of gluttony one she has abjured apparently – munched several bags of chips through a public theater performance so addicted to food is she (oh, please, cell phone video cameras are wonderful, yes?) Why, she’s not “Mrs.” anything. She’s an unwed mother preaching the benefits of Traditional Marriage. Hubris no? To not be married and declaim its wonders? To have a child out of wedlock and then proclaim oneself the leader of the “have children in marriage” brigades is daring, yes? She too earns her living from donations. And while proclaiming the “rights” of Chick-fil-a, which gave her money, to be very involved in the lives of gay folks, and the “gay marriage” debate (it’s not a “debate,” it’s a call for gay folks’ abject unconditional surrender, but I digress,) has audaciously chastised corporations which support gay marriage for getting involved in the um, lives of gay folks and this “debate.” Yes, indeed. She has told Starbucks and Google to stay out of the “debate” because it’s not their business, while taking money from Chick-fil-a to be very involved in the debate. Hypocrisy knows no bounds with these people. Perhaps if Starbucks had given her money, she’d invite them to join Chick-fil-a.

 Furthermore, she and Cathy, and a host of other groups and individuals who wish to spray a little “gay-be-gone” across the nation are up in arms that gay folks have called for a boycott of Chick-fil-a – (disclosure: I’ve never eaten there – so I can’t boycott them.) Seems we gays are expected to all rush down for a chicken sandwich so we can give our money to Cathy so he can give it to groups opposed to our existence – also a daring bit of nonsense.) Meanwhile, they themselves, Gallagher and crowd, are busy organizing boycotts against Starbucks and Google for giving money in support of gay marriage. So, they are against boycotts while they seek to boycott. Again, are these people really this hypocritical? And their supporters too? It sadly seems so. Well, its one’s “right” to be a hypocrite. Though I dare say it’s my right to point out the folly.

 Now, Mr. Cathy, all for family and traditional marriage, and not exactly “for” unwed moms, has given his company’s profits to an unwed mother. Bizarre, but well within his rights to be a fool. I don’t care. I’m thinking that if the man is that stupid to give money to Chambers and Gallagher, both complete and utter failures, then I should perhaps think of a way to convince Mr. Cathy (and say, what is it about the most vocal anti-gay folks having female-ish names? Mr. Stacey Campfield of Tennessee comes to mind, there’s others. Perhaps they have psychological issues about being called a girl as a child for their names. Hmm, I’m not a psychologist, but probable.) Yes, I would “fail miserably” for a few tens of thousands a year to do nothing, for certain – if I could be craven enough. Alas, I’m not. Oh well, back to work.

 Meanwhile, seems this Mrs. Gallagher (oh, no,) Miss Gallagher, did get herself married well after her illegitimate birthing. Seems she’s married to some man named Srivinashi or something – no one quite knows. She’s never seen with him. (He seems to be forever off with some male-friend in happy bliss, sashaying himself into prosperity, perhaps an ex-gay even. He’s never available for comment to clarify.) She has not taken his name, as is traditional. Does not wear a wedding band, which is traditional. Indeed, about the only traditional thing Miss Gallagher does is earn money as a con-artist and political poseur. Now, that is well respected, of course, unlike a gay taxpaying couple owning a business and a home. No, the latter is a horror to Gallagher and Cathy and Chambers, et al, etc.

 Though, again, whether she asked Cathy for the money, or he sought her out, I don’t know. Doesn’t really matter – except – either she conned the money out of Cathy, or Cathy is just so dense of mind that he sought her out. Meanwhile, Miss Gallagher’s “bastard” – oh traditional names for traditional things, no? – is a 20-something young man working in Off-Broadway theater in Manhattan. Can you say “Gay son”? Surely you can. Try. It’s so obvious. It’s laughable (and cryable,) that the woman is against her own son’s happiness – he does stay out of the limelight, however – perhaps paid off from a portion of the donations Miss Gallagher rakes in. Sons do learn so much from their mothers. Perhaps it was the “absent father” which made him gay, too! Though, another political poseur, the Dean of Harvard’s School of Psychology, a Mr. Charles Socriades, married lo these many decades, is also quite sure that absent fathers make gay sons, so it might be true – he’s a professional. Why, he explains it often to his own gay son, Richard Socriades, who is involved with this and that gay group. When your own son’s existence deflates and defeats your theory and yet you cling to it, I dare say you have strong convictions!

 Does any of this have to do with “Rights” as we speak of them? Well, yes and no. Yes in that Gallagher and Chambers have the “right” to dupe anyone out of their money and be abject failures while doing so, lying through their teeth and being hypocrites to boot. And Mr. Cathy has every “right” to give his money to such poseurs – unless it’s corporate money, in which case shareholders sheared of their dividends might have a case against him. I’m not a lawyer, if I was a shareholder of Chick-fil-a I’d seek one out, though. No, in that gay people aren’t complaining about his “right” – we’re decrying his stupidity. Also, this crowd seeks government action, which is the only abuser of rights of citizens, to further squash gay folks, while gay folks merely point out the folly and refuse to buy a sandwich from the fools. But, alas, gay folks have no “right” of defense against scurrilous charges, it seems, while fundamentalist Christians are exempt from examination and complaint about what they are saying. Something about “God said so,” I think.

 Meanwhile, many a “homosexuality is wrong” henchperson has come to the defense of Mr. Cathy for being the fool – and proclaiming his right to be an idiot. I stand with them! Meanwhile, they lambast gay folks for daring to say this emperor as no clothes. All the while, the Christians of this political sort, and Republicans to boot, proclaim themselves for rational spending and less government spending and less intrusion into their lives while allowing these groups to get federal funding (Bachmann at least, the Exodus issue is under the microscope, who knows what might be found?,) and take corporate money to butt their noses into gay folks lives and seek federal laws to do more butting in – again, the hypocrisy and stupidity and cupidity of it all is breathtaking. Sometimes I feel such a little boy pointing out the naked truth; I recall a childhood story, though, which I much love and emulate.

 Though the only rights that seem to be to question is whether gay taxpaying Americans have any rights at all. I’ve been told to shush, gay supporters have been told to shush, other gays who point out the hypocrisy have been told to shush (and worse) and I find it all so weirdly laughable. It’s truly hysterical in every sense of the word. I’m always reminded of all the Congressional hearings about DOMA and DADT and such other gay matters, where no gays are allowed into the rooms, lest we taint the proceedings. Why John Boehner, Speaker of the House, had Miss Gallagher in as the only witness to give him strength to use gay taxpayer’s dollars to defend the absurd DOMA – a law which doesn’t “ban” gay marriage, but which bans government recognition of reality, at the federal level, while allowing states to run rough shod over the Constitution’s “Full Faith and Credit” provision. All for preserving heterosexual marriages, divorces, adultery and unwed motherhood & abandoning fathers from the “Evils” of gay people’s pursuit of happiness.

 Newt Gingrich, thrice married, twice divorced, admitted adulterer, is right up there in the Hypocrisy Leagues, now as a good Catholic (a Church which allowed him to marry within their “sanctity” only because he’s against gays, despite the Church prohibition of remarrying divorced adulterers,) in saying gay folks are a danger to society. He at least blamed “patriotism” for his girlfriend flings and flung ex-wives, rather than gay folks. I give him credit for that.

 Still, such is the mush of our times. And such is the nonsense we hardworking have-to-make a living gay folks have to put up with. We’re professionals at it, fear not my fellow Americans, we can handle this. Though lest anyone think I’m “for” anything and everything other gay folks say about this issue – tomorrow I shall disabuse anyone of that notion. But there is only so much one can write in the AM on the mushiest of all mushy issues of our times before one goes for honest work. I shall let the Misters Chambers, Cathy, Gingrich and the Miss Gallagher pursue their life’s dream of an America without gay folks – it’s their right to be delusional, after all.

 [For those wishing more citations and evidence of these daring con-artists I direct them to, and – they are chock full of real life idiot’s words in writing, on radio and on video. Have fun.)


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