Free Speech for Gays too, chick-fil-a.

This is a message to my Tea Party friends about Chick-fil-a and its friends. Let me start by saying that none of you would tolerate for a moment what they are saying if they were coming after you. Ah, so, Chick-fil-a has “free speech” eh,? Yes they do. But that doesn’t mean you can yell “fire in a crowded theater” if there is no fire. Nor can you yell “faggot in a crowded theater” either if there’s no substance to their charges. It’s slander and libel, legally actionable. They are creeps; they speak. This is my blog, I shall speak. Rights for everyone, yes. Ah, let me filabuster for a bit here:

I try to be polite on the internet. I’m known, I think, for never cursing, never calling anyone names, always saying “sir” or “ma’am” in my posts. No matter what has been hurdled at me, I’m unfailingly polite – I believe in it. I have been reading the autobiography of Barry Goldwater this week – he said “be polite.” That’s what America is about, being polite, even with those you disagree. He was a conservative. He was for Liberty for All before anyone else in this century in our nation. And where was I when I was a teenager? Rooting for Goldwater. I’m a Goldwater Republican the likes of which many can’t imagine. My religion, too, says “be polite” – What? You think I have no faith? Hahahaha! Yes, I have no faith that I falsely proclaim from a church house door. No, I’m a Hussite, (oh, go look it up, I’m tired of explaining the origins of my faith) – I do good works. But this Chick-fil-a fracas has frayed my nerves, and shown me that a whole lot of people don’t quite understand what Liberty for All really means. Certainly that corporation and its friends and supporters don’t.

People talk of “family values”? Hahaha! Politicians and pharisees say gays have No Family Values. Hell, we’re told nearly daily that we are against family. No one quite explains what that is, only “gay=anti-family.” Beats me. Gays seem to have just as much or little of them as the next hetero. Let me explain what they are: they are taking in a 17 to 21 year old young man thrown out by his “Good Christian” family for being gay and told to “go to NYC” “go to New Orleans” – go to some other nearby city, but get your sorry gay ass out of our house. Yes, good Christians are the first to throw their children out. Who has taken them in and given them succor? I have. I have been the one to rescue a young man from the streets, with a few bucks, maybe, in his pocket, and a deep hurt that his family has thrown him out of the house and into the wicked world, for he was gay. Oh, the horrors! I’m sure. Ahem. And good Christians, what did they do? They threw him into a big city with no sustenance. Well, I took them in, I got them jobs. I sent them off to their futures with some faith and the humanity of mankind. You speak of “family values”? Well, tell “good Christians” to stop throwing their gay sons and daughters out of their houses. I didn’t need no damn Federal program – there are none for gay teens tossed into the street, even today, which is a dash of Democratic “I give a crap” hypocrisy that galls me no end – Yes, me and my better off gay buddies took those boys in and gave them hope, for a change. (We can all use this language, it is not reserved to some poseurs.) Who else would?

You talk of “free speech” – hahahaha! Gay magazines were illegal for decades of my life, and decades before. Our “Free Speech” was outlawed, you speak as you wish. You might say what you want, and I’m told to shush, for it “offends” you – well, too goddamned bad! You know not of “free speech.” Oh, poor Chick-Fil-a – complaining about their “free speech” which no government agency or branch ever sought to shut down – while I and my brethren have had our free speech abridged and stomped upon constantly in our lives because we spoke up for us, the gay citizens of this country. Where were you when our very protestation of love and existence was being stomped on by our government? Hell, I doubt a one of you read a gay blog like or or which catalog the attempts to squash the free speech and the very existence of gay folks by the creeps now trying to run the Republican Party, and which run Chick-fil-a – and not a few Democrats. Nor have you traversed the road I have been on – Tea Party websites defending gays in the morning, while at gay sites I defend the Tea Party at night, and explain what liberty and limited government is to both. I do both – quite a feat, I assure you.

Part of “free speech” is freedom of assembly – the right to gather and seek redress of grievances with our government. You have no idea what this is – you whine on Facebook about chick-fil-a – some miscreant corporation comporting with people who wish a class of Taxpaying Americans gone from the nation. Let us be real. To whom did this corporation give its money? Oh, to some group that was “against” gay marriage. Hahahaha! They are not against gay marriage, they are against gay existence. Listen to Santorum – “incarcerate all the gays” – the anti-Americanness of it all is disgusting. Huckabee, a guy named Bryan Fischer, and Pete LaBarbera, Matt Barber – politicos you probably never heard of as they traipse around the nation demanding that gay folks cease being gay and join their church and just possibly be removed by other means from open society Meanwhile this company says it cannot be questioned because they speak from their Bible? Well, they have another thing coming – I speak from my Bible: “Let my people go.” Who then is right? Those of us gays who say “Leave us alone, to live quietly and productively” (as we do,) or those who say “get rid of the gays”? The choice is rather obvious, no? Apparently not. Our “friends” in the media haven’t touched the story of the calls for the elimination of gay folks from this land.

Listen to NOM (a Chick-fil-a $ recipient.) – The alleged “national organization for marriage.” They are not “for” marriage – they are against gay existence. They have repeatedly said “gays be gone.” They are forthright in their message. In the name of “freedom of religion” they demand that each and every gay person join their religion – immediately – or face government sanction. This is for Liberty? This is “for” marriage? This is for a dangerous theocracy. It is their “right” to urge the imposition of their religious beliefs, I suppose. It is my duty to raise the alarm. And so I do. But let’s not pretend that Chick-fil-a is some innocent being giving $2 million to just anyone – they are giving it to people who want gay folks gone. Sounds a bit more than “Anti-gay-marriage” to me. NOM even had rallies with a Democrat! One NY State Senator Ruben Diaz – he’s held rallies in the Bronx with thousands of good Democratic voters while hurling invective like “Gays are worthy of death.” Our “friends” in the Democratic Party have yet to censure him, our “friends” in the NY Times have yet to run a story on this genocidal maniac.

You talk of a police state? Hahahaha! – You have no idea. You have never been pulled over by a cop for merely having a rainbow sticker on your bumper. I have. Do you know what it’s like to be harassed by a cop for a mere bumper sticker? No you do not. I do. I dare say I have done more for your liberty to have the bumper sticker of your choice than you have for my right to have the bumper sticker of my choice for my political statement – amply protected by the First Amendment.

You talk of invasions of privacy? What the hell do you call a police raid on a gay bar? It is the police state come down to harass citizens for peaceful assembly, in a licensed bar – laughably on the books today in several states is a law that states it is “illegal to serve homosexuals liquor” – egad, you folks have no clue. You are warblers, I am a fighter for Liberty for All. Not just those with the police on their side. As recently as 2009 cops raided a gay bar and beat every single patron into the ground, for the fun of it, I suppose. They picked the very 40th Anniversary of Stonewall, June 27th. The press was wanton in their disregard of the story, their our “friends.” hahahaha! Those were police state tactics aimed at dissenting citizens – at the Rainbow Lounge in Forth Worth, Texas. The city is still apologizing and paying for the damage – your tax dollars at work. And for what? To discourage gay folks from full participation in society? Probably.

You folks have no clue what a police state is – I can educate you. And where is the investigation of who killed 32 gay men in New Orleans in 1973? The largest mass murder in American history and no one knows about it. I even had to educate gay websites about it. Easy to look up on the internet. Go read the story of the largest mass murder in American history – still not solved. No one gives a damn, just “faggots” burned to death. The police, in their “decency” left the bodies hanging out the windows for a few days, like Medieval kings putting heads on spikes at the city gates for an example to others, I’m sure. To discourage the others. Several of the families would not claim the bodies, embarrassment of some kind, perhaps. Others were burned beyond recognition. It took until the late 1990s to even get New Orleans to allow a memorial plaque on the building. It’s tiny, right there on Royal Street, hard to see if you don’t know where. Can’t be having memorials to “Homosexuals” lying around, now can we?

Invasions into the very bedroom? Been there, done that. You have no idea what it’s like to be a criminal for merely kissing – a beau of the moment or even a boyfriend of years and years. The very touching of two gay men was illegal until 2003 in ½ the states of the Union. The hypocrisy of the law was astounding. In Louisiana, where I lived, it was illegal to serve me alcohol and I could go to jail for 10 years at hard labor for being in the very bar that the police outside were protecting from the more rambunctious of the heteros come to cause trouble. And come they did, often. In Baton Rouge they just shot into the bar; the two victims survived; friends of mine they are. Still, there’s an astounding hypocrisy of being guarded by the men and women sworn to arrest me for breaking the law. It’s breathtaking, this disregard for law and order. I guess our tax dollars were too good to pass up. But they fought for the law they disregarded. You know, to breed respect for the law. Yeah. What do you know of such things? You are blind. Yea, I saw this. There was no liberty or justice or good government in this – it’s police state and nothing more. And I paid with my taxes for the benefit of both the protection and the potential for arrest.

You complain about the abuse of your taxes? Hahahaha! I dare say paying for the protection from the very people who abdicated their duty to obey the law was quite something to behold. Barry Goldwater would have been appalled. He was, eventually. Seems he “evolved,” in the famous dilatory word of the creep in the White House. He came to this wonderful conclusion the same year that Democrat Bill Clinton was signing the odious and unconstitutional (full faith and credit clause, abrogated by DOMA, but hey, why pay attention to the Constitution when bashing gay folks, eh?) – He said: “You don’t have to like it, but gay Americans deserve full constitutional rights including marriage and military service.” I’m told “conservatives are against gays, Democrats for us.” Hahahaha! Ah, but then again, you’ve never been harassed in a gay bar or on a gay website for sticking up for Liberty and the Tea Party. I have, it’s quite something to behold. I defend you folks, and spread our message, and you all are crowing over Chick-fil-a’s right to give millions to groups who want me off this earth. Like I say, breathtaking.

Me and every gay person in this nation is now paying for the “defense” of DOMA – an unconstitutional law if one ever saw one. It doesn’t “outlaw” gay marriage – it outlaws the government from recognizing gay marriages. It allows states to disregard gay marriages in other states, so that a married couple in Massachusetts is automatically not married in Texas. By what legal means was this marriage absolved? Divorce? Decree? A law? Heavens no – the marriage evaporates, extra-legally. The state of Texas is in the courts now trying to argue that a gay couple can’t get “divorced” in Texas, for the marriage never existed, despite the certificate in hand – look for it in a Supreme Court near you. This is nothing short of a bill of attainder and an ex-post-facto law – both expressly prohibited by the Constitution. Who then is for the sacred document – the gay couple seeking what is right under the Constitution, or the state of Texas determined to deny and cast off the “full faith and credit” clause of that hallowed document? Come now, think.

You talk of “Liberty” and “Freedom” – well, let me tell you, I have never had the “Liberty” or “Freedom” of walking down a street, through a city park, down a supermarket aisle or church of my choice aisle and hold hands with the one I love. I’m subject to harassment, arrest, police intervention and worse. You have no idea the liberties and freedoms you enjoy that I do not. You don’t even think about it. When you do, I hear “flaunting!” Egad, you walk hand in hand, ’tis bliss. I walk hand in hand it’s “flaunting” and a “threat to society.” Yeah, that’s fair. That’s equal treatment under the law. And you people wonder why I’m for no government? Hell, the government has been against me since the day I turned 10 and knew I was gay.

Oh yes, a tender age. Like when perhaps you hit puberty and realized you were “normal” and could have some puppy love in school? Where was mine? I’ll tell you where – I was so out from the beginning I was never in. I never kissed a girl, never mind posted pictures of buxom babes on Facebook, (flaunting sexuality indeed,) nor had sex with one. Now there are some in this nation who insist I marry a girl of their choice, which they do not proffer, or suffer their wrath? What the hell will I do with a women? I’m clueless. More so, what did any women do to deserve a gay guy like me? Why force me upon her? What did she do? None of these “go hetero” groups ever offers a solution to that one.

Every “ex-gay” leader and group in the world has admitted failure. (Chick-fil-a has given money to them too – “pray the gay away” they say, NOW! OR ELSE! Egad, pushy bastards, ain’t they? No, my straight never came out of the crate I came in. These “ex-gay” groups have recently admitted that gayness is a natural as apples. Yet they continue to raise millions to push their butts into cushy chairs to bleat about Jesus for Gays! What does Peter Sprigg and Tony Perkins of the “family research council” do for a living? They raise millions of dollars, together as a man-man couple – while decrying man-man couples who pay taxes. They are professional heterosexuals – with no productive work but whining about some evil they themselves perceive. Chick-fil-a is giving them their living, $2,000,000 so far – all to deny other Americans their rights because we will not, ever, never, accede to their demands. NUTS! To their demands for our abject and unconditional surrender. NUTS.

We tell them we are born gay, they tell us they are liars and seek Congress to pass laws to send us to jail for the rest of our lives. Yes it is their right, I suppose, to call for the eternal incarceration of their fellow Americans – but that is not an American value – it is not conservative – it is not to protect their rights or their liberties – nor is it to protect mine. They are out of their minds, and earn millions of dollars to be crazy. And who’s going to pay for this? Or shall we just seize the wealth of all the gay folks. And my my, what a party that jail is going to be! Club Ted or something. Such is the state of our nation and it’s thinking on gay people. Such as Chick-fil-a aligned itself with.

And when I see or hear the utter garbage that gays are “liberal” or that gayness is a lefty political position I can only think of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, and the heterosexual couple Obama’s, who seek to wreck this nation with socialism and economic ruin – and may I blame all heteros? For if socialist gays are a problem and represent all gays, and “homosexuality” is the problem – well, I say this: Heterosexuals have brought us to this mess we are in. You are responsible, all of you. Not a gay person was in office while this garbage accumulated and now the nation is facing crisis of unimaginable size. Reid, Pelosi and Obama are heteros – but I don’t see you poking fun at their sexuality. Nor making an issue of it. Nor trying to incarcerate them for being Heterosexual.

Well, I can’t help it if some gays are socialists – can you be responsible for the heterosexual socialists among you? You complain about gays and gayness being “politicized.” hahaha! We didn’t do it – you all did. We said: Leave us alone – you all said: Send in the cops. You heterosexuals have politicized gayness – by refusing to listen to us – we are born gay, it is God’s will. Not your God? Get a better one. Try mine on for size. He accepts all. Yours apparently does not. But for heavens sake, attack heterosexuality for the mess we are in – for you heterosexuals have created the unwed mothers, the divorce, the adultery, abortion and the social ills that consume trillions of the budgets. We are the ones with jobs – for there is no welfare for gays. We are the ones with small businesses – for we get fired so often by heterosexuals so that we start our own businesses for survival. We are the taxpayers who take little if any from the public purse – and pay for heterosexual problems, and the parks we can’t stroll in in romantic bliss. For “Liberty!” Whose, I’m not sure. Certainly not mine.

Amazingly, we gay are told we are “sick” and “psychologically ill,” and “psychiatric nuts” – well, we can’t get disability for this “disabling” condition – we get off our tuckus and do something for ourselves. We’re not even covered the Americans With Disabilities Act” which gives tax money to everyone with a “problem” – except gay folks. We more than pay our own way – and are called a threat to the nation for doing so. The audacity and mendaciousness of the statement is beyond my feeble mind’s ability to grasp. Chick-Fil-a and their compatriots think we are the threat to Liberty? Hahaha! I don’t want to send them to jail. I want them to get rational. Instead they seek to send me to jail, in their irrational mush headed garbage.

Well, like I said, NUTS to them. This is the short version of my plea for Liberty. I have a longer one. I wrote it in 1994 – way before you all came along, many of you reformed Democrats and Liberals. And what was I told, back then — and by gay groups nonetheless? – I was too radical for Liberty. Oh, you folks have no clue. You all are like children in the quest for Liberty. I have been at it for 40 years. You, perhaps 40 months, maybe 4 years. I’m such a rational radical for liberty that even gay groups thought I was too radical in my quest for Liberty and Justice for All. You want to support this chicken crud by this corporation, it is your right. I do not question that. I question your friggin’ sanity. That company is breaking bread with groups that seek nothing short of the elimination of gay folks up to and including genocide. Well, whoop-de-doo. I will still never kiss a woman. Not with a gun to my head. Let my people go. Stop this nonsense.

Stop this talking about or making reference to gay people as some political tool. You know, I got to laugh about “special rights for gays” by people who think we are so special we need a Constitutional Amendment destroying the rights of gay people to share in the bounty of this land, including marriage. It is a hypocrisy I have yet to wrap my head around. We’re not a “class” of people, who are roundly condemned as a “class” and require a special Constitutional Amendment for only us. Bizarre, I tell you. Bizarre. But have at it – I welcome the challenge – I’m a professional at this. I speak for Liberty – for All. And Justice. And the Constitution. And with my right to free speech I shall battle anyone who questions my rights to free speech, or demands I kowtow to their demands, their religion, or just outright calls for my elimination. Frankly, I enjoy doing it. I’d rather not, but I’m not trying to limit my rights and existence, just defend myself. We gays are not proud we’re gay, heaven’s no. We’re proud we survive the onslaught against us.



  1. when dan cathy says they are for taditional marrage,they mean traditional sex,not gay sex, the cathy family are domminionist, they believe in a strict following of old testament law, they like god the father, not the wimpy son jesus, they believe in gods and guns, and christian control of the world, and the republican and tea pary is the party of dommnionist. the only good republican was president eiseinhower who
    built the interstate system,today the republican party is the nazi party, anti gay anti women, anti union, pro christian facist. in 1933 hitler outlawed gays, in 1936 hitler outlawed abortion, and unions, the catholic and luthern church of germany loved hitler for his christian and family values.


  1. Free Speech for Gays too, chick-fil-a. « The Daily Mush | Gay Boys Video Blog
  2. Free Speech for Gays too, chick-fil-a. « The Daily Mush | Gay Boys Video Blog
  3. Free Speech for Gays too, chick-fil-a. « The Daily Mush | Gay Boys Video Blog

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