Free Individuals vs. Gov’t Boxes

The longtime problem with government and bureaucracies is not that they don’t do some good. Or that their purpose is not noble – sure, let’s solve poverty, why not? It is not that something along the lines of the “safety net” isn’t needed by some, sometimes. It is not that there are horrendous cases that are out of the usual “normal” – you know, Downs Syndrome kids, or kids born conjoined – egad, there are hundreds of heartrending stories of the birth of children with the most difficult circumstances. Nor is it that the bureaucrats themselves don’t really mean well. They probably do, in the beginning. Oh, the idealistic are filled with the idea that they will become social workers and solve the problems of so many people as to defeat their purpose of being.

And yet, somehow, weirdly, I don’t think there is a conspiracy among bureaucrats and bureaucracies or whatever you wish to call them to purposefully louse things up and actually do more harm than good. Nor do I think it’s a part of the “left” or “right” or whatever you want to call their political affiliation. That’s just semantics, and too big to tackle in a blog post. No, there is something somewhat necessary about some government. There is no one, really, who thinks otherwise. Some last resort, should the tornado, literally or figuratively, strike, is acceptable to all – that’s government. I’m also sure that even the most craven anti-gay Republican of a “far right wing sort” (So readily identified, yet not to be confused, of course, with the “far left wing sort” of anti-gay preacher, or some politician calling for our death – which is now a part of the nation conversation at this point, oddly enough. Seems to be on the lips of Congress folks and state senators even – weird, eh?) actually has a heart towards those people who are just so beyond normal resources and normal circumstances of every American’s life.

I’m talking > born without an arm – not, “oh, I drank my money away, help!” After all, the family of the house burned down that night surely deserves some sort of organized help without worry of paying for it before services are rendered, oh shortly thereafter. I’m sure that few Americans would argue with that. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong – but I really can’t find to many really hardhearted people, so much as people who are all essentially enraged with the system.

Yet, you know what the problem with bureaucracies are? I tell you. It’s their weird belief that free individuals of enormous differences, and incredible individuality, somehow fit in a box. They are insistent that the color of one’s skin or ethnic origin is very important to the way you are treated in our colorblind we’re all equal society. And whom seems to be currently less equal is those of us who are relatively normal, and function well and do our thing – which is – or was – some 80% of the population, and about 20% in various conditions that could truly use some societal help. The parents whose child is born with a disability that will cost a few hundred thousand in the hospital and after-care – well, sure, so collect $5 a month from every working American so that a few billion could be raised to cover the cost of some middle class, or poor, or, yes, even rich too, family whose kid is born with a damaged kidney who needs a transplant by the age of ten (I happen to know such a young girl, whose mother donated hers, thank God the match.) I would think that all Americans would have no problem with the “Babies born with life-altering or -threatening conditions get their bills paid Act.” And why not?

What family could conceivably be prepared for a baby/child – and ultimately adult – born with some permanent disability? And I’m not talking about some ill-defined “Needs a Ritilin or suitable tranquilizer” alleged mental problem of boys who like to run around – egad, take the Cokes away – they are caffeine and sugar – you wonder why the boys can’t sit still? Yeesh, and I’m not even a dad!

And so what seems to happen is that bureaucracies swoop in to fix the problem, then create endless forms of things that are covered or not, and the exceptions, and of course all the attendant forms that must be filled out, and a copy for you, and one or two, even three, for them. And of course, signatures, and confidentiality agreements that seem to sign away your rights to ever complain to anyone about anything because it can never be the fault of the bureaucrat who was following the rules and maybe, but probably not, made a mistake – and you, the supplicant must be responsible because you are asking for a handout and thus will always try to seek more than you are entitled to because you are obviously some sort of social misfit and thus not only must you be examined, to see if you are worthy, but you are to be examined repeatedly, and always asked for more proof.

Well, as near as I can tell, virtually every new bureaucracy in this nation was created by a Democratic administration – except of course, the “Evil” one – The Homeland Security Administration – which was created by Bush. And the Patriot Act indeed! And who is most against this whacked out HSA and the TSA and the PA and so many other “…. Security Administrations” – well apparently the people – on both left and right. Which then don’t quite seem to be so very apart, now do they? It’s just amazing to me how many people left and right, among my friends and those I follow, are so in agreement yet are on the “other side.” And We the People keep falling into this Right v Left thingy when it is really a “people v government” thingy. And it’s time we the people start to figure out that we are not really against each other – we 80%. No, we are all against the 10% on the left, AKA, communists and socialists, and now the Democratic Party, and the 10% on the right, AKA Christian Fundamentalists, now the Republican Party – who have seized control of both political parties. These two control freak organizations are going to wreck the nation. Without a doubt.

Meanwhile, the press keeps bleating that this is match between one political party against the other political party – and it is not. Both political parties are the same in output, but different in rhetoric. Both justifying the endless more government – one wants “equality” of some kind, which it cannot define other than “gives us the power to decide.” The other wants purity and security against dangerous elements, which too is undefined, and they’ll know it when they see it, but they need all powerful government to rescue us from individuals who don’t conform to their ideas. All of this is somehow undefined, exactly, or so generally as to defy explanation. What we have here is a match between free individuals and a rapacious governmental two-party royalist looming dictatorship. One where the government simply becomes omnipresent and overwhelming and your choice is compliance or punishment. It is quite obvious that that is what is happening under both political parties. I’m not even sure that Ron Paul is the answer. Though he’s the most likely one to shake things up.

Which is why I wanted Sarah Palin to run. Not that she would, or should, win. Not that she would have been the best candidate – fizzle or rise, I didn’t care. What she would have done is shaken things up – made them clearer. People have to respond to her. No one really responds to Romney – he’s a piece of meat who is running in the vain hope of doing anything to make it better with his “new” ideas which so closely resemble Obama’s that either one spells the beginning of the doom of the nation. Oh, the people survive – be sure of that – it is governments and leaders and the lot who are swept away. King Louis XVI couldn’t kill the people fast enough – neither could Robespierre – to ever escape the guillotine themselves. The “president” – um, dictator-king of Syria, one Assad, is about to find this out – as Qaddaphi – or however you spelled that confounded name – found out. Dictators are usually taken out and shot. Few have ever lived to old age in the South of France, where quite a collection has grown, like bad mushrooms – criminals living high for the sake of peace or something. Sure. I digressed, sorry.

Still, bureaucracies should stop with the endless paperwork and worrying about if this or that person fits into the correct boxes on their form and point values assigned and thus determined to be “eligible” for services rendered by people who have more forms to fill out so that compliance is assured, of course. It’s quite amazing how each bureaucrat sends you to the next so that the correct form can be filled out for the correct department and agency – doesn’t make a difference really, whether it is getting food stamps or starting a business or building a building or sometimes even just putting in new windows. It’s the same – forms galore and plenty of fees to pay for the paper, certainly. It’s almost as if heaven forfend if you don’t seek the required assistance – but what matter when you are then denied that because you don’t quite fit the box on the form? Well, duh, everyone is different, everyone is an individual – everyone has their own unique circumstances – no two people are alike, in any way. Yet, bureaucracies and governments – all over the world forever – keep trying to press individuals in to conformist boxes. This is what riles people up. Meanwhile, the USA seems to be trying to catch up, with the Republicans and Democrats merely arguing over who comes to power forever in the end of this weird game the politicians and press, and academia too, are playing with We the People. Well, ultimately that ain’t going to happen. It never has.

But compared to even just a few hundred years ago, more people than ever around the world, have been freer from government intrusion in their lives. In a weird counterpoint to Marxism – apparently free markets, globalization and personal freedoms and riches leads to the withering away of government. It’s rather nice to see it going on, the trend, still so hidden from so many. Alas that the US has to go through one or two more presidential terms before the entire Democratic-Republican hybrid of a behemoth is chased from our midst, and the bureaucracies which swarm with them, is scary.


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  1. republicans talk in coded language ,one word used by republicans a lot, is big government, so what do they realy mean?slashing or eliminating entitlement programs is what they realy meant,low taxes is another phrase they use a lot,low taxes for the wealthy, and large corporations,and taxing the poor, when a republcan says i am against gay marrage they realy mean i am against gays altogethier, no rights at

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