Sorry for no posts, I’m in Mexico

Sorry for no posts for a while. I’ve been in Mexico, ignoring the world. I do not much all day. Read some of a novel, go to eat, have some beers while the sun sets, walk along the beach front, you know, vacation stuff. I have a great little apartment at a beach front hotel in the Historic Center of Mazatlan. Here you go, some links to where I am —

The first three are touristy sites, the last is the yahoo picture pages.

Well, I’m so relaxed I do nothing much all day, and I’ve simply ignored politics in America. I’m sure the concepts and the overarching theme of too much government and too many taxes has remained the same, and I’m sure the details ebb and flow and everyone gets all excited about it. My big decisions right now are which restaurant to get some shrimp in, and how many beers to drink, and which book looks interesting enough to even bother to pick it up to read.

That’s what I came here for, to avoid it all for awhile. For two years or more I posted a lot, I commented a lot all over the internet, but it didn’t make much of a difference, though I’m sure some enjoyed whatever I wrote. Indeed, I’m sure some did, for they told me so. And I’m sure all the people who are up in arms are up in arms, except, well, like me, a few who took their sweet tuckus off to some out of the way place and are doing nothing much.

I look at the local papers from time to time. They’re heading in a presidential election themselves here in Mexico. They usual crooks are running, and everyone has their party alliances, and that’s it, the country is in the same deadlock as America — with the vast majority concluding that there’s too much gov’t and the taxes are too high, and there’s too many laws and too many police to enforce them. The people in the two countries, USA and USM (yes, teh United States of Mexico, it’s right there on the money and the official papers,) are remarkably the same, as are the overbearing governments. Who will have the better chance to throw of their yokes remains to be seen.

Well, I keep thinking I should write up some impressions of the place, but well, frankly, I’m stilling thinking about it.

And so that’s it for now. Apparently people still keep wandering into here, despite me no publishing anything for three weeks, so that’s not so bad. Still, enough ruminating for the night, I’m off to the bar. Enjoy yourselves. My plan is to arrive back in the real world by May 20th. But, well, who knows, right? Hasta la vista, baby.


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