The left-right divide in the gay community

Just like among the vast heterosexual majority there is a divide between liberals and conservatives within the gay community. Or if you prefer, between Democrats and Republicans. Or Left & Right, if that’s the way you want to see the issue. The reality is, of course, that being gay is not a political position, despite all protestations to the contrary. Being gay doesn’t make one more or less economically aware. Nor does it make one more or less religious. Nor does it make one more or less for or against any particular issue or matter of public policy. About the only thing gay folks agree on is that we are all gay – after that it gets a bit fuzzy, fast. There’s no gay position on any laws that might be passed; except only on laws that are passed against gay people – or if laws are not passed to include us in the already existing laws.

And yet, on many a left-leaning gay blog there’s this idea that somehow to be a right-wing conservative gay person is not allowed. Of course, like at this blog, there are many conservative, liberty based, free market economic gay sites. There’s and and some Conservative Lesbian people keep telling me about, but which I have yet to access (who has the time?) And there’s much heated debate on the gay blogs like and and other such sites between lefty and righty gays. Indeed, from what I can tell, there’s actually more left-right discussion on policy issues than there are on many a hetero site which lean to one side or the other. For on the hetero sites there’s this “we’re right wing, the rest are trolls.” And on left wing sites it’s “we’re liberals, the rest are idiots.” But on gay sites there’s much more discussion on policy matters not affecting gays that have a give and take on the left-right divide in the nation.

Too much government, too little government? Gay folks are arguing this all the time. I notice at places like everyone who comments is a conservative of some sort – there are no left leaning folks come to argue policy. On it’s the same thing – as it seems at places like and other such left wing pro-Obama sites where heteros wander to give thoughts on the pressing issues of our day. Indeed, it seems that at heterosexual sites, or sites that don’t really look at gay stuff at all, or so peripherally it is as if they are not addressing the matter at all, there’s just one side. The other side be damned. Or if someone comes from the other side to “debate” it devolves into “you’re an idiot” sort of childishness. That doesn’t really resolve anything, and it seems that ideas are set down in concrete and nothing the other side says could conceivably make a difference.

Yet, at gay blogs there is this give and take, there is this “well, could both sides have something to add to the debate, that might help the other reach the accommodation we all so sorely need?” Well, we gays should at least take credit for that. Heterosexuals might take a lesson from what we are doing on gay sites.

Though too, some gays claim that only the Democrats are for us – even as the 95% Democratic voting African-American community is rather anti-gay. Or the Catholic clergy, which seemed to be agog with Obamacare until the reality that it’s not about providing health care so much as it is controlling who will be pay for the healthcare provided. Witness the new mandate that Catholic organizations pay for contraception (well, lie down with dogs, get fleas, eh?) And for the record, since I’m against government mandates, no, I do not think that Catholics against birth control or contraceptives should have to pay for what they think is wrong – particularly in light of my comments yesterday blasting the sovereign Vatican City Catholic Church for interfering in our political process here in America on gay matters. We gays don’t exactly require contraception – we are, um, sort of a very natural method of preventing babies indeed.

What is the gay position on the failed Chevy Volt? Well, if you are a lefty gay you think all of sudden that “What is good for General Motors is good for America,” even if but a decade ago “What is good for General Motors is good for America” was some evil capitalist plot to let corporations run rampant everywhere. If you are gay and want to save the environment, well, by all means, do your part, do what you can. If you want the government to run the car companies, and mandate this and that, well, then, argue for that on economics (though it’s hard, try at least.) But there’s nothing in gayness that requires one to love government run or controlled companies, that’s for sure. I’m against government run car companies, regardless of whether the control is direct or indirect – and the difference there being a sort of socialism or a sort of fascism. I’m still gay, however.

What is the gay position on the IRS and the confounded tax code? Could we really be for 67,000 pages of tax code because we’re gay? Youse got’s to be kidding, right? And since so many gay men own their own businesses (since we were fired from so many jobs or can’t get hired, well, it just made sense to be entrepreneurial,) one would think that gay business owners would lean towards the right side in wanting to dismember the IRS. Of all the things I had hoped Obama would change, it was the IRS. Alas, all he did was give more power to them to run the healthcare system, with purportedly 16,000 new IRS agents needed to police Obamacare’s many mandates and new taxes, and added a few thousand more pages to the convoluted mess. And nothing says “healthcare” like the IRS, eh?

What is the gay position on whether to drill, baby, drill (get your minds out of the gutter those who think we’re sex crazed slut-bunnies,) or whether to plow endless billions into failed green technologies? There can be none. Partly because energy is simply unrelated to whether gays can live in peace in our own nations without being castigated for destroying the place. Partly because gay taxpayers are being just as screwed by government as heterosexual taxpayers over this issue of whether to go for the pie in the sky dreamland of algae and wind and solar power making us live in clean energy nirvana. Still, on gay sites this is a debate, while on heterosexual sites it’s all one side or the other. Quite illuminating, actually, to see the differences between gay and hetero sites on energy that’s for sure.

Of course, just like on heterosexual sites – Republicans call Democrats demons, and Democrats call Republicans repugnant. And they don’t even bother to try to see if they have common ground. While on gay sites, well, there’s so much more nuance. Perhaps we gays have something to teach the heterosexuals on decent discussion. Though too, it does seem that the left-gays like to call the right-gays “idiots” and “morons” and such. And all because the Republicans are more persnicketty about their evolving on the gay thing. While Obama, who is famously “evolving” on the gay thing because of some smooth words. Yes, but what good is gay marriage when we’re all broke and the government runs everything? Oh, socialists, the left, communists, Democrats, whatever, they don’t give a damn about gay folks, though they do give a damn about gay votes. Perhaps the Republicans, righties, conservatives, should give a damn about the gay votes, even if they don’t give a damn about the gay folks. Well, that’s what happens when one side claims it’s evolving, and the other side simply is without trumpeting the reality.

Face it gay folks, both Left and Right, both Democrats and Republicans, are evolving on gay folks. Hell, the entire world is evolving, or devolving if you wish, on gay folks. For gayness is not some American political problem – it’s a worldwide phenomenon that those poor pitiful folks at the “Occupy” tents could only dream of. There’s not a country on earth that doesn’t have it’s “gay problem” – and we are an ornery bunch, no longer willing to put up with the nonsense, lies, fabrications and sheer delusions said about us. In Iraq, Iran, Egypt, gay rights is an issue. In India, Indonesia and Istanbul, gays are an issue. In South America and Australia and all the little islands betwixt that twain, gays are an issue. Why? Why have we pariahs of the world simply decided to stand up now and say “Oh the hell with this attack on us. We’re not going to take it anymore”? Well, it’s precisely because gayness is not a political issue.

Gay is. It just is. All the theologians are simply wrong that we are attacking families, that we are a threat to societies, that we are a danger to families and all that is holy and good. Never before have one single group of people been so dispersed over the globe with one single message. And it behooves gay folks, left and right, to point this out – this is not some American issue only. It is not a Christian issue. It’s not anything but “will heteros finally come to accept the reality of a few gay folks – or kills us all?”

We gays are simply fed up with the crap that’s called thought about us. Oddly – well, not so oddly, since we are God ordained to exist – we are the exact same percentage in every country on earth. Makes no difference which rock you look under or around or on top of – there we are, the same measly 5% or less of the world is gay. And heterosexuals are panicked, absolutely panicked! Frankly, we can’t figure out why. What do heterosexuals know about each other that we can’t grasp? Are they that unsure of themselves? Beats us.

Oh, science hasn’t figured it out, not that they’re trying. Theologians are quite sure we’re hell bent on making them gay, which shows how weak they think heterosexuality is, that heterosexuals can be changed to be gay. And how deluded are they to think we can be changed to heterosexual, eh? We keep telling everyone – “not going to happen.” And their recommendation is that we “pray away the gay.” Yes, well, we would much prefer to pray away the gay hate, and perhaps we’re getting somewhere. The nations of this world are not going to get rid of some 300,000,000 of us, that’s for sure – not without a well coordinated genocide, which some would seem to be willing to coordinate. Uganda is among the top contenders for the “Me, me, I want to run the genocide!” Many Christian Americans, such as they style themselves to give themselves a bad name are working with the Ugandans – and someone said White Christian Evangelicals are racists? Hahaha! They both want to kill us all.

Still, here in this nation some gays are all for Obama the Evolver, while some are all for the more rational side of the non-genocidal Right Evolvers. And well, it’s entertaining to see the play between the two sides on economics and the IRS and the environment etc etc, while all of us, in the end, finally, do agree on one thing – we’re gay, and that’s it. So now, what about you screaming heterosexuals? The ball’s in your court. We got ours in our hands.


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  1. Hlavac, another fine post! I’ve just invited some friends to come over here and take a look. Some of them seem to believe that Conservatism and Gayness are like matter and antimatter and can’t co-exist. And yet here you are, and better qualified to speak on the subject matter than I am.

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