My email to the monumentally wrong Kirk Cameron

This is an email I sent today to Kirk Cameron, some small time actor who thinks he has the right to disparage me and mine by fabricating lies and delusions to make his day better for himself. Frankly I’m fed up with the stupidity and lack of Christian and American values this sort of little minded man expresses. So I will tell my readers what I wrote this man who insists my own family should hate me because he erroneously believes I hate or attack my family or any other family in this nation. 

Dear Mr. Cameron,

As a taxpaying American, with my own business, with my creative efforts not much different than yours (though less lucrative, alas,) and being nearly the same age as you, and being a rather productive, helpful, courteous and kind person, with a vibrant and huge family who has loved me just as much as they ever did since they figured out I was gay when I was oh, 14 or 15, (or right about when you figured out you were not gay,) well, I’m simply appalled, as all my large family are (over 100 members) that you think I am destructive to my own family and my own country. Really now sir, do you really think that the nearly 1,000,000 gay business owners in this nation are wrecking it? Do you really think we are “attacking” your heterosexual lifestyle? Are you really that obtuse to not see reality? Say it ain’t so.
I find you and your kind’s constant bleating that I’m “anti-family” and “anti-society” and “anti-American” to be, frankly, so brain dead and disgusting I can no long fathom the depth of your hatred, your lack of knowledge, and your inability to grasp the elemental truth of God — He wanted a few of us to be gay. That you are so blind as to just fabricate lies is astounding to me, I had expected better of you. You disappoint me yet again. You are, um, Monumentally Wrong about gay Americans.
You have wandered so far afield from the word of Jesus you are not a Christian anymore. it is “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” It is NOT “stir up hate against those you don’t like.” Frankly, sir, you need a better sort of Christianity.
Frankly, sir, that you would want my own family to hate me is simply beyond any Christian concept I and my family could ever hold. That you think I hate them or seek their destruction is simply wrong.
Sir, let my people go. Mind your own business. And learn something about we tiny few who are gay before you go off on your mush headed nonsense — and stop asking my family to hate me.
Thank you
Jim Hlavac
PS, I really did think you were a cute guy when you were on that ridiculous TV show years ago; it’s the only reason I bothered to watch an episode or two.



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  1. would kirk cameron have supported hitler who was a catholic, supported by the catholic church, and luthern church of germany, who in 1933 outlawed all gay people in germany, who in 1936 outlawed abortion in germay, yes kirk cameron would have supported hitler.

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