For gays is the economy or marriage more important?

There is a great debate within the nation over gay marriage. Well, it’s more of a slug fest, with some quite against the thing uttering the most astounding balderdash, and others not caring or rather for it showing that it just doesn’t matter. Meanwhile, the economy is in the doldrums. Oh don’t let some 13,000+ of the Dow fool anyone. So which is more important to the gay voter? The Democrats seem to be claiming, and only very lately and recently and still “evolving” as they say, that gay marriage is more important. And since they are, in a few places, finally allowing the recognition – not allowing the marriages per se, for they have always existed, no, merely the governmental recognition that reality exists – of gay marriages to go forward, well, of a sudden gays are “Democrats love us!” Yah. Sure. Right.

Though the Republicans are so inept on this issue, and so dead set against the reality, that it shows they are not reality based conservatives, but faith based theocrats. Ergo, they will lose the hearts and minds of the American public, and slowly wither away to nothing. Oh well, we gays keep telling them: it’s the economy not the sissy smooching. Still, with both parties not really being that much different, despite pretenses to the contrary, the economy is heading for a tanking, despite the rise of the Dow.

The Dow fluctuates, and at the slightest pretense, or series of negatives, it will plunge. The Dow is not a barometer of the economy, but often a counter-indicator to it. That is, often bad economic news drives the Dow higher since there are fewer other good money making opportunities. And people have to put their extra cash somewhere. And lots of people have extra cash. Pension plans newly infused with government money must put the infusion somewhere, and banks don’t cut it. So they put it into stocks and mutual funds.

Nor does the Dow point to any trend. Indeed, the Dow was booming until just weeks before the Great Depression hit. For the government could wipe out the gains in a flash. Perhaps war will break out in the Middle East, cutting off supplies of oil to Europe, (we don’t really get any from there,) and thus Europe and us are bidding for the same oil somewhere else? Poof, gone go the Dow gains. Suppose Greece bankrupts, and refuses to pay its bills to many a bank? Well, then, those banks will take a loss, which will impinge on their financial situation, which will cause the Dow to plummet.

Suppose that of a sudden in the next few months China breaks out into open revolution? After all, there are some 80,000 to 90,000 violent demonstrations against the government annually already. There’s no reason why it therefore can’t happen that the momentum swings to the protestors, and poof, there goes the Chinese willingness to lend to us, for the communists are strangely in love with investing in US treasury notes. Perhaps the capitalists who take over will not be so willing, eh? And poof, there goes the US credit rating, and poof there goes the Dow a-plunging like never before.

Oh, there’s lot of scenarios for disaster looming on our horizons. That is, the nation’s horizons. Suppose Mexico collapses? Or breaks out into very violent revolution? Suppose the Euro currency is zapped from history? Well, those are shocks that the Dow will fall on. There’s more, many more, but well, who can list them all without some major compendium of the looming disasters of the worldwide economy? I can, but I won’t.

Meanwhile, every time the Dow has crossed a threshold it has fallen back; and often with big loses. Profit taking, it’s called. Or a “correction.” Oh, the wily boys of Wall Street reporting have many a phrase to show that the fall is some normal thing. As JP Morgan famously said, when asked about the markets, “The markets will fluctuate.” Yes, well, I’m sure they will.

The markets, being human, have momentarily lapses into nirvana land. Sometimes they have major floosies of stupidity. They are often driven by other economic news, often at odds to good times, or to bad, or to anything other than some dumb bunny saying something that “spooks” investors. Yes, well, there’s lots of those. To read the headlines about the Dow shows that the Dow will rise because oil prices are rebounding showing profits for the oil companies and drilling sectors. Though the Dow might well fall because of a rise in oil prices negatively impacting the bottom line of many another business. The headline writers are quite silky in their ability to provide a snappy reason for the Dow’s up or down for the day.

Many people are, of course, economic illiterates, and therefore believe the mush of today, for having forgotten the mush of yesterday, which was the exact opposite. But hey, that’s what happens with short attention spans and lousy education, and plenty of political posturing. Indeed, just three years ago President Bush was the sole source of the high gas prices, which didn’t hit $2 bucks. While today, President Obama is wholly powerless to do a thing about gas prices. Apparently Republican presidents are more powerful than Democratic presidents when it comes to the price of gasoline. The media sure thinks so. So do many Democrats in office or seeking same.

Meanwhile, there is this great discussion about whether recognizing that gay couples exist and that gay taxpayers are equal to hetero taxpayers (and on the basis of taxes paid, well, yes, we are,) and what effect this will have on heterosexuals. The effect being non-existent, except a few hearty “Congrats!” and perhaps a little more business in the wedding industry, the progress towards the gay agenda’s forever goal of total equality and gay marriages (we’ve asked for nothing more in the past 60 or 70 years, our requests have not changed, it’s heterosexuals who have changed,) will continue. There is no fluctuation in the move towards the acceptance of the reality of a few percentage points of gay folks. Nope.

Oh sure, there’s more vehement mush uttered, but it’s not new mush. It’s the same mush of old. The mush hasn’t changed since Anita Bryant and her “for family values” divorced ex-husband Bob Green, newly gone to join the less than worthy at God’s feet for his vehemence and lies against gay folks lo those many years ago, before he was forced to divorce his wife because a gay couple was given a blessing my someone somewhere. Yah. Indeed, the less people who hold the mush to be certain, the more the certain mush holders seem to scream, louder, more slowly, with more vehemence. Sort of like the American tourist in a foreign land seeks to be understood by the uncomprehending natives if he speaks louder and more slowly.

And so the gay folks have a sort of voting dilemma. There’s the sure to bankrupt us and make big socialist government Democrats our leaders, or to make the more rational economic brains of the Republicans the leaders by engaging that part of the party, or to just sit back and let the virulently anti-gay obsessed religious freaks take over the party and bankrupt the nation and make a big theocratic government for them to lead. Well, in either case, the two fringes, socialist and theocratic, have seized the party machinery, and now the gays can either go for the rational conservatives on economics, or the radical socialists who merely want the votes now and could give a damn later. There is this idea that the Democrats, after just one or two more elections, will all of a sudden flock to the altar of gay marriage and say “till death do us part.” Frankly, I doubt it. Socialists are known liars; their announced strategy is to lie to get the votes to instill the socialist paradise, and then, like every other socialist government on earth, stomp all over gay folks.

Weirdly, almost unobserved, Socialists and Die-hard Religious Freaks of whatever denomination are not that far apart in their goals for government: the government knows best, and it shall enter the home to make decisions, and it shall prohibit this or that activity by the people for the good of the people. They will tell us what to do, either one, based on an old book, with vague precepts, written by someone’s whose meaning and intent cannot be truly divined, and whose words are filled with contradictions, and whose guiding light is a faith in some leaders self-selected by a brutal political game, and cronies and backslapping and backstabbing, and a disdain for all disagreement. Any disagreements are, by both, declared to be heresy and apostate.

So gay folks, my gay brethren, give up on Democrats and Republicans alike, lest we fall to ruin as a nation with our hetero friends, family and neighbors. We should get far more demanding of both parties to be far more rational on both the economy and the gay marriage thing. And what political party is better at this than either of the current two biggies? The Libertarians. It’s the only political party which hasn’t had to evolve to be pro-gay, but was from the get go, on the principle of liberty for all. And the likely candidate for that party is Gary Johnson, and well, he’s about the only guy in the nation who has a handle on what to be done on economics, and what to be done on gay marriage, and the relative importance to both to everyone. But both big parties promise national ruination. And on this we have something to teach everyone. But if the economy tanks, marriage certificates for gays aren’t going to be worth very much. Though, marriage certificates for heterosexuals won’t be worth much either, so I’d urge them all to vote Libertarian too. But on this I am, of course, a long time radical. Ahem.




  1. 90 percent of all our national debt comes from republicans,doesn,sound like rational economics to me, one of the most successful country,s in the world sits to the north of us canada,low debt, social programs, universal health care, and most importantof all, intellegent people

    • Robert, the federal debt was $10 trillion when Obama got into office, it is now $15 trillion. Ergo, 1/3 of our current national debt was created by a Democrat, Mr. Obama. He has managed to rack up $1.5 trillion dollar deficits for three years in a row, with no end in sight. We are on track for $20 trillion in debt by the end of a second term, if he gets it. That would be 50% of the debt. And while it took 100 years to get to 10 Trillion, it has taken 3 to get to $15 trillion, and 8 (if he gets in again,) to double the national debt. As to who created the other 2/3rds of the current debt, neither party is off the hook. But if the potential 8 year Obama legacy is anything, it’s doubling the national debt.

      And we here in America have “universal” healthcare, to which no one is denied access — what we don’t have is a single federal program for such. Though Canada’s is so “wonderful,” that many a Canadian heads south to us for when they really need health care. And since Canada has 1/10th our people and relies on drilling for oil to pay for their health care they have now, perhaps we should drill for oil as much as Canada does, and eliminate our debt and provide healthcare through the government. Which will, of course, have all the charm of the DMV and an IRS audit.

      • our national debt was 13 trillion at the end of the horrible bush presidency, bush doubled our national debt,ronald regan tripled our national debt,bush put us in a disastrous war that cost one trillion dollars,republicans destroyed our econaamy with financel deregulation, as they did in 1929,it was republicans that gave us the hmo health care approved by nixon our health care is the most exspensive in the world,we have 50 million with out health canadian citizen do use our health care because they don,t like being on the same level as ordinary canadians,canada did not deregulate their banking system, they have the best banks in the world, their treatment of gay people is far superior than this country,had a republican won the last election we would have gone into the the secound great depresion, also united states has oil,gas and other resources. roosevelt spent money to get us out of the great depresion, caused by dumb republicans.the republican party is the most dangerous political party as they drift ever so close to theocracy

  2. Current National Debt is approaching $15 trillion; the new “Limit” is allegedly just $16.4 trillion.
    Obama had 3 years of $1.5 trillion per year, or $4.5 trillion.
    Ergo, the national debt at the end of the Bush fiasco was $10 Trillion.
    14.5 – 4.5 = 10. Forget the zeros.
    Bush’s biggest deficit was $500 billion, the rest some 100 to 150 billion, for a total of roughly $2.2 trillion in 8 years, vs 3.5 trillion in two years by Obama.
    Still, Ergo, at the beginning of Bush’s term, the national debt was roughly $8 trillion. 10 – 2.2= 7.8
    One can go backwards through subtraction and show that no president has come near the percentage or the total of deficit spending that Obama has given us.

    If the disastrous war, which we won, which was a continuation of an older war, cost $1 Trillion in 8 years, what has Obama spent $1.5 trillion in deficit spending his first year on?,

    The USA does not have 50 million without health care – -it has a fluctuating number of people without health care insurance, but absolutely no lack of access to health care. if too poor, medicaid, if old, medicare, if catastrophic, a multitude of sources from Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian charities, Red Cross, etc etc etc. And then the Hayes Act which covers emergency room visits for those with none of the above.

    But I am in total agreement with you that current Republicans are drifting to theocracy. I’m also quite sure that current Democrats are pushing us toward socialism. I’m not pleased with either.

  3. first of all i liked reading your family history, was very interesting, my grandfather was born in russiia in 1971, he immigrated to united states in 1878, he and his family went to kansas, my grandfather was not russian, he was german and lived in the volga german communities of russia along the volga river, my grand ,father was very successful in kansas, he founded a dept, store and was involved in the oil industry when they discovered oil in western kansas in 1927, he died in 1963, but he lived in the guilded age, you were poor or rich ,no middleclass, yes we were catholic, but the catholic church is a theocratic religion connected to evangelical christians, and yes i think canada is a superior country in the american hemisphere, our country is now torn between theocracy and socialism, i will take socialism any day of the week than a brutal theocracy.

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