Proposition 8 and Children by Opposite-sex parents, the reality.

So I read tonight at this:

The lone dissenting judge insisted that the ban could have served a legitimate purpose in the minds of its supporters: namely, helping to ensure that children are raised by married, opposite-sex parents.”

Well, then, let’s look at some biological realities. Not some pie-in-the-sky fabricated mush. But reality. Yes, let us admit it, we gays and you heteros, that it takes two biologically unrelated opposite-sex parents to make a child. This is the big complaint about us gays after all, that we are not making any babies. So, let us stipulate at the beginning, without qualification, without qualms, without hesitation, with no holds barred, with not a scintilla of contradiction whatsoever, that no gay couple, gay men or Lesbians, will ever have “biological” children. We are incapable of this glorious act, for sure, without any doubt whatsoever. So, let us agree now to reality: there’s no way on earth that gay couples of any stripe will ever have “biological children.” There, is that clear? To our opponents? Does any thing more be said on the reality? Yes, gay couples, with or without bananas, will have no “biological children.”

That is not the debate. And you wish to avoid this reality. You ignore it, because you seek to argue for what does not exist, and is irrelevant to gay folks. For to argue that “Marriage” or “marriage-like rights and privileges” is dependent upon having “biological children” is just false. And to argue that “biological children” don’t come into this world without “marriage between a man and a woman” is absurdly nuts. And to argue that gay couples will have “biological children” not raised by moms and dads is even more absurd. For that is the chief complaint about us, as I said, that we can make no babies. Wasted sperm and all that. Pointless copulation for pure pleasure, as sex is often done by heteros, with rather great praise and nary a thought or dash of opprobrium, but roundly condemned in gay folks. Yes, we gays are condemned for having “pointless” sex while heteros with wild and socially sanctioned abandon may have sex without children, and even use divers devices to prevent “biological children” and all of which is legal, court protected, socially acceptable and even within commercial activity.

In short, artificial birth control is completely legal, and abortion too, and sanctioned within marriage, and after divorce, and before marriage, but natural birth control, aka = gayness, is prohibited. The very rhythm method of Catholic lore is firmly established as a “natural” children prevention option, but natural gayness is somehow this evil, for children will not be born. What a bunch of mush. You are comparing apples with rocks. At least apples and oranges are both edible fruits. But to be an, um, edible fruit, well, then, that’s out of the question.

What gayness has to do with anything no one can answer, other than “we don’t want everyone to be gay!” Well, frankly, we gay folks don’t want anyone else to be gay either. Certainly hetero men make lousy gay men, I assure you. We few are gay, and good at it, that’s it. We are insistent on this; you will have to shoot us at the most, at the least hound us back into the closet. Hahahahaha! Not going to happen. We are we, ye are thee, and still you are fearful. We don’t know why. We really don’t. If there’s one unanswered question on all gay political and social sites still up on the internet it is this: “Why are heteros so afraid they will turn gay?” We don’t know. We truly don’t. It is a mystery to us perhaps as big a mystery to you as to why we should be gay.

Except we have a better answer to the mystery: God wanted us, and only us, to be gay, for His reason. I suspect, but I can’t be sure, that it is a test of “Treat others as you wish to be treated” and “Love thy neighbor as thyself” and you heteros have failed, abysmally. We gays can’t help that. We don’t even know what to do with this failure of yours. But there you have it. You can’t handle us, and we can handle you.

And when the more of you handle us, as we have begged you to do, for decades, all over the world, then the better off we and ye shall be. But we have treated you all as we wish to be treated. And you have not. We have been more Godly and follow the words of Jesus, and you have disdained from doing this. It is not our fault, but yours. We still shall continue to outright beg for inclusion as we are; and we can only hope and pray and plead that you come to your senses and realize, we are gay, you are not. You shall have biological children, some of whom will be gay, and we shall have no biological children, hetero or gay. And, yet, we shall both have sex. Us “pointless” sex no matter what, if that’s what you believe, as “infertile” couples. And you shall have “pointless” sex no matter what, unless the miracle of life comes about quite by accident. Don’t give me this garbage about “Intention” – unless you purposefully put sperm to egg in science – other than that it’s all an “oops.”

A glorious oops without doubt. We gays don’t decry the birth of Oops, no matter how desired, we just ask to be left alone by law, and to be included by law, regardless of whether our “oops” ever leads to “biological children.” Outlawing or prohibiting or decrying our “oops” won’t make a shred of difference to either your “biological children” oops, or the lack of such, or the artificial prevention of such. We, at least, are natural in our birth control, and it doesn’t cost the state a dime. Nor force a religion or citizen to pay for it. Indeed, the exact opposite is true – you are now being required to pay for oops or prevention of oops through artificial means, and we gays now have to pay for the prevention of more gay folks. We are few in number; frankly, gays don’t like abortion or prevention – it limits our ultimate numbers, and frankly, we could use every gay person we can find.

And if you get your druthers you shall pay for the prevention of our inability by natural means of any oops whatsoever. Well, no. You shall merely move it from our homes to the prisons you shall pay for. It’s nuts, but so many of you seem to insistent. And amazingly, given the numbers of unwanted oops available for adoption, we take up the slack, and we are very pro-adoption, and very anti-abortion, exactly as you anti-gay folks are, for we would rather mollycoddle every unwanted by hetero oops than see you kill them or abandon them. Not to recruit more of us – but to create more decent humans of any kind. That hetero couples make gay folks, while gay couples tend to produce hetero folks is irrelevant to you, so great is your baseless fear. That’s another thing we are puzzled with. We have no answer, only questions – what is your answer, you heteros? Tell us, perhaps we can agree or come to a compromise.

Egad, at times it’s easier to show that gay marriage and adoptions by gays are more pro-family, more pro-children, more pro-couples until death do they part, more conservative, more beneficial to the economy and more helping solve the oops of this world, than gay couples can be shown to be anything else. Except, except that so many of you heteros are so fearful that you will all turn gay right away – and we can’t fathom that. Our insistence that we alone are gay, and our insistence that none of you will ever turn gay, would, to us, somehow, mitigate your fears, and then you will Let Our People Go. And you will conclude we gays are nothing more than the only ones who are gay, who will ever be gay, and that we are standing ready, willing and able to take up the slack in any oops you all might have, and if not, be productive members of society anyway. We have proven this, over and over, you demur in the recognition of this. However: Just let us alone. We are tired of it. It is pointless. We will not change. You are screaming at the wrong people for the problems you perceive. Your attitudes, in fact, are a far bigger “oops” than any unwanted child which we cannot produce no matter what we do could ever be.

Thanks, but get a grip and a dash of rational though, you oops producing heteros. Get a grip. And then we shall join with you to solve real problems. But there is no resolution or solving to the hetero problem of the reality of the existence of gay folks, other than to accept that we are we, and you are not. Calm down, get a grip, deal with reality, and we shall all be better off, and then we can both address the bigger issues of our nation, all the other oops, other than the oops of why the same tiny percentage is gay all over the world, with a tenacity and insistence that you heteros still can’t grasp, understand or appreciate. Oops. OK, that’s what we are, we are Oops. But once Oops is here, that’s it. Deal with it. Try. Please, try.


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